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The Best Coffee Scales

Even a morning person needs a cup of warmth, filled with rich flavor to get them going for the day. The go-to cup for most people is piping hot coffee. Whether you’re new to the brewing game or a longtime fan, you’ll know that no amount of eyeballing can get you the perfect tasting cup of coffee. If you’ve invested in a coffee maker and a bag of good coffee, you might as well go all the way and get a reliable coffee scale.

The best concoctions are made with care and precision and this is where a coffee scale comes in. It might not make sense now but ask a longtime brewer or a coffee shop manager to get a consensus before trying it out yourself. You’ll be surprised at how the taste dramatically changes a soon as you start brewing with a scale but with all the choices available on the market, which one do you pick?

To help with the decision-making process, we’ve come up with a list of the ten best coffee scales we’ve researched for you. In this article, we highlight their best features and how you can benefit from them. What are our top picks? Here they are:

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The Escali Primo P115C Precision coffee press is multifunctional and easy to use thanks to its two-button simple operation. It’s also very easy to clean once you’re done using it because of its sealed control panel that ensures efficiency of use. The sealed control panel also ensures that the Escali Primo P115C Precision’s function buttons are kept safe from accidental spillage and splashes. It also helps conserve power because it’s energy-saving mechanism that turns itself off after four minutes of inactivity. Lastly, it boasts of its own Tare function wherein it subtracts the weight of the container to give you the most accurate measurements for its contents.

One of the downsides to the Escali Primo P115C Precision is that its power button is not as reactive as some users might like. It sometimes needs to be pressed more than once to power the scale off. Another one is that it does not look durable at all which just means one shouldn’t judge something based on looks. The Escali Primo P115C Precision is more robust than it looks.

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All that being said, the Escali Primo P115C Precision is our best choice for coffee scales. It’s compact, durable, user-friendly and accurate.

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Letting your coffee bloom ensures that the brewing or extraction process is nice and long so the beans have enough time to release its flavor. This means you’ll have the most flavorful, aromatic cup time after time. The Hario VST-2000B V60 Scale does this for you. It’s a multifunctional wonder that measures in 0.1-gram increments on top of its reliable tare function for the utmost accuracy when it comes to your bean servings and helps you get your bloom times just perfect thanks to its built-in drip timer. The Hario VST-2000B V60 also helps cut down your energy consumption because of its power-saving mechanism which turns the scale off after five minutes of idle time.

While the Hario VST-2000B V60 may be virtually waterproof from the top, it’s not as protected from the bottom so users need to make sure the surfaces they set it on are dry. Some users also comment on how flimsy it looks but one has to really try it to find out how powerful the really is.

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It sure sounds like it’s packed with a lot of functions and well-built so one can enjoy it for a long time to come which is why the Hario VST-2000B V60 is our premium pick!

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When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in terms of coffee scales, look no further than the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital. First of all, it’s available in a variety of fun colors so you can definitely find one that will match your design aesthetic. Its UNIT button converts between 5 (five) units of measurements, making it easy and convenient to use. Whether you’re used to oz (ounce), ml (milliliter), g (gram), lbs. (pounds) and even lbs.: oz (pounds to ounce) you’ll find that the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto can give you the most accurate measurements every time. Results are displayed in easy-to-read format on the built-in LCD screen. Another function button that’s easy to reach is the tare button, further ensuring the accuracy of your measurements. The Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto is also economical due to its automatic shut off function after 2 minutes.

Some users have touched on the fact that the metal disc on top of the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto is not removable, possibly making it hard to clean and the LCD screen is not backlit. These concerns are minimal though if you consider how much more the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto has to offer.

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Bang for your buck, as previously mentioned, is an understatement with the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital which is why it’s our pick for best value!

