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Best 2-in-1 Combo Coffee Makers

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Top Combo Coffee Makers

If your morning caffeine routine mainly depends on loading your takeaway mug and rushing off to work, then waiting for the pot to fill is an inconvenient way to start your day.

But who says you have to compromise between your regular drip maker and a single-serve machine that satisfies only your Java needs? 

For those stuck between a cup and a piping pot or somewhere between Java grounds and K-Cup pods, we’ve carefully selected the top 2-in-1 coffee makers on the market today.

Check out this guide and meet your mug’s match today!

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The fact that it has a single brewing side and a regular, pot-filling brew mouth already makes this amazing appliance pretty desirable.

But since it offers the opportunity to choose whether to brew your Java grounds or K-cup pods, the HB FlexBrew is our definite top choice.

The carafe side has the capacity of 12 cups, features a fancy display with a programmable timer, and has a separate water reservoir.

The single-serving part can brew K-pods or regular grounds in just 3 minutes.

The machine comes with a permanent GoldTone filter and is definitely one of the best dual coffee machines on the market.

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Offering you the ability to brew for 12 people per batch, and giving you a customizable single brew in a couple of minutes, our Cuisinart premium pick surely satisfies.

Featuring 24-hour programmability, a fancy control panel, a self-cleaning function, temperature control, and a stronger brew selection for the bolder taste, you cannot go wrong with this appliance.

Whether you decide to brew with the Cuisinart Coffee Bar Capsules or stick to your beloved grounds by placing them in the reusable filter cup, this coffee maker is more than a 2-in-a deal.

It’s everything you need (and maybe a little more)!

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In the world of kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach has become a reliable and affordable brand. And the case is no different with this 2-Way coffee maker.

Offering heaps of value that will not break your bank, this dual machine will please your single needs, as well as those of 12 other coffee enthusiasts.

Fully programmable and adjustable (choose regular or bold brew), and with a convenient auto-off function, the HB 2-way coffee maker is a priceless addition to your kitchen.

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Cuisinart just never seems to disappoint. This fully automatic, 24-hour programmable, and self-cleaning (bye, bye scrubbing) machine will give you the tastiest brew in a blink of an eye.

And with its brew-pause function, you can get your morning fix quickly, even if you’re not brewing on the single-serve side.

But that’s not all. Thanks to its thermal carafe, your brew will stay piping hot longer.

And for your inner tea lover, this machine also offers hot water on demand so that you can ditch your kettle and fall completely in love with this appliance.

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If you decide to stick to a single-serving machine but are looking for one that will not take long to brew for a crowd as well, then this 2-in-1 Dnsly maker is a perfect choice.

Offering you the ability to brew K-pods as well as your favorite ground coffee, you can enjoy a fresh and delightful cuppa in just 3 minutes.

Plus, with the ability to control the brew size (from 6 to 14 ounces), you can easily adjust your strength and enjoy your cup of Joe as you see fit.

And if your kitchen is not that spacious, then this compact and narrow design will definitely win you over.

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If portability and lightweight are what you’re after, we’re happy to say that we’ve found you a winner. Mixpresso 2-in-1 is a compact and personal maker that comes with a stainless steel travel mug.

Maybe not the best choice for when having guests over, but the quick brew time compensates for this downside, and so Mixpresso has found its way on this list.

And the best part? The filter basket, mug, and mug lid may be washed in the dishwasher for added convenience.

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No matter what your brewing needs are, this coffee maker will surely satisfy. Brewing equally delicious coffee on the single-serving and full-carafe side, this dual machine can please you plus your 12 Java-craving guests.

Two separate reservoirs for water, a station for hot water for your tea (or instant oatmeal), delay-brew function, and the ability to pause the cycle mid-brew and pour a cup, all make this appliance super appealing, don’t you think?

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Okay, so the Sboly coffee maker may be a single-serving machine that cannot really brew you a full pot when entertaining, but don’t dismiss this appliance just yet.

Thanks to its 2-in-1 option to brew K Cup pods and ground coffee with a single touch of a button, this coffee maker surely deserves some credit.

Plus, with an incredibly quick brewing time – hot cuppa in your hands in just 90 seconds – this maker is not inconvenient for pleasing a crowd, as well.

And the best part? Its cute and petite design will fit well into a small-sized kitchen.

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This Hamswan coffee maker can be used in two ways: for brewing ground coffee and with your favorite K Cup pods.

Again, this is a single-serve coffee machine, but with only 3 minutes (from start to finish) to brew 14 ounces, you can quickly conveniently serve a cuppa for your guests as well.

Choose the strength of your Java by customizing the cup size from 6 to 14 ounces with this maker.

