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Best Coffee And Tea Makers

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Top Coffee And Tea Makers

When you have both coffee and tea aficionados in your house, it is easy to get overwhelmed by your morning brew session. 

But who says that whipping up different energizing preferences should be so troublesome? Many great coffee/tea makers are built to brew both beverages with the same level of precision and perfection. 

Here are the ones we believe deserve lavish praise: They’re affordable, easy to use, and high quality. Let’s take a look at the very best coffee and tea makers:

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Airtight Coffee and Tea Maker​

As the term airtight screams freshness, you can only guess why we think of this maker as our best choice. Perfect for cold brewing, but just as efficient for tea making.

And the best part? You can brew both hot and cold tea – loose leaves and tea bags. Thanks to its extra-thick and temp-safe borosilicate glass, superfine filter, and high-quality airtight seal, the taste will stay crisp for a couple of weeks.

Plus, with its sturdy handle, non-slip base, and dishwasher-safe body, it is safe to say that this Ovalware model will become your morning’s best friend.

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Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Whether you’re into full carafes, tall and single-serve travel mugs, tea bags, or loose herbal leaves, this Ninja System has got your mornings covered!

With different brew sizes, strengths, and flavorful options, bland coffee and tea are things of the past. 

And besides, with the IQ one-touch brewing technology, there is really zero doubt why this Ninja model is our premium pick.

But there’s actually more! Thanks to the built-in frother, silky specialty beverages are just a press of a button away.

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Veken French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

From the double-wall insulated pitcher to your favorite mug in just under three minutes, Veken will surely scratch your caffeine or herbal itch.

The stainless steel body will keep your beverage hot for a long time, but your hands won’t feel a thing. The handle is cool to touch even if you press it hard, a safety feature that allows for stress-free sipping.

But this wouldn’t be our best value if it didn’t have a unique dripless sprout, too. And the lid also has a sprout mark, so you don’t waste precious morning minutes figuring out how to position it.

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Discover Other Bestselling Coffee And Tea Makers

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Brentwood Iced Tea and Coffee Maker

Even though it’s all plastic, the huge advantage of this maker is its large, 64-ounce capacity. That means bye-bye to multiple brewings and effortless serving a crowd.

This coffee/tea maker is also user-friendly and easy to operate with a simple on/off button, strength selector dial, and a reusable filter that is easy to wash.

And with its safety auto-shutoff feature, brewing with this Brentwood model means less stress.

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BAYKA French Press Coffee Tea Maker

Thick, temp-safe borosilicate glass and a durable stainless-steel frame give this French Press longevity to serve you for many years to come. 

The sturdy bottom of the pitcher only expands the lifespan and makes this maker a perfect camping and outdoor companion.

With four levels of filtration with ultra-fine meshes, you can rest assured that your sips will offer clean and pleasant mouthfeels. Bayka is also very easy to disassemble so that even the tiniest bits and spots can be thoroughly cleaned.

The capacity is 34 ounces, enough for four decent-sized coffee cups or an average household morning consumption.

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French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Another French Press coffee maker that’s more than worth mentioning. Made with thick German borosilicate glass, heat resistant to withstand boiling water, perfect for your herbal tea.

The old-school metal press comes with four filter levels for 100% filtration with absolutely no coffee or herb residues floating in your mug, thanks to the 0.18mm mesh size. This will not only make your coffee and tea clean, but it will also add a nice layer of rich crema on top of your cup of Joe.

Like with the previous model, the frame and handle are made of 304-grade stainless steel, which only increases the durability of the maker.
The oz and ml level markings are a nice touch that makes brewing a much easier task.

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Braun MultiServe Machine

However you prefer your coffee or tea, you’ve got it! Although not as compact as a simple French press, this Braun machine really serves multiple options. So if you are all about having different choices at your fingertips, then this is definitely for you.

This machine has something for every taste – with seven programmable sizes, three different brew strengths, an iced coffee option, and a hot water dispenser for quick tea making. Plus, with the capacity of 10 cups, this Braun model is a lifesaver when entertaining.

The SCA certificate ensures optimal brewing and up to the highest standards, which is all we’re looking for in our cuppa, right?

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Soulhand Dutch Style Coffee Tea Maker

If you love drip coffee and cold brew, then look no more because we’ve just found you the ideal match. Soulhand is a maker that makes cold brew one fresh drip at a time.

The coffee maker consists of a water tank that you fill with ice and water, a coffee holder where your Java grinds should go, and a carafe for the brewed coffee to drip into. 

And it couldn’t be simpler – you just add the ingredients, adjust the drip speed, and wait for your carafe to fill.

