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Best Coffee Makers With a Milk Frother

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Top Coffee Makers With a Milk Frother

When milky creaminess hits strong caffeine notes, a foamy surprise happens on the tongue. Silky, smooth, and incredibly delicious, no one can resist a decent cup of specialty coffee.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to! Choose one of these coffee makers that include high-end milk frothers and make coffeehouse-worth Java every single morning.

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Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

From a single cup to a full carafe, this specialty coffee maker offers six different brew sizes and two levels of strength (rich and classic) so that your morning caffeine needs are satisfied. 

Plus, you can also brew over ice for an authentic iced coffee without watering it down.

But the feature that makes this Ninja model our best choice on this list is its specialty brew. 

Thanks to the built-in frother and the function that brews rich concentrates, you can whip up your favorite latte, cappuccino, mochaccino, or whatever café-style drink you’re craving.

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Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker

Your personal compact home barista that brews your favorite cuppa in just a press of a button. That’s right, with this espresso maker you are just one touch away from indulging in creamy Java. 

That said, there’s really no doubt why Mr.Coffee is our premium pick.

With an automatic frother that eliminates all guesswork, easy drink selection, and 15 bars of pressure for an authentic espresso, your coffee shop visits will be left in the past.

Single or double shots, your custom drinks await!

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De'Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso Maker

If you want to squeeze the most out of a maker without breaking the bank or going over the top with features, then our best value more than delivers.

With a manual milk frother, 15-bar pumped espresso (single or double shots), and compact body, getting your specialty coffee has never been more accessible.

Thanks to the Cappuccino System, you can brew one cup after another without waiting, which is really something coming from such a modest model.

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Discover Other Bestselling Coffee Makers With a Milk Frother

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Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

If you’re all about getting your latte ASAP, then this Keurig is probably the maker you should go for. 

Effortless controls and even simpler frothing, all you have to do is pop a K-cup pod inside, pour the milk inside the frother, and let the machine do the rest.

With a large reservoir and auto shut-off feature, your morning brewings will be as least time-consuming as possible.

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Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

Although the coffee maker is not built-in but comes on the side, its ability to whip up air-like froth is really like no other. Nespresso has hit the jackpot with their 8-ounce Aeroccino, which is easy to notice after the first sip.

A versatile and smart coffee maker that brews from capsules just after one touch and automatically ejects them after it’s finished. With four cup sizes and a look to envy, Nespresso is something that any kitchen needs.

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Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

With 15 bars of pressure, Hamilton Beach brews authentic Italian espresso straight in your kitchen. And if you like it double, the two-spout group head will fill your cup up in a jiffy.

With so many simple functions, no-fuss should be this model’s second name. Removable water tank, button-press operation, and a milk frother that gives you the most delicious specialty coffee. What more is there to need?

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Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker

If your eye seems to get caught by all-in-one deals, then you will find this one a bargain. A 15-bar espresso maker that comes with all the bells and whistles, including an electric grinder, milk frothing pitcher, a measuring spoon, and two ceramic espresso cups.

This espresso brews single or double shots, has a built-in steam wand for silky froth, and a removable water tank with a handle.

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BELLA (13683) Personal Espresso Maker

Need a decent specialty coffee maker on a budget? Well, this Bella maker may just serve the purpose. 

Although you will not get the authentic espresso sips with only 5 bars of pressure, be sure that your coffee will have a good enough kick for your lattes or cappuccinos.

With the traditional steam wand, you can froth your milk manually, and the dip-free spout and easy-to-pour decanter will make brewing mess-free.

A removable drip tray is also included, so accidental leaks or drips are not to be feared.

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Mr. Coffee CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker

With a whopping 19 bars of pressure, this semi-automatic maker lives up to its name. 

With single and double shots and an automatic frother that turns your regular milk into silky creaminess, you can have your coffeehouse latte or cappuccino with just a press of a button.

And if you prefer your Joe piping hot, the thermocouple heating system will bring even heating with every brew.

The milk reservoir is removable, easy to clean and store. The tray is adjustable so you can fit both tall and short cups.

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Espresso Machine 20 Bar Coffee Machine

With professional pressure of 20 bars, and precise temperature control, there is no doubt that the espresso coming out of this machine will be piping hot and super rich.

