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Best Coffee Makers with Built-In Grinder

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Top Coffee Makers with Built-In Grinder

Who says that you have to sacrifice the rich taste of crisp coffee beans for the sake of convenience? Stop buying flat pre-ground coffee today and replace your old Java maker with one of these fantastic coffee machines with built-in grinders.

Calibrating the grind to satisfy your unique taste, these grind-and-brew makers will allow you to enjoy the freshest coffee flavor with every sip. By offering you only the best options, this list will take your morning brewing routine to a whole different level.

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If you want convenience, rich taste, and amazing functions all combined, then Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew hits the jackpot. This 10-cup, 24-hour programmable coffee machine with an automatic grinder is the winner of this list for a reason.

The grind-and-brew Cuisinart maker allows you to grind your whole beans right before brewing for the ultimate freshness. Meaning – having this coffee machine to rely on in the morning will turn your kitchen into an authentic coffee shop.

And if for some reason you decide to use pre-ground coffee, Cuisinart will also be there to satisfy. Thanks to its grind-off program, you can quickly fill it up with ground coffee and enjoy a cup of Joe in a jiffy.

Program your brew ahead of time, and wake up to an inviting aroma of fresh Java, every morning. No hassle involved, no alarm clock needed.

And if that doesn’t quite impress you, perhaps this will. Thanks to its brew-pause function, you don’t have to wait for the brewing to end to enjoy your cup. You can pause the cycle and sip on your hot coffee while the rest of your family is waiting for their brew.

This 10-cup Cuisinart maker comes with a streamlined thermal carafe, a charcoal water filter, and a permanent coffee filter – all packed in a sleek design that will look fancy on your counter.

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For the picky drinkers and those with a unique taste, the Breville Grind Control is undoubtedly the perfect match. Our premium pick on this list does not only enable you to grind your beans and enjoy your coffee fresh, but it also gives you the absolute control of adjusting. 

Thanks to the Grind Control program, this Breville maker comes with a calibration function that allows you to customize your grind (volume and size) so that your taste buds are always satisfied.

The high-class built-in burr grinder will deliver a consistent flavor and a balanced taste with every brew.

With a capacity of ½ pounds of beans (up to 12 cups), eight brew-strength options, and the ability to brew a single cup of a different size, the Breville maker fails to disappoint. And if that’s not convenient enough, wait until you hear about its programmable auto-start that lets you set the brew beforehand. 

Plus, with the ability to set the water temperature to your preferences, it is safe to say that this coffee machine will be the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Stainless steel carafe, LCD screen, and fancy design, the Breville Grind Control has definitely a lot to offer.

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Our best value on this list, the Black+Decker coffee maker, will help you turn your favorite coffee beans into a regular, mild, or strong brew in no time. And if you’re impatient for that first sip in the morning, program the machine the night before and wake up to a full pot of fresh Java.

Whether you choose to grind whole beans or you are more of the pre-ground coffee type, Black+Decker has a lot to offer. Streamlined grinding, grind-off feature, brew-strength options, and all with QuickTouch programming, this coffee maker surely satisfies.

The capacity of the carafe is 12 cups, but you can also sneak one mid-cycle for when your caffeine itch kicks in. The carafe is made of glass, which allows you to take a peek and see just how much Java there is left.

The maker also comes with a permanent filter and minimizes the need for paper waste.

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If you are a small household and do not need more than just a few cups of coffee, then the Barsetto maker may be the right choice for you. This coffee machine may come with 5-cups of capacity, but it surely brings heaps of value.

Featuring a high-class burr grinder, the Barsetto maker can directly and conveniently grind your favorite whole beans. But that’s not all. Thanks to the strength selector, you can choose in which degree you want your coffee to be ground. Having the power to choose the size of the grounds, you can adjust the coffee’s taste and flavor to satisfy your palate.

The design is sleek and straightforward. The push-button panel is easy to use – just press the button, select how much coffee you want to drink, and enjoy your fresh brew within minutes.

The glass carafe provides convenience, so you always know when it is time for another brew.

And thanks to the auto-off function, you can safely leave your house in the morning without having to worry whether you have turned your maker off or not.

