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When it comes to coffee makers, BUNN is one of the biggest names around. There is a good reason for that, well, quite a few good reasons really. Firstly, they make great coffee. If you’re serious about your coffee, so are BUNN. They also provide great service with long-lasting machines. You don’t want to have to want to replace your coffee maker after only a year. This is equipment that is built to last. However, BUNN makes a lot of different coffee machines. So, which one is the right fit for you? We’ve scoured the market and found these which are all fantastic choices.

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Describing the BUNN GRB Velocity Brewer as fast would be an understatement. This is one of the quickest machines on the market. The GRB Velocity Brew can make a 10-cup pot of coffee in only 3 minutes. This is absolutely rapid. So how do they do it?

The GRB Velocity achieves this speed with a unique design. It is a filter coffee machine, so brewing is done by filtering hot water through the coffee. Unlike conventional brewers, the water is dispersed with a spray head nozzle. This ejects water from various places rather than one single stream. Multiple streams ensure that the water filters at a good pace, while soaking all of the grinds evenly. This is a great compromise between speed and taste. Soaking all grinds evenly gives your coffee the full body and flavors you’d expect, but much faster.

Just because a cup is brewed fast, it doesn’t mean it has to taste mediocre. It’s easy to assume that a 3 minute 10-cup pot coffee has to be the liquid-equivalent of fast food, but this BUNN brewer does make great coffee at this pace.

On top of its speed and brewing system, the GRB Velocity has a lot going for it. It has a high capacity and can brew quickly by permanently keeping its reservoir of water at brewing temperature. The carafe is made from reinforced glass, so you’re unlikely to have any issues with breakages. It’s operated by simple one-touch controls. If you’re after a quick and tasty cup of filter coffee, then this BUNN GRB Velocity is a great choice.

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This is another BUNN coffee machine that achieves a really fast brew time, but with a few differences.

What sets the Speed Brew models apart from the Velocity models is the design of the filter. It gives the stream of water a unique shape. This curve allows the coffee to travel down quicker and more evenly, giving you a great-tasting cup without compromising on speed.

As well as this insulation, it achieves a solid temperature at all stages of brewing your coffee. The water tank is made from commercial grade stainless steel. This is both keeps heat in and keeps things sanitary. This water is then pushed through a spray head nozzle, which soaks the grinds evenly for a richer taste.

As your coffee leaves the filter and becomes ready to drink, it enters something else that’s special about the CSB3T. The carafe included with this coffee machine is a thermally insulated container. It has a double wall and is vacuum insulated. This is going to keep your coffee warm for just as long as it is palatable to drink.

The CSB3T has the capacity to brew up 50 ounces at once. If you’re going to need more than 50 ounces in half an hour, you might not be able to find any single coffee maker that can meet your herculean demands. For most ordinary offices, households, or even football teams, this machine can brew more than enough coffee very quickly.

Insulated walls and stainless steel reservoirs make this a really great choice if you want industrial level engineering keeping your coffee warm. With this brewer you’re also getting the 3-year warranty that comes with all BUNN coffee machines, so you can feel assured that the CSB3T is built to last.

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The BUNN-0-Matic CSB1 is another Speed Brew model. It shares the same unique filter design to maximize taste and speed as the others in this range, but this one is a little different.

It is only a 10-cup machine, which is more than enough for its domestic market. Most people don’t need gallons of coffee every half hour. Thankfully though, you won’t have to wait very long for your ten cups. The filter design and the stainless steel water tank can have it ready at a fantastic speed.

With a solid black design, it is difficult to get this thing dirty. If you’re the type who will manage this somehow, the carafe has a unique anti-drip design to help prevent spillages. It is even backed by a three-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry if your Speed Brew falls victim to some unforeseen catastrophe.

This BUNN coffee maker doesn’t quite deal in the bulk of some of their other models, and it lacks some of the fancier features of other domestic filter machines. But if you’re looking for reliability and great taste then this is a fantastic choice.

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The BUNN-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic VPR is a serious bit of kit. The industrial strength of this machine is only reinforced by its naming convention. With two ‘O-Matic’s crammed in, this thing is a mechanical marvel.

The VPR can brew coffee that tastes great, providing you feed it the right beans of course. It also features two different hot plates. One is at the base of the machine to keep your coffee at the right temperature while brewing, the other is on the top. This doubles the capacity! It can brew pretty much non-stop without any harm to the quality of your coffee. It takes two 64-ounce decanters.