The machine has a built-in steam wand that froths creamy foam for your barista-style coffee, but that’s not all. 

Thanks to the separate thermostats for the milk and water, you can get the ideal temperature and best taste of both, the espresso and froth on top.

The water tank is removable and easy to clean, which is yet another huge plus.

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Gevi Espresso Machine Coffee Machine

The classic 15-bar pressure ensures high extracting stability that results in a rich espresso and balanced taste.

Gevi offers active and precise temperature, and the thermometer displayed on the machine allows for even more control for the optimal cup. 

Like the previous maker, this one also includes two separate thermostats, which means ideally hot coffee and perfectly light froth.

The steam wand is manual with a high-quality nozzle that will turn your bland black coffee into an extraordinarily creamy beverage.

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Mr. Coffee All-in- One Pods Coffee Maker

If you want it all, then you’ve got it with this coffee maker. From making traditional coffee (whether a full carafe or a single cup), brewing from K cup pods, or extracting single or double shots of espresso, Mr. Coffee can do it all.

Thanks to its high-performance steam wand, you can easily whip your milk into light and velvety foam. And with the smart water system, the machine will only dispense the right amount of water for the serving size.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Milk Frothing Beginner Tips

If you are an absolute beginner, the first (and best!) advice that we can give to you at this point is not to obsess over the temperature of the milk but try to nail the perfect position of the tip of the wand. 

Hold it too high, and you’ll end up with bubbly and non-compact foam. Too low, and you’ll make a huge splattering mess.

Dip the steam wand tip just below the milk surface and look for a pleasant tss tss sound. You may go a bit lower so that you can hear the rip of air, but do not go too deep. You are looking for an air rip as soon as you start.

Position the wand in a way that makes the milk roll. And remember, the colder the milk, the better it will “suck” the air.

And if you are afraid not to overdo it with the temperature, you can always keep your other hand placed on the frothing cup.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t be disappointed if not getting it right the first time.

Extra Tip: For a latte, introduce all of the air just when your frothing cup starts to warm; for cappuccino, you are looking for longer sucks of air to make microfoam. The ideal temperature of the milk should be 135-150 degrees F.

Popular Coffee Drinks with Frothed Milk

Cappuccino – Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and fine foam.

Latte – One-third of espresso topped with two-thirds of foamy steamed milk.

Flat White – One-third of espresso and two-thirds of steamed milk, but the foam layer should be thinner than latte and cappuccino – not as stiff.

Macchiato – A shot of espresso with some foam on top.

Café Au Lait – Half espresso, half steamed and foamy milk.

Cortado – Double shots of espresso topped with 2 ounces of steamed milk.

Can You Froth Milk Without a Frother?

Although it is impossible to get the thick consistency that you can whip with a special milk frother, you can still get decent foam and creaminess with some alternative methods:

  • Place your warm (but not hot) milk in an airtight jar and shake it vigorously until you get foam
  • Place the milk in a bowl and whip with a stainless steel whisk…
    … or do it with an electric mixer
  • Blend it in a blender on medium speed (you can also do this with an immersion blender)
  • You can also use a French Press for this purpose – pour warm milk halfway, and start pressing up and down vigorously until frothy.

What Does Frothing Milk Do To Your Coffee?

The thing that helps the milk froth is the protein content, but fat also plays a major part (think why coffee milk is always creamier). Once the milk is heated above 104 degrees F, the lipids inside start to create air pockets. The protein protects the air bubbles, and the fat makes it creamier.

Now, pour that onto your extracted espresso and taste the difference. It is silky, velvety, rich, and offers a nice touch on the tongue. Steamed milk combines perfectly with the sharp kick of espresso, which is why even those who don’t like the taste of Java love gulping down specialty coffee.

For a smooth mouthfeel, it is best to choose half-fat and semi-skimmed milk.


There are many excellent-performing coffee makers with frothers out on the market, so you’ve got some tough homework to do. 

But don’t let the multiple choices overwhelm you. Think about your own preferences and the things that matter to you, and shop with your Java needs in mind. We’d love to hear all about your choice!

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