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Hamilton Beach 45500 is a flexible coffee maker with a built-in grinding chamber. You can add whole beans and enjoy the unique taste that freshly ground coffee provides, or you can choose to brew store-bought, pre-ground coffee. For the latter, just make sure that the Grind & Brew option is turned off, and simply press Brew Now.

And if you like your Java milder or stronger, no need to adjust the coffee dose or water level. Simply choose the Bold or Regular option, conveniently. But that’s not all. The coffee machine also features a 1-4 cup setting for when you don’t need the full 12-cup cycle.

This Hamilton maker allows you to program it up to 24 hours in advance so that you can wake up to a freshly brewed pot in the morning. Or set it to be ready just in time for dessert without having to leave the table when entertaining.

And if you are not a big fan of cleaning, then you will fall in love with this coffee maker. The carafe, filter, filter basket, sieve, and lid are all dishwasher safe, while the grinding chamber is self-rinsing and prevents wandering bits from clogging the appliance.

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Whether your kitchen is sleek modern or features a rustic look, this Klarstein coffee maker fits perfectly with its elegant design of matte black and stainless steel combo.

Thanks to the high-quality 5-stage grinder, this coffee machine allows you to customize your brew by choosing the grind size that suits your taste. But that’s not all you can adjust. This Klarstein maker has the capacity of 10 cups of coffee, but you don’t have to brew that many if you don’t want to. Simply select how many cups you wish to drink, then press the coffee cup button. And voila – aromatic cups of Joe are on the way!

The Klarstein maker is programmable for up to 24 hours ahead, features an auto shut-off function, keeps the temperature ideal, and has a window for the water tank for convenience. What more can you wish for?

And if you are a neat freak like me, then you’ll flip over the fact that this machine comes with built-in drip protection. Just remove the brewed coffee without worrying about making a mess – because you won’t.

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If you are all about the customization, then this grind-and-brew coffee maker has it all. The built-in, conical burr grinder allows you to choose between 5 different grind stages, and the brew selector offers you the chance to prepare your coffee mild, medium, or strong. Plus, with this maker, you can choose anywhere from 2 to 10 cups of coffee to brew per batch. Pretty convenient, right?

Featuring an auto-start and keep-warm settings, the Krups maker is pretty functional. You can schedule the cycle to start beforehand, and you can enjoy hot coffee for up to 2 hours after the brewing has completed.

And if you cannot wait for the cycle to finish, you can just press the Pause button and sneak a cup first.

But there’s more. Thanks to its drip-protection system, you can enjoy pouring without worrying about spillage. Also, the carafe has a curved spout that allows you to enjoy your brew up to the very last drop.

The design is modern and elegant-looking, with a clear LCD screen and user-friendly controls.

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The high-quality burr grinder that is built in this coffee maker will grind your beans automatically before the brewing. With the ability to select the degree of the grind, you can control the flavor, volume, and intensity of the brews according to personal taste. You can also choose between mild, medium, and strong brew, thanks to the strength selector.

The bean hopper holds up to ½ pounds of beans, which will provide 12 cups of crisp coffee, filling your kitchen with an enticing, coffee-shop-like aroma that will wake you up in an instant.

And if you cannot wait for the brewing cycle after you wake up, just set the program the night before so you can fill your cup the minute you open your eyes in the morning.

Thanks to the BrewPause setting, you can easily stop the cycle and enjoy your cup of Joe before everyone else – perfect for getting your afternoon caffeine fix.

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If you are looking for a compact coffee maker to fit your tiny kitchen and satisfy the caffeine urges of your small household, this is perfect for you. With the capacity of just 4 cups, this coffee maker is the best choice for small families or as an addition to your office.

Versatile for both whole beans and pre-ground coffee, this small maker will help you get the most out of your beans in a matter of minutes. Featuring two intensity levels, you can customize your brews according to the strength that your taste buds enjoy the most. Once the coffee is ground, the integrated grinder will stop automatically so the brew cycle can begin.

After your 4-cup cycle is over, the glass carafe will maintain the brewing temperature for 30 more minutes, allowing you to drink your refill with the same level of delight as the first sip.

This compact maker also includes an anti-drip valve, to minimize spillage and maximize convenience.

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This two-in-one coffee maker will instantly turn whole beans into fresh and rich aromatic grounds that will provide that best-flavored, round cup you crave for every morning. It will grind and brew the coffee in just a few minutes.