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We have big love for anything and everything multifunctional. The OXO Good Grips Food Scale has 11lb-capacity scale provides accurate measurements because it measures dry ingredients in 1g or 1/8-ounce in accruals and also allows you to tare it before actually adding ingredients to the scale for perfect results each and every time. It also has a very reliable display that shows large numbers that are easy to read and the display itself has an optional backlight. Speaking of the display, you also have the option to pull it away from the scale if you need to so you can read the numbers even when the scale itself is crowded. The OXO Good Grips Food Scale also boasts of a cordless design so you can reposition it anywhere you need it. Once you’re done, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale’s stainless-steel platform can be detached easily, making cleanup a breeze.

One con of the OXO Good Grips Food Scale is the longer auto-shutoff feature. It takes the display a full 6 minutes to switch to standby mode and a full 30 minutes for the unit to turn completely off. Another one is that the warranty period is only for a 12-month period. That being said, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale is still our runner-up.

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Another runner-up is the GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale. It has an easily accessible UNIT button that makes switching from pounds, grams, ounces and fluid ounces as well as milliliters fuss-free. Another easy to access button is the ZERO button that allows you to tare the measurements for utmost accuracy. The minimalist design allows for the GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale to be store or positioned anywhere in the kitchen without becoming an eyesore or cluttering your countertop. It also has a large (at 6×6 inches) smooth plastic surface that makes it easy to clean and scratch-resistant feet so you can be sure your countertops are safe.

The GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale can support up to 11lbs or 5 kgs. Another great thing is the auto shutoff function that turns the unit off after 2 minutes of inactivity. You can increase this to 5 minutes if desired. Injecting the fun in all of its impressive functionality, the GreaterGoods Digital Food Scale is available in a variety of fun colors.

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Another scale any coffee afficionado will be happy to have is the Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale. With its built-in high precision sensors that can measure at 0.1g or 0.004oz increments up to 5kg or 11 lbs. and tare function, the Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale can be relied upon to always give accurate measurements each and every time. Its backlit LCD screen makes it easy to decipher numbers so you won’t be left in the dark!

The Zerla Digital Kitchen Scale takes care of you in many ways other than giving you accurate measurements. It also has a low voltage indicator that lets you know when it’s time to get new batteries. Speaking of batteries, it only needs 2 AAA batteries and turns itself off after 2 minutes of inactivity. It’s sleek and stylish and is also very easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

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If you’re looking for the ultra-modern coffee scale to fit in your contemporary kitchen, you might want to consider getting the Accuweight 207 Digital Scale. Its body is made with heavy-duty BPA-free plastic painted in silver and its topped with a tempered glass surface making it not only sleek and modern-looking but it’s also easy to clean and you know straightaway that it’s durable.

The Accuweight 207 Digital Scale has a max weight capacity of up to 5000g/ 11lbs/ 5000ml/ 176 fl. oz. and is accurate up to within 1 g/0.1 oz. is also easy to use and reliable thanks to its tare function which allows you to eliminate the weight of the container from the food measurements. Easily switch from pounds to ounces or grams and milliliters as well as fluid ounces with the touch of one button. You can also read those measurements without any problems by looking at its 3.2″ LCD screen with its blue backlight. When not in use, you can lock the Accuweight 207 Digital Scale so its sensors are protected from abuse.

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For a sleek and ultra-modern scale that will fit perfectly in your urban contemporary home, you might want to check out the Etekcity Food Digital Scale. It has an understatedly classy-looking surface made with food-grade brushed stainless steel and accessible function buttons that lay flat, leaving an even top so you won’t have to worry about debris and dust getting caught in the crevices.

The Etekcity Food Digital Scale allows the user to switch between oz, g, mL, and lb: oz. very easily by pressing the UNIT button. Liquid volume measurements are also available. Zeroing out any container is also hassle-free with its tare function. Measurements are also very easy to view thanks to its ultra-clear backlit display. Due to its well-made surface and slim design, the Etekcity Food Digital Scale will look good on any kitchen counter without crowding it.

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If you want a perfect brew each and every time, you’ll need a reliable scale that you can use to measure your grounds. Here is another option for you to try: the AccuWeight LCD Digital Scale. With its sleek and shiny black tempered glass top surface and powerful LCD screen projecting measurements in red lights, the AccuWeight LCD Digital Scale can look great atop any kitchen counter.

