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Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos

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Coffee and Espresso Maker Combos

Espresso has an intense taste which a lot of coffee drinkers love. However, it isn’t always the drink you’re in the mood for. No matter how much you love espresso, sometimes something lighter is going to hit the spot.

While you could reach for a filter or French press in these situations, these coffee and espresso maker combos are a much more elegant solution. These coffee makers can give you the best of both worlds. You can have espresso and regular coffee, or drinks with hot milk like lattes whenever you want.

The bottom line is that this is kind of a difficult task, making lots of different types of coffee well. We’ve broken it down for you, this is all you need to know and the best coffee and espresso maker combo machines out there:

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This Mr. Coffee Espresso maker is a great combo machine if you’re looking for something to take the hassle out of making espresso drinks. This machine can allow you to easily make both espresso and more complicated drinks such as cappuccinos.

This is a 15 bar pressure espresso machine, so it will produce a thick and rich shot. It can also steam milk. This isn’t done with a traditional steam wand, but with a docked container that handles the steaming for you. If you’re looking to have a steamed milk espresso drink at home, but without the intensive barista training you’ll need to make it a success, then this is a great solution.

This machine uses one-touch controls for choosing which coffee you’d like; it’s all very simple. The Mr. Coffee espresso maker combines a traditional espresso machine with the convenient features of more automated devices.

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This De’Longhi espresso machine takes a lot of the hassle out of making complex drinks. It is a bean to cup machine, that handles everything from grinding through to steaming your milk.

The grinder in this machine is a burr grinder, so you’re getting a good quality grind for your coffee. This makes it easy to always use freshly ground coffee.

The espresso itself is then automatically dosed by the machine, taking out a lot of the hassle. If you’re after a drink with steamed milk, a steam wand is attached to this machine. This has a special filter over it to force some air into your steamed milk. This takes the hassle out of making drinks like cappuccinos.

This is a machine with a lot of added extras, like the option to use grounds as well as whole bean, or all of the removable compartments for easier cleaning. If you’re looking to go all out with an automatic espresso machine, then this is a great choice.

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This Nespresso machine is made by De’Longhi. You’re getting the ease of use that characterizes a pod-based coffee machine with the quality of specialty coffee from a dedicated machine.

Nespresso pods brew coffee through pre-ground and weighted pods. They use high pressure to extract great coffee from these pods pretty quickly. You can use milk pods and various other additives like flavored pods to get the specialty coffee that you’re looking for. These pods are a simple way to make complex drinks without a lot of fuss or dedicated equipment.

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This machine is a combo of quite a few different coffees! It features an espresso machine for espresso drinks and a milk steaming system to make cappuccinos or lattes. On top of this though, you’ve also got a filter coffee drip brewer for a lighter, more refreshing type of coffee.

That is a lot of different ways to brew all crammed in one machine! The good news is though, that it hasn’t meant a compromise on quality. This is a 15-bar espresso machine, so you’re getting good espresso here. You can build on that espresso with milk that is easier to prepare with their unique steam wand.

For those days when you fancy something light though, there is a small filter machine as part of this set-up. It might not make the hug jugs of filter coffee that you’ll find in a dedicated machine, but it has its pluses. This filter machine has access to a water heater with huge pressure compared with an ordinary filter machine. This makes great-tasting drip coffee without too much extra machinery inside.

The De’Longhi BCO430BM has a lot going for it, with even a water filter included. If you’re looking for something that offers you pretty much everything, then this is probably the coffee machine for you.

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This Gevi espresso machine is semi-automatic and can give you a combination of different drinks. What really sets this one apart is the control you have over the brewing process.

This coffee machine has separate temperature controls for both your espresso and your milk frother. This lets you customizable the temperature that your coffee pulls at, so you’ll have greater control over the final taste. Having a separate control for your steam wand means that changes to water temperature for coffee aren’t going to affect steaming milk. This all leaves you free to experiment with finding that perfect sweet spot.

This machine has some other nice features like an auto-shutoff, prevention of burning, and automatic pressure relief. If you’re looking for a combo machine to simplify making streamed milk espresso drinks, but without sacrificing control over the taste of your coffee, then this is a great choice.

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This Yabano espresso machine can do espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, or any other type of espresso-based drink you’d like. It also comes in at a really affordable price.

This is definitely a more budget-friendly option. However, that doesn’t have to mean a lower quality coffee. This machine doesn’t have some of the fancier features that you’ll find with others, but it can give you great espresso and value for money.

