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Best Backpacking Coffee Makers

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Top Backpacking Coffee Makers

Do you smell that?

It’s the scent of adventure … and a fresh cup of coffee!

A match made in heaven. We’re referring to the great outdoors and a hot cup of joe, of course.

If your idea of fun is spending a weekend scouting around mother nature, you’ll need to know the best backpacking coffee maker to take with you. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details so you can pack the best option for your next getaway.

Curious about how to prepare coffee out in the wild?

Stick around for our FAQ section at the end. We’ll cover how to make campfire coffee, how to make coffee without a fire, and even what to do with your coffee grounds afterward.

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When it comes to great-tasting coffee on the go, you can’t beat the convenience of an Aeropress. Made of lightweight polyester, you’ll have no trouble at all fitting this compact brewer into your backpack!

When you buy an Aeropress, it comes with everything you need to brew your first cup — except the beans and the hot water, that is! You’ll get the press, a funnel, scoop, stirrer, filter holder, and 350 microfilters.

When the paper filters run out, you can order more or pick up a reusable mesh filter instead!

With the rapid immersion brewing process, you can make:

  1. One to three cups of American style coffee
  2. One to three servings of espresso-style coffee
  3. Smooth, rich cold brew

We recommend you always hand wash your Aeropress; the dishwasher could warp the pieces.

One last perk?

If it accidentally goes cascading down a mountainside, at least it’s deeply affordable to replace!

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The classic beauty of a moka pot, the convenience of portable coffee.

If you’ve had moka pot coffee before, you know how delicious it is. And it’s oh-so-simple to brew, making it ideal for campfires and backpacking.

Weighing in at just over two pounds, it’ll take up a bit more space than an Aeropress in your gear bag. However, you’ll be glad you made the space for it when you crawl out of your tent in the cool morning air to the irresistible scent of freshly roasted coffee.

Bialetti is easy to use. Just fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot with water. Pack grounds into the filter that goes in the middle. Then screw on the top chamber. Place over a heat source and let it come to a boil.

Once the water moves from the bottom up through the grounds and is burbling in the top chamber — your coffee is ready!


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Looking for our budget-friendly pick?

We’ve got you!

Go for the Primula Brew Buddy. It’s a portable pour-over coffee experience that will brighten your backpacking trip. Brew anywhere, into almost any cup, in as little as 30 seconds.

It’s also the easiest on our list to pack! If space is an issue for your backpacking venture, you’ll love how compact and light the brew buddy reusable mesh filter is. (Can even use it to brew a cup of tea before getting into your sleeping bag at night!)

It’s economical and eco-friendly, how cool is that?

The only downside is you’re limited to only brewing one cup at a time. But if that’s a big issue, it’s still cheap to buy two! 


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If you’re backpacking with a group, you need a coffee percolator that can keep up!

This stunning stainless steel polished mirror-finish percolator from Farberware brews up to eight cups at a time.

It’ll be tougher to pack because of its size, but you’ll have zero regrets once you’re sipping that first hot cup of the day!

You may think it’s too “nice” to take out camping and backpacking, but this model boasts a lifetime warranty. Don’t be afraid to get it a little dirty! It’s both durable and dishwasher safe.

No mess, no need to pack paper filters. This percolator has an awesome permanent filter basket inside.

If you’re ever having a bad case of the wintertime blues, use it on your regular stovetop to bring back warm summertime camping memories!

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This travel gadget is too cool for school.

This handheld, portable espresso maker will blow your mind. That’s right. We said espresso.

If you’re more about a crema-laden espresso shot than a cup of regular joe — this is the backpacking option for you! (And, can we come?)

It’s a little pricier than our other options, but it’s well worth it. You will need access to hot (but not boiling!) water to use it. Otherwise, it is battery and electricity-free!

With just a few pumps, you can extract smooth espresso no matter where you are.

Next to a waterfall? Check.

On top of a mountain? Check.

Deep in a canyon? Double shot, or double-check!

You can buy accessories for the Wacaco too. Check out their protective case and larger water tank kit.

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Bialetti is so nice; we chose them twice!