The AccuWeight LCD Digital Scale boasts of a strong bearing surface and tare function for accurate measurements, auto-off feature to help save on energy, low battery and overload indicator and a stain-resistant tempered glass surface that’s easy to clean. It’s portable and compact so it can be stored anywhere without clutter.

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Making sure your measurements are accurate helps you create the perfect cup each and every time. The Inevifit Digital Scale, a reliable scale for your countertop or bar top, can do that for you. Enjoy hassle-free operation with easy to access function buttons like Power/Tare which allows you to turn the unit on as well as zero out containers for the most accurate results. The Unit button enables the user to switch from grams, ounces, pounds, pounds: ounces and milliliters with just one touch.

The Inevifit Digital Scale looks sleek and slim, so your counters and cupboards won’t get cluttered. It also features a large backlit LCD makes reading accurate measurements easy. The Inevifit Digital Scale has capable sensors that can measure up to 13lbs. or 6kg at a time in 0.04oz or 1g increments. Its auto-off feature also helps you save on precious battery life by shutting the unit down after 90 seconds of idle time.

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Coffee Scales Buying Guide and FAQ

Have you ever wondered why something always seems to be a little “off” with your coffee when you’re brewing your own? If you haven’t weighed your coffee before, you might want to start now. The difference will blow your mind.

You might be thinking getting a scale for good-tasting coffee is overkill but if you’re passionate about getting the perfect brew even from your home, then you should seriously consider getting one. If you are planning on perfecting your brew to sell as a business, keep in mind: practice makes perfect and with perfection, you need precision.

Now that we’ve given you a rundown of the best coffee scales we’ve reviewed, what’s in it for you? Do you really need to weigh your coffee? What are the benefits of doing so?

Let’s delve into the practicality of getting your own coffee scale and weighing your coffee. Here are some of the reasons why:

Weighing your coffee: what’s in it for you?

 Precision Brew

There are ratios that need to be adhered to when brewing coffee, like the proportion of the water in the pot to the coffee beans that you have prepared. If you do not have a scale at the ready to get you the measurements that you need, it will be like walking blind.

If you put too much coffee in the water, your coffee will be bitter and will go down the sink. If you use too much water, your coffee will be flat. Both scenarios will take the joy and satisfaction out of being able to craft your own brew. With a scale at your elbow, you can be more confident in your coffee-making skills.

There’s a reason why people love those expensive artisanal coffee. These are crafted carefully, following very specific recipes and accurate measurements, after all.

Constant Goodness

Consistently good-tasting coffee is a direct result of precise measurements thanks to your coffee scale if you had one. You won’t have to guess or eye-ball anything and hope for the best. With a coffee scale at the ready, you won’t have to second guess and doubt your capabilities.

Getting that perfect taste all comes down to the coffee to water ratio. With a scale to use to measure your ingredients, you can find the perfect recipe that suits your taste and it will be just as delicious every time you make it.

Reduce Wastage

Coffee beans can be pricey and of course, the water too, so you need to make sure you’re only using what you need. If you’re brewing blind, you will use up one bag of coffee beans in no time at all, with the excess beans affecting your brew in an unpleasant way.

Brews take a certain amount of precision and measurements need to be exact so you can enjoy your coffee. With a coffee scale, you can be sure each coffee granule or drop of water is well spent.

How to use a coffee scale

Are you ready to radically change the way you brew and enjoy your favorite cup of java? Then, you need to start with the basics and get a coffee scale to help you craft the perfect brew. Here’s how you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your chosen coffee scale:

  • If you’re making a manual brew, make sure to zero out containers to get the most accurate measurements using the TARE button. This eliminates the weight of the coffee cup you’re using or any receptacle, for that matter, for either your coffee beans or water. Doing this ensures you’ll end up with awesome-tasting cups every time.
  • Use the UNIT button if you’re more comfortable reading one unit of measurement compared to another. Most scales allow you to choose which unit you want to use with a quick press of a button that’s very easy to access on the body of the scale itself.
  • A little testing and tasting are good especially if you know you’re working towards something awesome. Make sure you take note of the measurements for your beans and your water. This way, you’ll know how to replicate perfection once you’ve got it.