It is really simple to operate and install. There isn’t any need for a lengthy set-up. All you need to do is plug it in, fill the water tank, and turn it on. This makes it a surprisingly portable coffee machine. If you need to brew 3.8 gallons of coffee on the move, then the BUNN-O-Matic VPR is going to be perfect for you.

Alongside the fun naming convention, the actual look of this coffee machine is something different. Most filter machines have a standard modern design. This one has a strange streamlined yet bulky retro charm. It is hard to put into words why this is such a cool look, but fans of brutalist architecture may have finally found a coffee machine to fill that niche.

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The BUNN CSB2G Elite is an impressive piece of machinery. It brews a fantastic cup of coffee, and looks great doing it.

Like some of the other BUNN coffee makers mentioned so far, this one features a stainless steel water tank. This keeps things clean. It is commercial grade steel so you won’t have any strange tastes occurring in your coffee from the water. Combine this with a good water filter for what is going into the coffee machine, and you’ve got a really pure heating system.

This all helps to make the brewing process go lightning fast. As this water makes its way through the machine, it goes through that unique spray head. This soaks all the grinds equally. Your coffee gets a richer taste, and the water can pass through the filter at a great speed.

The design of this machine is clean. It’s solid black but in a way that would fit in with any kitchen. The Speed Brewer Elite can brew a whole 50 ounces at maximum capacity. This is quite a lot of coffee. This full pot is also going to be brewed significantly faster than it would with most other coffee machines.

The carafe included has a unique connection to the machine. This is a drip-free design that should avoid unnecessary spills. That’s a particularly nice detail when the coffee is ready so quickly. A few drips per cup can seriously add up when the machine brews 50 ounces. The CSB2G Elite is a great coffee machine, it brews quickly, as much as you need, and without sacrificing taste.

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This BUNN GRW brewer is quite similar to the previous CSB2G. However, this one is made for a different audience. If you’re after a domestic machine, then this is perfect for you.

You’re getting the pour-o-matic carafe design that BUNN uses on quite a few models. This will prevent any drips from falling during brewing, and stop spills when pouring. It is bizarre how few filter coffee machines actually have carafes that are capable of being poured by an ordinary person. The BUNN GRW Velocity brewer doesn’t have this problem.

It can brew 10-cups of coffee in around 3 minutes. This is a really impressive time that is achieved by a unique design that evenly soaks the grinds so you don’t have to sacrifice taste for speed. This coffee is kept warm on a hot plate. This plate is coated in porcelain for a particularly clean and effective look. This attention to detail in the materials used reflect the quality of the BUNN GRW brewer. This coffee maker also comes with a stainless steel water tank, which heats the water for brewing to a perfect 200 degrees. There is also the BUNN 3-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected problems.

This is a smaller capacity machine than some of the others that BUNN offer. However, this isn’t really a problem for most people. At a lower price point, this is definitely a domestic coffee machine. This means that 10-cups is typically going to be more than enough. With great materials, some unique features, and rapid brew time, this is a fantastic choice.

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The BUNN Speed Brew Home Coffee Maker has a modern look to it. Every surface has a unique curve, and the materials are finished to a high quality. This brewer isn’t all style over substance though. None of the typical BUNN features has been compromised to make this stylish coffee machine.

The BUNN Speed Brew Home Coffee brewer features the usual innovations for that fast brew time. Specifically, it incorporates the spray head nozzle. This soaks all of the grinds evenly, giving more contact time between water and coffee without delaying getting your coffee out. The end result is a full-bodied and flavourful cup. If you’re using great beans for this machine, you’re going to taste as much of their unique flavor that you can from a cup of filter coffee.

This spray head is also made from a lime-tolerant material. This has little to do with citrus, it is instead a time-saving addition to cut down on cleaning. This reduces the build-up of substances on the interiors of your machine. The warranty that comes with a BUNN brewer should also prevent any problems. You can rely on this machine to not cause you a day without coffee.

This is a 10-cup machine, so more than enough for most households. Especially so when you consider the rapid brew time. At around 4 minutes, this is a really fast pot of coffee. That works out at around 150 cups an hour. Even the most vigorous coffee lover might agree that drinking 150 cups in an hour is enough coffee.

The internal water tank keeps brew time down by keeping the water warm. It is lined with stainless steel to make this an energy-efficient way of keeping the water hot. The anti-drip system at play in the carafe is going to make it a lot easier to keep both the BUNN Speed Brewer and your surfaces clean. Wasted coffee can become a real pain to clean. This design avoids that problem.