The steam wand and espresso pulling segments are really easy to operate. Making complex drinks can be easy, for even complete beginners. The drip tray and components of the espresso handle are all removable, to make for easier washing. This is also a smaller and compact device. It won’t dominate your kitchen as much as similar devices. This is a great choice if you want to make a combination of coffee drinks without a huge budget.

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This is a two in one coffee machine that can brew great espresso and great filter coffee. On top of this, you can also make drinks with steamed milk, giving you a pretty endless variety of coffee that you can brew in this machine.

The espresso side of this machine is a 4 bar pump espresso machine. The shots pull into a small jug that resembles the serving carafe for a filter machine, which is a cute extra. The machine has a steam wand on the side which can make cappuccinos and lattes relatively easily.

The filter coffee side of the machine is just as high quality This can make drip brew coffee quickly, and keep it warm for two hours. It also pauses brewing when you remove the pot, so no need to worry about drips burning onto the hot plate. This is a great device if you’re looking to make a lot of different types of drinks.

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This EspressoWorks machine is going to make frothing milk and pouring espresso really simple. It includes pretty much everything you’re going to need and takes a lot of the trouble out of making espresso-based drinks.

The process of steaming milk in this machine is a lot simpler than with others. It has a separate reservoir for milk. This section has an adjustable dial that you can use to set the level of aeration for your milk. The result is perfectly steamed milk for whatever type of hot drink you’re making, without any barista training.

This machine also comes with everything you’ll need to brew great espresso. It is a 19-pump espresso, which is great pressure. It also has a bean grinder so you’re getting a fresh cup, espresso glasses for your shots, a tamper, spoon, and even some stencils for applying chocolate or other powder to the top. That is a lot in one package.

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This is a great device that can brew you great filter coffee, great espresso, and even that steamed milk espresso drinks. This is all in one unit, with great options like temperature control.

The espresso element of this machine is going to work a lot better than most similarly priced units. This machine has 19 bars of pressure. When it comes to brewing espresso and steaming milk, the more pressure the better. This is quite a bit more than you’ll find with most other machines, so you’re getting great coffee.

This machine is a combination of espresso and filter coffee. Filter coffee is great for those days when you want a simple, flavourful, and easy-going drink instead of espresso.

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This is another combination espresso and filter coffee machine from De’Longhi, this one has a few convenient things to set it apart though. With a steam wand, espresso section, and a filter coffee drip brewer you can make pretty much any type of coffee you can imagine with this.

The filter coffee part of this combination machine is fairly standard. This isn’t going to be the most creative drip coffee. However, that isn’t really an area where novelty can improve very much. If you’re looking for quality filter coffee, then this is going to give you that.

The steam wand on this device has high enough pressure to steam decent milk. This takes a bit more work than a machine with an attachment, but the special nozzle head should help you to aerate milk even without a lot of training or fussing. This is a great coffee machine if you want a lot of variety in what you drink, without a lot of hassle and separate devices.

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This Keurig K-Cup machine is something a little more than a standard pod coffee machine. It can make espresso or any flavored coffee using the specific pod. However, you can also steam actual milk in this device. That is a great way to get a higher quality coffee from a pod machine.

On the side of the machine is a tank for milk, you can use this to steam and froth milk simply, and without having to master using a steam wand. This milk can make a great addition to the coffee brewed with this machine.

This coffee machine has a few other features like settings for the various mug sizes and a large water reservoir. This is all pretty convenient and helps you make great coffee.

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This Best Choice coffee machine can make great espresso with great pressure, steam milk easily, and brew up filter coffee too. This machine has plenty of controls to make sure that you’re getting your coffee the exact way you want it.

The filter coffee side of this is going to taste pretty good, it benefits from the increased pressure. This helps it brew flavourful coffee and relatively quickly. The espresso maker has controls for quantity and quality too. Even type of coffee is going to pair pretty well with the frothed milk you can make with this machine.

There are a few small features here that really make it stand out. The water reservoir is clear and removable; this is going to make it easier for you to clean. The portafilter included helps you make one or two espresso shots easily. You even get a tumbler included that perfectly fits the drip coffee section. This is a great package if you’re looking for a combo coffee maker.

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This is a combo coffee machine with a bit of a difference. Rather than being a combination of espresso and other drinks, this one makes a few different drinks using a drip filter. What’s special about it though, is the options for what you can brew with a single filter. You can use it to make filter coffee, but also ice coffee.

Making ice coffee is a bit different from normal. While you can just pour a drink over ice, to get it right you should brew slightly differently. Ice is going to melt and you’re going to need to adjust for that in your brewing. This machine can do that for you. There are various options for strength or taste for your filter coffee.