For those mornings when you have absolutely no time to spare, just set the brewing cycle the night before and enjoy your cup of Joe as soon as you wake up. And if you are in a rush to leave for work, you don’t have to worry about shutting the appliance off. Thanks to its auto shut-off function, the coffee maker will turn itself off automatically, after 40 minutes.

Your cake-making process took longer than expected? No worries! Thanks to the warm plate, your coffee will remain piping hot for up to 30 minutes after brewing, so you can still savor warm caffeine sips with your desert.

With a capacity of 10 cups, a stainless steel body, and a glass carafe for convenience, this grind-and-brew Gourmia coffee maker is a great addition to any kitchen.

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Gevi Grind-and-Brew coffee maker features a stainless steel burr grinder that has a spiral cone cutter that produces consistent grounds every time. Thanks to the eight different grinding grades available, you can choose the size, volume, and intensity of your preferred brew, accordingly.  From extra coarse to extra fine, the particles that this high-class grinder provides will prove to you why having a grind-and-brew maker at home is totally worth it.

But that’s not all. Despite the flavorful and richly aromatic grounds the grinder provides, you can further customize your brew by choosing the strength of the flavor. Whether mild, medium, or strong, you have complete control over the taste.

And as if that’s not enough to convince us, Gevi has added yet another adjusting feature – control of the amount. With this coffee maker, you don’t need to make a large batch if you don’t need it, or pause midway to enjoy a cup. Here, you can choose exactly how many cups of coffee you need – from only 2 to a large batch of 10.

Fully programmable so you can set your morning brew cycle the night before, and with a keep-warm function of 30 minutes, this coffee maker is super convenient.

The filter is permanent and washable, the carafe transparent, and the anti-drip design prevents coffee flow for up to 30 seconds, allowing you to pour freely.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Why You Should Buy a Coffee Maker with Grinder

Have you ever wondered why nothing beats the black coffee from your local coffee shop? No, their coffee is not expensive, and no, they are not using some kind of magical drip machine. The secret lies in having a machine that does both – grinds and brews the coffee.

Why is that important? A coffee maker that also grinds your whole beans does one thing that your regular coffee machine fails to provide – ensures that your cup of Joe gets the freshest and most flavorful grounds possible. And only freshly ground coffee can make such an exquisite cup.

Okay, so what’s wrong with my grinder? For those of you who are wondering this, you are right to some extent. Having a grinder for grinding coffee beans is surely a better option than purchasing ground coffee at the supermarkets. However, that is also not ideal.

Let me collaborate. Coffee’s biggest enemy, by far, is oxidation. When in contact with oxygen, organic molecules from the coffee start to break down, resulting in loss of flavor and aroma. So, even if you decide to grind your beans in a separate grinder, that would not be ideal because you’d have to transfer the grounds to your coffee maker – meaning the coffee is destined to get in touch with oxygen.

It may sound like exaggerating, but the fragrant oils that bring out the most pleasant and satisfying notes when drinking coffee, tend to evaporate very quickly when exposed to air. So, if you want the absolutely best coffee-drinking experience, the only way to get it is by grinding the beans directly in the maker and brewing them instantly after.

Type of Coffee Grinders Compared

Every coffee grinder is used for the same purpose – to crush whole coffee beans, break out their fragrant oils, and release the deep flavor and aroma that they are packed with. But not all coffee grinders grind the same way. There are three main types of coffee grinders:

Blade Grinders

Buying a blade grinder may not break your bank, but it will not break the beans into consistent and fine particles either. As you’ve already guessed, blade grinders feature a sharp blade that spins in a propeller-like way and literally slices the beans into tiny chunks.

The fineness of the ground coffee is determined by how long you grind the beans. With blade grinders, the longer the blade slices, the finer the grind will be.

But, that is not as simple as it sounds, as grinding the blades longer can lead to a burned-coffee-like result. Which, obviously, is not a desirable outcome. If using a blade grinder, make sure not to grind for a cup or two, and do not do it longer than 20 seconds.

Burr Grinders

If you want your grounds to be of a more consistent size, then it is better to stick to grinding with a burr grinder. A burr grinder has no blade, but it works by crushing the beans against a sharp cutting surface.

Here, the fineness of the beans is determined by changing the position of the burr, which allows you to have more control in the process of grinding. Hence the more consistent result.