This is a really solid choice for a coffee machine, the unique features set it apart from the crowd while keeping everything user-friendly and simple.

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The BUNN HB Heat N Brew isn’t quite as quick as their rapid brew models, but it does make up for this elsewhere. This is a coffee maker that is rammed with added features to make things easier for the user.

The first thing you’ll likely notice with the BUNN HB Heat N Brew is its design. This coffee maker is made out of polished metal, which gives it a nice modern look. This extends down to the carafe, which made from glass. The bars holding up the filter give it a more minimal look than most filter machines, which are usually pretty bulky.

This BUNN coffee maker brews up 10 cups of coffee in ten minutes. The filter takes its time to make sure that each cup tastes as good as it can. Once the coffee is brewed, there is a warming plate that automatically activates. This keeps your coffee warm for up to two hours.

The quality of this machine can be felt down to when you’re pouring yourself a cup. The carafe has a drip-free design to keep everything as clean as possible. It is easy to wash and can pour a cup without any leakage. It is strange how rare such a feature is in coffee machines. Most people with filter machines are familiar with straining coffee out of a leaking pot. This turns grabbing a quick cup into a delicate two-handed job. The drip-free design should make this a lot easier.

A digital clock is included, which facilitates a programmable timer. You can input when you’re going to want your coffee, and expect to wake up to a freshly brewed pot. Like the other BUNN brewers, this one is backed by a 3-year warranty. This should give you the confidence that this coffee machine is going to go the distance. As far as domestic coffee brewers go, this one makes great coffee with plenty of added features.

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The BUNN Velocity 10-Cup Coffee Brewer is a great compromise between speed and taste. This brewer can make anything between 4 and ten cups of coffee in only three minutes, and all without sacrificing the taste of your coffee.

The Velocity 10-Cup has simple controls, just one button to activate. That is all you need with this coffee maker. By the time you’d operated the controls of more complicated machines, this one will have made you a full pot.

The great taste of this coffee is achieved by some clever BUNN engineering. It is a filter coffee machine, so water soaks grinds and filters through to the pot. Usually, this causes a funnel to form in the coffee. To keep brew time down and maintain a great taste this coffee maker uses a spray head. It sprays water out from multiple points. This has the water hit all over the coffee grounds, soaking them evenly. The water filter through faster, while giving you a clearer taste from your coffee.

The speed of the brewer is also down to some clever features. The water tank inside of this machine is made from stainless steel. This keeps the water inside at that magic 200 degrees mark, perfect for this machine’s method of brewing. With this feature, the BUNN Velocity 10-Cup Brewer is always ready to make a pot.

This is a coffee machine specifically designed for use in high-altitude areas. This isn’t a problem for a lot of people, but those who are in that type of area will have noticed the effect altitude has on brewing coffee. Water boils at a lower temperature, which can make it pretty much impossible to get a properly brewed cup. This machine compensates for those effects.

The BUNN Velocity 10-Cup Coffee Brewer also features a warming plate to keep your coffee at the optimal temperature, with a nice indicator to warn you that it is on. All of this engineering makes the BUNN Velocity an impressive coffee machine, it also looks pretty good too. You’re not sacrificing the quality of engineering for visuals. This machine looks right at home in any kitchen with its modern design.

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This is a commercial coffee maker from BUNN, which is definitely reflected in the sheer amount of coffee it can make. This machine can keep three pots of coffee warm at once. These are actual pots too! This isn’t one of those machines that brag about making 10-cups of 3 ounces.

With three warmers, you should be able to brew up enough coffee to last even a large team of people for quite a while. The coffee machine itself is capable of brewing up to 3.8 gallons per hour. This is an industrial amount of coffee.

This isn’t actually another filter machine. While it might look like one, this machine uses a slightly different brewing method. It is a pour-over brewer. It might not have the modern finish of a V60, but this can produce great coffee. Pour-over coffee has a slightly different taste to your average cup of filter. This does take a drop more time, but it is a full-bodied cup that carries all the flavor of your coffee beans. Just because you’re brewing in bulk, it doesn’t mean you have to serve filter coffee.

This machine has a different look to most other BUNN coffee makers. It is another brutally minimalist machine. It’s is a solid block and pretty thin at that with retro features which just make it look a bit more unique than the average filter machine. If you want a great cup of coffee but with a few cool differences, the BUNN Commercial Pour-Over Brewer can give you that. It can give you 3 pots worth of that.