And with the compact design and auto-cleaning function included, what more can you possibly need?

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If you equally enjoy K Cup pods and ground coffee, then this coffee maker is perfect for your kitchen. Great functions for an even greater cuppa.

With this appliance, you can enjoy a fresh cup of Joe in a single button, in a matter of minutes.

Small and super portable, Sunvivi 2-in-1 is perfect for your home, office, or even to bring at a party.

But that’s not even the best part. Do you know how ground residue sticks to the insides of most coffee makers?

Well, you never have to worry about coffee gunk with this Sunvivi machine, as the leftover ground will not stick to the machine. Just rinse, wipe, and the maker will be spick and span.

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Key Features:

This Keurig 2-in-1 model does not only offer you the ability to choose between a full carafe and a single cup, but it also is compatible with both K-Cup pods and ground coffee.

And, if you think the customization ends there, you are so wrong.

This dual maker allows you to adjust your brew even further – by brewing 8, 10, and 12 cups in the carafe, and choosing between 8, 10, and 12-ounce sizes on the single-serving side.

Simple to use and with a 20-second brew-pause to sneak a cup mid-cycle, Keurig K-Duo is truly a keeper.

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Pros and Cons of Single-Serve Coffee Makers

If you are the only coffee drinker in your household, you may be tempted to purchase a single-serving maker. But would that be a wise investment?


  • Quick brewing time – enjoy your cuppa in a couple of minutes
  • Cost-Effective – If you need only one cup, you will not have any waste
  • Easier operation
  • More optimal brewing temperature
  • Compact design


  • More difficult cleaning – usually not dishwasher friendly and with non-removable reservoirs
  • Inconvenient for crowd brewing
  • Fewer options for customization in most cases

What Are 2-Way Coffee Makers?

2-way coffee makers are coffee machines that have two separate brewing sides – one that brews a full carafe, and one specially designed to make a single cup of coffee.

Such makers allow you to minimize waste and cut the brewing time short for your morning cuppa, but also give you the opportunity to brew multiple cups per batch when needed.

In most cases, the single-serving side is compatible with ground coffee and pods, while the carafe side usually uses ground Java only.

Purchasing Your 2-in-1 Coffee Maker

Although 2-in-1 makers may seem like a pretty good deal (which is, of course, true), there are still a lot of factors to consider before heading to the register.

When making a purchase, make sure that the maker absolutely fits into your morning routine and satisfies your needs.

Besides the price of the appliance (which is usually the first things we take into account), there are also a lot of other things to look for:

The Ideal Combo – Do you need a machine that brews a carafe and single cups? Do you want it to be compatible with K-Cups pods or not?

Think about what is your preferred combo.

Serving Sizes – Most 2-way machines make between 10-12 cups, but some also offer the chance to customize and set your preferred amount of coffee needed.

Is this something that matters to you?

The Footprint – Is your kitchen spacious or not? Pay attention to the dimension of the maker to make sure that it fits on your counter perfectly.

The Cleaning – Some appliances are a real hassle to clean, while others have dishwasher-safe parts or even a self-cleaning function. Think about how much time and effort the cleaning process will require.

The Materials – Glass or thermal? BPA-free plastic or stainless steel? Keep in mind that thermal materials keep your coffee hot longer, so you can hit the snooze button without worrying about your Java going cold.

Programmability – Do you need your coffee maker to be programmable? Most automatic makers allow you to program the brew the night before and wake up to a fresh pot.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Just like any other appliance, your coffee maker (regardless of the type and size) also requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

Depending on the manufacturer, different coffee machines call for different cleaning methods (thing dishwasher-safe or self-cleaning).

However, there are a few ingredients that will leave any maker sparkling clean:

White Vinegar – With a solution of white vinegar and water – stick to a 2:1 ratio – you can purge the hard stains and leftover gunk out.

Vinegar is effective for descaling coffee machines and getting rid of mineral buildup, so run a cycle with this mixture (without coffee obviously), at least once a month.

Baking Soda – If there is a funky smell in your cuppa, baking soda can neutralize the odor. Fill the water tank with warm water and baking soda mixture, and run a cycle.

Keep in mind that the baking soda has to be dissolved in water before brewing, for this method to work.

Lemon Juice – The acidity in lemons makes this fruit a great cleaning agent. To take advantage of this staple, simply fill one-third of the tank with lemon juice and the rest with clean water.

Run a brew cycle, and voila!


A regular drip maker, compared to the previously-mentioned 2-in-1 combos, seems like an analog game in this digital era. It serves the purpose, but only just.

Why compromise and settle for less, when you can double the value in a single package? So, what is your favorite dual coffee maker from this list?

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