Burr grinders are divided into two categories:

Wheel Burr Grinders – The wheel burr grinders may be more economical than the conical ones, but they feature a rotating wheel that can be quite noisy. The outcome can also be somewhat messy, however, if compared to the blade grinders, the wheel burr grinder is still superior.

Conical Burr Grinders – If looking for the best coffee grinder, you cannot go better than a conical burr. They grind at a much slower speed than the wheel burr ones, which means that you don’t have as much heat, noise, or mess problems.

Manual Grinders

Although not exactly in line with our list of grind-and-brew coffee makers, it is good to know that you can also find a grinder that is not powered electronically. These manual grinders work by turning a crank by hand. The fineness here is dictated by how long you operate the crank.

Benefits of Having a Coffee Maker with a Grinder

Having the freshest and most flavorful coffee aside – which we already talked about earlier, there are also many other perks of having a 2-in-1 coffee maker that can both grind and brew. Here are the top ones:

Better Control

Decent grind-and-brew models come with a burr grinder that allows you to control the grade of grinding. That means that the beans can be ground into the fineness that your taste buds prefer. Plus, many grind-and-brew coffee makers also include different brew-strength settings, which gives you the chance to choose between mild, regular, or strong flavor for your brew.


Is there really a need to collaborate? Having a 2-in-1 appliance has to be more convenient than having just 1. You don’t have to plug in your grinder, grind your coffee, then transfer the ground to your drip maker. This way, you can have a freshly-ground brew within minutes, with a simple push of a button.

Besides, most grind-and-brew makers are programmable so you can conveniently set the brewing the night before and wake up to a piping hot cup of fresh coffee in the morning.

Options for Smaller Batch

It is quite inconvenient to grind 2-cups’ worth of beans and then transfer the grounds to your maker. But with a grind-and-brew maker, you will be able to do this without wasting a single ground, without making any mess. Many of these makers offer you the choice of choosing the number of cups of coffee you wish to brew (usually from 2 to 10 or 12), which is even more convenient.

But that’s not all. Having a coffee maker that also grinds takes up less space, it saves you time, it also saves electricity, and in the end, it is much more cost-effective.

Pros and Cons of Having a Built-in Grinder

Although the pros surely outnumber the cons, it would be remiss not to mention the things that are not quite great about having a grind-and-brew maker.


  • It provides a superior taste – fresh and rich in flavor
  • It is more convenient
  • It saves up counter space
  • It also saves money and time
  • You never have to worry about grinding coffee that will not work with the machine. The grinder and maker here are, obviously, compatible


  • If the appliance breaks, you have no coffee maker nor grinder
  • The machine is bulkier
  • Usually, they have a one-function design – these makers do not support other brew methods
  • More parts to change and/or clean

How do Coffee Makers Work Anyways?

A drip coffee maker is quite a simple device, really. When turned on, the first thing that happens, besides the heating element getting hot, is that the water from the reservoir starts flowing into an orange tube, through a valve, all the way into an aluminum tube that gets heated by the heating element. When the water is boiling, the bubbles go up into a white tube.

As the bubbles rise, they begin to scatter all around the filter, over the already ground coffee. When that happens, the water starts flowing through the coffee, colliding with the organic matters and essential oils, and the coffee ends up dripping into the pot. It’s as simple as that!

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker?

The best way to clean your coffee maker, of course, depends on the type of machine you have. There are some coffee makers that are dishwasher safe. Some include certain parts that can be washed in the dishwasher and others in the sink – warm water, soap, and a soft sponge only. But there are also fancier makers that come with self-rinsing parts.

However, there are some things that you should do, regardless of the type of maker you have. For instance, it is probably wise to get a special coffee brush that will help you reach the nooks and get rid of residue from the walls of the maker.

Also, it is recommended that you purchase a descaling solution that will get rid of limescale and clean your maker thoroughly. You just pour this solution into the water reservoir tank and run a full brew cycle. Of course, without adding coffee. This will not only get rid of dirt and grime, but it will also prevent your coffee from getting a rusty taste due to corrosion. It is recommended to do this deep cleaning once a month.

Otherwise, the best cleaning tip is to follow the manufacturer’s advice and treat your coffee maker with love and good care.

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