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Buying Guide and FAQ

As you might have guessed from the packed list, BUNN makes a lot of great coffee machines. It can be a little difficult to decide which one is going to be right for you. Each of them has its merits, so what’s the deal here? Our buying guide will take you through some common questions, so you can figure out which one is just right for you.

BUNN Velocity Vs Speed Brew Models

BUNN can make a coffee machine that brews a whole pot really quickly. However, there is a difference between some of these models. They fall into two categories; Speed Brew and Velocity Brew. This can be a bit confusing since both of those terms mean the same thing. However, there is a difference between the two brands of BUNN coffee maker.

BUNN coffee makers are notable for their innovative design and engineering. The Speed Brew model has something different though. This is subtle, but it changes the way that your water and coffee interact. The curves of this model let the water from the spray head filter through to the pot faster and better spread around the entire filter. This actually increases the amount of time your water spends getting to know your grounds without increasing the brew time. More time spent in the filter gives your coffee a stronger flavor and clearer taste than the Velocity Brew method.

It is important to keep in mind though that this isn’t a world of difference in terms of taste. The Velocity coffee machines might not have as much contact time for the water, but they still produce a very good cup in a bizarrely short amount of time. This is something to consider, but it doesn’t rule the Velocity machines completely out of the running.


Features to Look for When Buying a BUNN Coffee Maker

If you’re going for a BUNN coffee maker, there are a few features that are worth prioritizing. These are the things that BUNN coffee makers do best, the things that set them apart from the crowd.

The first is the unique engineering. There are a variety of different ways this is used in their products. The stainless steel water tanks for keeping the coffee at brewing temperature, the speedy brew times, the tech that prevents altitude having a detrimental effect on your cup, these are all great examples. If you’re after a BUNN brewer, then you should take advantage of these things. However, for elements like altitude brewing, it makes sense to consider whether you actually need it. Otherwise, you should try to go for something that makes the most of the BUNN’S unique features, since this is what sets it aside from your average filter coffee machine.

Another big benefit of a BUNN coffee maker is speed. These coffee machines can make a whole pot of coffee in the time it takes most to make a cup. If you’re looking for the right BUNN coffee maker, then speed has to be a factor. The majority featured on this list are all lightning fast compared with other machines on the market.

BUNN Coffee Maker History

BUNN have made quite a name for themselves as makers of coffee machines. Their products stand out for their quality and inventiveness. This reputation has been built over the course of 170 years.

They started in Springfield Illinois, and this is still where the company is still located. Originally, they worked in groceries, then progressed into wholesale, and they continued to grow like this until they entered the coffee machine market. Their first move was in the early 60s when they pioneered the BUNN-O-Matic machine. This kind of unique engineering in a coffee machine would continue for some time to come, along with the kitschy o-matic naming conventions. Over the years they progressed into inventing new forms of quick brewing.

Since then, the company has continued to produce outstanding coffee machines and pushed into both the industry and domestic sides of it. BUNN is still privately owned by the same family, still offering repairs on their lengthy warranties in Springfield.


Does Brewing Quickly Effect the Taste of Coffee?

For BUNN brewers, making the coffee quickly won’t have an impact on taste. By using innovative designs like the spray head nozzle, BUNN brewers have a different way of making filter coffee that can produce a pot a lot quicker. A lot of the speed comes down to the water tank and the temperature it is kept it. This lets BUNN coffee machines make entire pots of great-tasting coffee without taking as long as competitors.

Do You Have to Leave BUNN Coffee Machines Plugged in?

These coffee machines brew up very quickly, and part of the reason for that is that the water is always hot. This is made easier by the materials in the tank, but it does mean you need to leave a BUNN brewer running. If you want your coffee ready in the advertised 3-4 minutes, then leaving the machine on is a necessity. However, the insulated tank should help to cut down on power bills.

What Grind of Coffee Do I Need for BUNN Brewers?

BUNN Brewers are nearly all filter coffee machines, so you will need a medium-coarse grind for these. The pour-over machine is an exception to this, which will require a grind that is medium-fine.

How Long Does a BUNN Machine Last?

These coffee machines are built to last. To prove it, they come with a three-year warranty to cover all repairs. A glance at eBay can show you the museum pieces from BUNN that are still functioning after a very long time. These things are made solid and well-engineered.

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