This machine also has an attachment to make steamed milk to add to your filter coffee drinks. The Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker might have a different selection of coffee possibilities compared with others on this list, but it is a great combination coffee machine.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Those are some of the best combination coffee machines available at the moment. However, which one is exactly right for you is going to depend on your needs and what you want from a coffee machine. This is what you need to know to find the right one for you, then brew great coffee with it.

Coffee vs. Espresso

There are many different ways to brew coffee, but espresso tends to stand out. Espresso is a unique way to brew coffee. These combo machines give you the best of both worlds, but why do you need to be able to make both coffee and espresso? Isn’t espresso just coffee anyway?

Espresso is quite different from ordinary coffee. It has a distinct taste and method of brewing. The difference in taste and characteristics are down to different brewing methods. Both are beans and water, but in execution, they’re something quite different.

Regular drip coffee is made by spraying water over coarsely or medium ground coffee in a paper filter. The water soaks with the grinds, absorbing their flavor, and slowly passes through the filter. This keeps all the grounds contained, and allows the coffee to drip out the bottom. This is a slower method of brewing. It makes coffee which can have a strong and distinct taste, but one that you can drink a whole mug of. The resulting coffee is less intense and easier going.

Espresso is made by pumping a small amount of water through a densely packed filter of coffee. The coffee is ground very fine, and placed into a metal filter. In this filter, it is tamped down. Tamping pushes your coffee further together, making it harder for the water to pass through. This means the water has to be pumped with a lot of pressure. A smaller grind and finely packed coffee mean that even a small amount of coffee that is pushed through in thirty seconds has a strong taste.

Drip coffee tastes very different from espresso. Many people use espresso as a base to make more other drinks with, but it also tastes great on its own. One isn’t better than the other. However, with combination machines, you can drink any type of coffee you want that day.

Most Popular Coffee and Espresso Drinks

These coffee and espresso combination machines excel at making a lot of different types of coffee. You aren’t just limited to what comes out of your filter and pure espresso. Most people like to use the coffee itself as a base. By using a steam wand, you can create drinks with their own unique taste. This is a much more interesting way to have your coffee than just putting some milk and sugar into it. These are some of the most popular coffee and espresso drinks.

  • Americano – An Americano is a shot of espresso with hot water poured over the top. This results in a less intense drink which is closer to a regular drip coffee but with some of the characteristics of espresso. A fun variant is the Long Black, where you pour the espresso over the water. This version has more crema.

  • Latte – A latte is espresso with hot steamed milk added. The steamed milk should be aerated for around 5 seconds. This builds a rich layer of microfoam, but it doesn’t make so much foam that it overwhelms the drink. A latte should be hot milk and espresso throughout, with a thin layer of foam sitting on the top.

  • Flat White – A flat white is like a latte, but smaller and more intense. You only slightly aerate the milk. This creates microfoam, only a small amount of this goes on the top of the drink rather than the layer on a latte. It is also made to be quite a bit smaller, so it has a more intense taste.

  • Cappuccino – A cappuccino is made by pouring hot milk onto a latte, which is topped with a lot of foamed milk. This type of steam milk is aerated for ten or more seconds, making it rich and creamy. A good inch or so of your mug will be foam in this drink.

  • Mocha – A mocha is made by producing a latte, and mixing in some chocolate syrup. This is often served with whipped cream on top.

  • Café Au Lait – This is similar to a latte, but made by combining around half a cup of filter brewed coffee with warm milk.

  • Espresso Con Pana – This is a plain espresso with a small topping of whipped cream on the top.

  • Espresso Macchiato – This is an espresso with a small spoon of foamed milk on the top.

  • Latte Macchiato – To make this, you make a latte as normal, but without any coffee. Once done, pour your espresso into the top of the drink. This is kind of like the long black version of an Americano, but for espresso.

Caffeine In Coffee and Espresso Compared

Espresso and regular coffee are two very different drinks, but how they compare in terms of caffeine content? Espresso is more intense in its coffee flavor, which often leads people to assume it is much heavier in caffeine. The actual breakdown of how each brewing method affects caffeine content though is a bit more complicated.

If you want a straight comparison of caffeine content, it gets a bit messy. Espresso and regular filter coffee are served in two entirely different ways. A shot of espresso or a double shot is a standardized unit of measure, with espresso shot glasses providing you with the size you need. Most automatic machines dose the water for you too, so you’ll always get the same measure of espresso. Filter coffee on the other hand can be as big or small as the cup you put it in.

If we take 8 oz as a standard size for a filter coffee (which is probably less than most people’s mugs) it typically comes in at around 65-120 mg of caffeine. The large disparity depends on the beans you use, which can have different caffeine content. An average serving of espresso will only contain 40 mg when brewed with the usual dark roast of coffee.