This model offers a more modern, upscale design. Otherwise, they are comparable in price and quality.

You can choose from several sizes for this stovetop espresso maker. We recommend the four cup, but it also comes in two, six, and ten-cup sizes.

Never put your Bialetti Moka Musa through the dishwasher. Hand-wash only to preserve its polish and keep it performing for years to come.

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Pour-over fans will be jumping for joy over this choice. The Hario coffee dripper V60 is truly classic.

We especially like it in red, but you can pick one up in white or clear.

This is another budget-friendly pick, comparable in price to the Primula Brew Buddy (our best value pick!).

Unlike the Brew Buddy, you will need to pack some paper filters along with your clever dripper. Enjoy superior coffee with the cone shape that accentuates floral or fruity tasting notes. The ribbed design allows for maximum coffee expansion.

There’s a reason coffee lovers are nutty for pour-over coffee; it just tastes so good!

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At last, we’re going to introduce you to a backpacking-friendly French press!

French press coffee is a treat, but a traditional French press isn’t the easiest design to fit in a backpack — until now!

The Espro Stainless steel French press is a unique, compact design. In just four minutes, you’ll have a perfect mug of French press brew. No separate cup necessary!

Brew and plunge directly into the 14-ounce travel mug itself. The double-walled stainless steel will keep your coffee hot for hours. You can sip it at your campsite and take it with you on a hike. That’s what we’re talking about!

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Another portable espresso maker option from Wacaco! The Nanopresso is even fancier, perhaps than the minipresso.

So, what’s the difference?

They’ve upgraded the design to need 15% less force to pump your hand coffee maker with!

The portafilter breaks down for easy cleaning of parts.

Included with your purchase: built-in espresso cup, filter basket, scoop, brush, stickers, pouch, warranty card, and a multi-language usage book.

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A more classic French Press option, this Brutrek tabletop coffee maker is stylish yet rugged.

Worth making space for in your backpack, this coffee maker will set you up with four fresh cups of delicious hot coffee right when you need it.

The Bru-stop plate puts a stop to over-extraction, leaving you with smooth coffee sans bitterness. A precision-fit outer gasket allows smooth pressing while keeping coffee grounds out of your final cup!

Just because you’re “roughing it” doesn’t mean you should be without great-tasting coffee!

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Some final tips to improve your backpacking-while-caffeinated experience!

How to Make Campfire Coffee

Let’s break this down into easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Build a small, hot fire
  2. Measure water into your pot
  3. Place the pot on the hottest part of the coals
  4. Remove when it comes to a rolling boil
  5. Give it a few seconds before adding your coffee grounds
  6. Let steep for five minutes

Enjoy your cowboy coffee!

But, what about the coffee grounds?

If you aren’t a fan of drinking gritty coffee, you can skim the grounds out using a spoon. Or wait for the grounds to settle at the bottom of the pot and slowly pour the coffee into your mug.

How Do You Make Coffee Without a Campfire?

To make coffee without a campfire, you’ll need another heat source.

You can pick up a small camp stove at any outdoor store. A lot of them use propane, but some are wood-burning or even solar-powered.

As long as you can boil water, you can prepare coffee in many different ways. Instant, coffee bags, percolated, immersion-brew, etc.

If you do a lot of camping in the summertime, you could also make cold brew instead of regular coffee. Cold-brew is easy, but it takes at least twelve hours — so plan ahead! Make a batch to pack with you, or bring cold brew bags and let sit in the shade of your campsite while you go out adventuring.

How Long Do You Percolate Coffee On A Camp Stove?

Camp coffee in a percolator is so classic and charming. Not to mention, tasty!

Once you’ve filled your percolator with water and coffee, bring it to a boil.

Keep an eye out; once it reaches a boil, turn the flame down on your stove.

Let it percolate for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sit back and enjoy the scenery with your perfectly-brewed cup.

What To Do With Coffee Grounds When Backpacking?

Pack it in, pack it out.

You know to take all trash with you after camping, that includes your coffee grounds! Don’t leave them behind for an animal to catch a caffeine buzz.

Simply bring along a resealable bag or container to store your used grounds in until you can properly dispose of them.

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