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Best Colombian Coffee Beans

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Top Colombian Coffee Beans

There are three major things that Colombia is infamous for. And since we’re not here to review a “Narcos” episode or talk about petroleum, you can only guess what we’re here to discuss – coffee

Now, everyone knows there’s plenty of coffee in Colombia and that most of it is top-tier delicious. But how many of you can actually pick the finest Colombian beans for your coffee pot? 

Well, that’s why we’re here to help. Here are the top Colombian beans on the market now.

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Coffee Bean Direct Colombian Supremo

This Colombian Supremo blend is genuinely supreme, which is why it sits at the top of this list. Coffee Bean Direct says they pour their hearts into the entire process “from roast to post,” and that is pretty clear after the very first sip.

Our best choice is a light roast of artisan coffee that is complex in body yet incredibly smooth. If you could taste sunshine, this would be it. Bright and soft acidity intertwined with sugary sweetness, chocolate flavor, and zestiness of juicy lemons.

With slight tartness and silky taste, these beans are a perfect match for your drip machine or pour-over. Versatile gourmet coffee for any taste!

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Java Planet Colombian Single Origin

If you’re not a fan of a sharper coffee aftertaste, then this medium-dark roast is perhaps a better fit for you. Our premium pick is low in acidity, full in body, and has a rich, balanced flavor. The mouthfeel here is mellow, soft, with fruity notes adding just the right amount of sweetness.

As the name suggests, this Java Planet coffee is of a single origin. But that’s not the thing we love the most about it! This coffee is not only 100% Arabica beans, but it is also organic and includes absolutely zero chemicals.

And if that’s not enough, Colombian Organic has Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Friendly certificates to prove their positive ecological impact.

Ethically sourced and craft roasted in small batches, there is absolutely nothing to hate about these beans.

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Don Pablo Colombian Supremo

Rich and smooth with low acidity. If that’s your preferred cup of Joe, then let Don Pablo bring you the Colombian taste to your mug. Our best value on this list is not only kind to your pocket, but it will also do wonders for your palate.

Sweet and mild 100% Arabica beans that are roasted to medium-dark perfection – that defines this Colombian Supremo best. The beans taste like you’ve decided to have your coffee with a bar of nutty chocolate on the side. Pleasant and with a caramel-like lingering aftertaste that has you beginning for more.

Don Pablo’s beans are as fresh as possible. They roast in small batches regionally, so the time from roast to cup is as short as possible. They have a few roasting facilities in the US, so your cuppa is always as crisp as possible.

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Discover Other Bestselling Colombian Coffee Beans

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Koffee Kult Colombian Huila

Organically sourced from the high mountain elevation of Huila, Colombia, these specialty-grade beans are the real deal. Roasted in small batches and packed right after they turn brown, these 100% Arabica beans are fresh, artisan, and absolutely irresistible.

The roast level is medium, so the acidity and flavor are balanced, but the taste remains incredible. After only a sip, sweet and cinnamon notes will take over your palate, making it harder to enjoy just one cup.

Cultivated and processed with love, this clean-tasting gourmet coffee contains some of the best beans Colombia has to offer.

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Juan Valdez Organic Colombian Coffee

After just a whiff of this coffee, you will find yourself transported to the wild Colombian forests. Take a sip, and you will taste the most authentic flavor of Colombian beans. Juan Valdez takes pride in their traditional processes, offering an intensely fragrant and balanced Java.

This premium Colombian coffee is a medium roast that leaves a touch of acidity and enough natural sweetness to make your cuppa pleasant and satisfying enough to brew yourself another batch.

These gourmet beans are 100% organic and toxin-free, and Juan Valdez is a proud owner of three certifications to prove it.

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Fresh Roasted Colombian Supremo Coffee

Sweet cherries, anyone? If you like this red fruit, then we’re confident this is the coffee for you. With intense honey and cherry tasting notes, this Supremo Coffee is sweet, rich, and bursting with irresistible flavor.

Roasted to a dark-brown color, Fresh Roasted has eliminated acidity and increased the richness and boldness of this blend, making it full-bodied heaven in a cup.

Grown at altitudes higher than 1,600 masl, washed-processed, and naturally dried, this blend will give you the ultimate Colombian taste.

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Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee

Coming straight from the Colombian Andean Estate, these single-origin 100% Arabica beans offer a perfectly balanced and sweet taste that is wrapped in mild acidity, smooth texture, and deep nutty flavors.

Colombian Supremo coffee is medium roasted and makes one heck of a gourmet cuppa. The finish is mellow, and the intensity is strong but not overpowering.