So, filter coffee has more caffeine than espresso, but largely due to the size and how you drink them. Since espresso tastes more intense, you can’t really chug a whole mug of it. This means the caffeine is much more concentrated. Filter coffee on the other hand tastes lighter, and you’ll have to drink more to get that same caffeine content. Espresso has more caffeine per oz, but less per its actual serving size.

Espresso and Coffee Beans Compared

If you’re looking to buy a combo espresso and coffee machine, the question of what coffee you’re going to use is bound to come up. Since you’ll be brewing in more than one way, do you need separate beans for each section of your device?

Espresso and coffee beans aren’t actually two distinct and different things. For the most part, espresso beans tend to be dark roasted coffee. However, you can use any beans, it is all pretty much just coffee.

The ‘espresso blend’ is basically just a serving recommendation. It means that the manufacturer has tested this blend of coffee in an espresso machine, and adjusted its roast to perfectly suit that way of brewing. It doesn’t mean that espresso is the only way to use those beans.

In fact, espresso blend beans often taste great brewed in a different way. A French press can bring out some of the same richness of an espresso roast in a form that is lighter. Equally, your filter coffee machine is going to taste good with espresso beans provided they’re ground right.

Most people tend to buy darker blends of coffee for espresso, and medium or light for filter coffee. This is more down to their palate and taste though. Lighter blends of coffee can become a bit overpowering when brewing as espresso. When you’re looking for coffee beans for a combination machine, a medium to dark roast will suit both types of brewing well. However, you’re free to use any roast of coffee that you like, there is no exclusive espresso bean roast.

Benefits of Buying an Automatic Espresso Maker

Espresso machines can largely be divided into two categories, manual and automatic. Brewing espresso is kind of complicated. There is a lot that goes into pulling a perfect shot. However, not everyone has the time or patience to undertake barista training to learn how to do it perfectly.

Using an automatic coffee machine can give you something of an easier time when brewing espresso. These are some of the benefits:

  • Convenience – This is a big plus really. It takes a while to perfect brewing espresso. You’ll be tamping and measuring and grinding, then dosing, for quite a bit of time before you actually get your coffee. An automatic machine takes care of some of this.

  • Less to Learn – Learning how to perfectly dose your espresso every time takes a while. An automatic machine can give you the same great coffee, but with less hassle for you.

  • More Features – Automatic espresso machines can come with all sorts of features that make brewing various drinks easier. Those covered here can even make steaming milk relatively simple.

  • Drink Better Coffee – An automatic espresso machine costs a bit more, but you get a higher quality for that price. You’re going to be getting great espresso with one of these machines.

  • Long-Term Investment – An automatic espresso machine is going to give you a variety of coffee you can drink, for quite a while. It is a big investment, but a long term one.

How to Clean Your Coffee and Espresso Machines

Espresso machines pull at high temperatures with a lot of pressure, so there is quite a bit of complex machinery at work when you’re getting yourself a cup of coffee. With complex equipment, comes a fair bit of cleaning. If you want to keep your espresso machine in the best health that you can, you’ve got to keep it clean.

Keeping your espresso machine clean isn’t too hard. However, it does require some fairly regular attention. This is what you need to do:

Everyday Cleaning

Everyday cleaning has to be done as and when you use it, it isn’t much work though. This is all you need to do:

  • Portafilter – After use, the portafilter is going to need cleaning. Dump the ground coffee out of it. Then give it a rinse once you’re finished using it for the day.
  • Surfaces – Wipe down the surfaces that have been used while making coffee.
  • Drip Tray – Empty your drip tray and give it a rinse. Dried coffee can build up here, so keeping on top of it is important.
  • Removable Parts – If your coffee machine has extra removable parts like a container for milk to steam then give this a clean too.

Deeper Cleaning

Everyday cleaning is fine for after general use, but once a week or so you’ll need to give your coffee machine a deeper clean:

  • Filter, Arm, and Removable Parts – Take off all removable parts like the filter, arm, or milk containers and wash them. This also goes for the drip tray!

  • The Machine – Wipe down everything that is exposed on the machine, clean it all off and allow it to dry.

  • The Interior – You will need to keep on top of cleaning the inside of your machine as well as the outside. This is best done with small tablets of espresso machine cleaner or fluid made specifically for a coffee machine. The exact details of using these depend on the type you get though, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, you put them into the water reservoir and runt hem through your machine.

  • Run a Shot Before Use – After all this cleaning, run your espresso machine a little bit before you actually make coffee. This gets any leftover cleaner out of your machine and ensures its ready for use again.

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