What to look for in a coffee scale

Tare Function

You need to separate the container from either the water or coffee beans to achieve the perfect taste. Without this, you’ll either be doing computations in your head or on your phone calculator and your coffee will not come out right. The Tare function makes the brewing process more fun and stress-free.


Although it can be annoying having your scale going off right in the middle of your pour-over process, it can be very handy in saving battery life.


A good coffee scale doesn’t have to be big and bulky. A lot of scales nowadays have sleeker profiles so they won’t be crowding your counters. Smaller ones are better if you’re only brewing coffee for the home.


Some coffee scales are battery-operated but there are some that come with cords to recharge the built-in battery while others have actual power cords. Choose the power supply depending on your need. If you’re certain you’ll be using the scale frequently, possibly in a commercial capacity, one with a power cord would be best. However, if you’ll only be using it periodically at home, a battery-operated one will do.


Choose a scale that’s durable but easy to clean. Sometimes you’ll get debris and moisture on the unit so you need to be sure you have one that can be cleaned with a quick wipe.


A coffee scale will not be of much use to you if you have to squint or bend or reposition it just so you can read the results on the LCD. Get one that best suit your needs in terms of the display. Some kitchen scales come with backlit LCD and you can choose one that displays numbers large and clear enough, making them easy to read.


You might think this is something businesses should look for but you’ll be surprised at the amount of mess a simple brewing exercise might create especially if you haven’t been doing it for a long time. Getting a scale that’s spill-proof (or waterproof, if you can) ensures that you’ll have a working scale for a long time to come.

Easy to use

Brewing your own delicious coffee should be enjoyable to do so a complicated scale that can overwhelm you with buttons and levers and what-not may be more annoying to use than helpful. Choose one that looks simple, with buttons that are easy to reach for and a display that’s easy to read.


Choose a scale that’s accurate to within 0.1g. You need to get as close a measurement as you can especially when it comes to the beans you’re using.

A good cup of coffee

Everyone needs something warm to keep them going. Whether the weather is cold or you’re under the weather or feeling demotivated, a cup of coffee is the quickest and effective pick-up you can reach for. However, coming up with just the right mixture of equal amounts of water, coffee and sweetener.

Having a reliable coffee scale takes the guesswork out of crafting the perfect brew. Whether you’re an avid home brewer or you’re just starting out, whether you’re brewing for yourself or customers, consider getting a good coffee scale to help you. It’s a small investment but a worthwhile one that you’d be glad you made in the long run.


How to use a food scale?

Place your bowl on the food scale and “zero” the scale by pressing the “tare” (or equivalent) button. Add your coffee grounds to the bowl and wait for the weight to fix. If you have additional ingredients to add (such as cinnamon), press the tare button and add the amount of ingredients until the correct weight shows on the scale.

Where to buy a food scale?

Food scales are widely available in most stores and the accuracy of the scales will determine the price. A decent scale that fits the needs of most home cooks can easily be found for less than $20 whereas a top-of-the-line model could easily tip the scales at $50. Browse online to find other great deals!

How to read a food scale?

Reading your scale will depend on whether it is a digital or analog model. For both, it is important to place the scale on a flat, level surface before getting a reading. On a digital scale, wait for the numbers to stabilize and set before taking a reading; on an analog scale, get down on the same level as the scale to read the needle and avoid parallax error. Make sure that the scales are set to the correct unit of weight!

How to measure portions with a food scale?

Using a food scale is the easiest and most accurate way of measuring portions. Place your measuring bowl on the food scale before zeroing the scale (follow manufacturer instructions). Pour the food to be portioned into the bowl and wait for the scale to show the desired weight before storing your food into an appropriate container to keep it fresh!

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