Shade-grown, rainforest alliance certified, and fair trade, Volcanica uses natural and eco-friendly growing and processing practices to positively impact both the people and our planet.

The beans are packed in a resealable bag with a valve for ultimate freshness and added convenience.

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Blackwelder Colombian Supremo

These single-origin beans come straight from the Colombian region Bucaramanga, known for its high-quality coffee production. With a touch of acidity, sweet cacao notes, and a rich flavor that lingers on the palate, Blackwelder brings the authentic Colombian Java taste to your mug.

This blend is roasted to medium in small batches and immediately packed in resealable, fresh-preserving bags with degassing valves. The beans are 100% Arabica, perfect for all brewing methods, and suitable for most tastes.

Cultivated, roasted, and packaged by hand, the family-owned Blackwelder works with love and takes great pride in the consistency and quality of their beans.

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Cooper’s Cask Colombian Coffee Beans

A dark, single-origin Colombian coffee that, at first glance, seems to be made only for the bold drinkers. Of course, that is not the case, as once you take a sip of this rustically sweet Java, you will see that it’s practically a boutique of aroma.

Rich and full, while smooth and pleasant on the tongue, this Cooper’s Cask blend energizes with hints of dried fruit and cocoa.

Cooper’s cask may be a veteran-owned small coffee company, but they deliver big on taste! Artisan and roasted in small batches, this fair-trade dark roast is all you have been waiting to taste from Colombia. And more!

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Buying Guide & FAQ

The Colombian Coffee History

No one can say for sure when and how coffee first arrived in today’s Colombia, although it is believed that Jesuits priests brought this fruit somewhere in the 17th or 18th century. The first recorded shipment was in 1835 to the US, so not much is known about the history before that. By 1860, coffee had become the number one export crop.

The period between 1905 and 1935 was the time when coffee production really took off in Colombia. This was mainly thanks to the creation of the National Federation of Coffee Growers in 1927.

Since 1958, Juan Valdez, a fictional charismatic coffee farmer, has been the face of the National Federation. This advertisement icon was created to share awareness and promote the types of coffee that are exclusively grown in Colombia to the world.

Despite some climate-changing issues noted in an NYT article in 2011, the yields of Colombian coffee production are growing every year, making Colombia the third largest coffee producer globally.

What Makes Colombian Coffee so Special?

So, what is it about Colombia that has helped this country become such a huge global producer? For starters, many regions in Colombia have the climate and elevations that Arabica beans thrive under.

And if that’s not enough, many parts of Colombia have also been blessed with rich and volcanic soil, which only makes coffee cultivation even more favorable.

But what makes it so desirable? The best thing about Colombian beans is the fact that they are balanced in flavor and mild. You can easily roast a Colombian batch dark, without overdoing it or getting a bitter taste.

Most beans lean on the sweet and fruity sides, with touches of citrus.

Regional Variations

Colombia has different coffee-growing regions. And, of course, different regions mean different conditions and varieties in flavor. But worry not – they all taste great!

The most famous coffee-cultivating region is the central part of the country, known as the coffee belt, and it includes several departments like Risaralda, Caldas, and Quindio.

Near the equator, coffee is grown at higher altitudes with, understandably, lower yields. However, these tropical conditions force the beans to grow slowly and develop more flavor, which makes them even more desirable to coffee aficionados from all over the world.

Factors to Consider When Picking

Although you cannot go wrong with any of the previously mentioned coffee beans, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when shopping for your Colombian Java:

Origin – See where the beans come from and research that coffee-growing region. While this will not matter to some, many people want to know the altitude, temperature, and harvest times of the beans they brew daily.

Roast – Although Colombia grows only Arabica beans, which are the premium kind, the flavor of your cuppa mainly depends on how long the beans have been roasted for. For instance, dark beans have no acidity but are bolder and more complex, while lighter roasts will be slightly acidic but much weaker in taste.

Growing Ethics – If you are eco-friendly, then how the coffee is grown and processed should matter to you. Many companies have turned to organic and fair trade growing, so choose those that include sustainable practices.

How to Best Brew It

Here is the thing about Colombian coffee – it turns into a delicious cuppa no matter the brewing method. Of course, you have to pay attention to the roast (for instance, only darker roasts will work for your French press), but other than that, Colombian coffee are mainly versatile and gourmet Arabica beans.


Now that you know what the top-class Colombian coffee beans are, the only thing left for you to do is to pick your favorite kind and start savoring the smooth texture and rich aroma and flavor of the mild brew. However you choose to brew, you cannot go wrong with Colombian.

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