But don’t think that you have to go a whole day without your cold Java. Thanks to the ice brewing method, a 10-ounce concentrate will be ready in just 2 hours – a lot quicker than traditional cold brewing.

Compact and easy to use and clean, Soulhand is a must for every cold-brew lover!

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Cold Brew Iced Tea Pitcher Infuser

If you equally enjoy cold brew and loose leaf tea, then this 2-in-1 pitcher and infuser is the only thing your kitchen needs. With a fine mesh filter that extracts every flavorful compound and an airtight lid that locks the richness in, every cup you pour will be as rich and balanced.

And since clean mouthfeel is what we’re looking for in a cold-brewed Joe, this infuser will keep all the sediments inside the removable filter so that no residue enters your cup.

51 ounces in 12 hours and freshness that lasts for up to 2 weeks, what more do you possibly need?

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Can You Make Tea In a Coffee Maker?

Absolutely! If you have the right coffee maker, that is. You see, there is more to brewing tea than just pouring hot water over your herbs. And while you can surely add chopped herbs instead of your coffee grounds in the filter of any drip coffee maker, the brewed beverage will not live up to the potential of those herbs.

For the best result, either use a coffee maker designed to brew tea (either by dispensing hot water or by offering a separate tea filter) or brew it in a French Press or cold brew infuser.

Both the French Press and cold brew pitcher offer removable filters for the loose leaves and work just as those single-serve mesh strainers you put in your cup.

How Do You Make Tea with a Tea Maker?

If you have purchased an electric coffee/tea maker, then your machine offers either (or both) of these options:

  • To brew tea by dispensing hot water
  • To brew tea directly through the system of the machine

In the first case, you brew your tea the same way you do it with a kettle. You place your tea bag/loose tea in your cup, pour the hot water over, and steep.

With a coffee/tea maker, your tea is steeped directly inside the machine. Which means the process is similar to that of brewing your coffee:

  1. Place your herbs inside the coffee filter. If you don’t have loose ground tea, you can also use tea bags, although the end result will not be as rich.
  2. Turn on the machine and wait until it becomes ready to brew.
  3. Select the preferred strength/size (if such option is available) and press the brew button.
  4. Enjoy your cuppa!

Tip: Although technically you can use loose leaf tea to brew directly from the machine, the taste will be much richer if you put loose ground tea inside the filter.

How Many Tea Bags Do You Use in a Coffee Maker?

If you decide to brew tea bags, you should add one tea bag per cup of water. However, if your coffee maker does not state that it is not designed for tea brewing (meaning, it is a regular drip coffee), we suggest adding two tea bags per cup for a more potent and flavorful cup.

What Else Can You Make in a Coffee Maker?

While you can certainly use your coffee maker to whip up some incredible foods with that will require a ridiculous amount of time (think making scrambled eggs on the heating plate – yes, someone actually thought of that), there are some quick and ingenious ideas you should definitely try:

Oatmeal – Run 1 cup of water directly onto ½ cup of instant oats, and let them soak for 2 minutes for a yummy breakfast. Alternatively, you can add the oats inside the pot.

Couscous – Run 1 ¼ cups of water directly onto 1 cup of couscous, occasionally stirring to combine. When the cycle is over, cover the couscous, leave for 3-5 minutes, and fluff with a fork. If there is no hot water dispenser, just add the grains to the pot.

Instant Soup – Just like with tea, pour the hot water over the soup. If your maker doesn’t dispense hot water, add the packet of soup to the pot, and brew as you would coffee.

Steamed Veggies – A bit crazier, but surely doable. Chop your veggies of choice (broccoli, carrots) and add them to the coffee filter. Fill the water reservoir to the max, and run the whole cycle.

Tip: Check out the friendly food experts at KitchenTricks for more ideas.

Coffee Vs. Tea – Which One Is Better for You?

Ah, the never-ending debate – coffee or tea. We could list the benefits for both beverages or try to convince you that one works better for your health than the other, but we’re not going to do that.

Both coffee and tea have antioxidants, vitamins and bring a different health boost. However, they can also be high in caffeine or dehydrate you. The winner here really depends on what you are looking for in your morning kick – an energy boost, detox, digestion support, or an aid to your weight-loss plan.

Do some research on how these two impact your unique health condition and choose accordingly. Whatever the verdict, we’re sure it will be a delicious way to start your day.


Coffee or tea? How about both. These fantastic coffee makers can whip up both, but the thing we love the most is that both brewing options offer an equally rich and crisp taste. So, which one do you like the most? We’d love to hear all about your dual brewing journey!

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