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Best Costa Rican Coffee Beans

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Top Costa Rican Coffee Beans

There are some country names that you just love to see on a coffee package – Costa Rica is most certainly one of them. 

Cultivated in volcanic and extremely fertile soil, it is almost impossible to find a bad batch of Costa Rican coffee. But that doesn’t mean that all beans coming from the rich coast are equally delicious.

Not sure how to pick the right ones for your coffee pot? Don’t fret because we’ve already done that for you! 

Representing the crème de la crème of Costa Rican coffee, here are the best Java beans grown in that exotic country.

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Copper Moon Costa Rican Blend

This blend may not actually take you to the moon, but it will inject such energy that it will indeed feel like it. These 100% Arabica beans offer such a celestial delight in taste that we simply had to make them our best choice.

Copper Moon premium blend is evenly roasted to medium perfection, offering an equally smooth and sweet mouthfeel with each sip. Silky, velvety, and pleasant on the palate, these beans leave a sugary, wine-like aftertaste that is addictive enough to keep the refills coming.

Handcrafted with care, these Costa Rican beans are roasted in small batches so that every bean can get just the right amount of zing needed for a lively cuppa. But that’s not all! This blend cares for the earth as much as it loves the moon. The coffee is cultivated and processed sustainably, leaving as positive an environmental impact as possible.

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Starbucks Costa Rica Latin American Blend

A premium blend as our premium pick! If you are hooked on Starbucks coffee and love to taste the distinct and exotic flavor of Costa Rican Java, then this blend is perfect for your coffee mug.

Starbucks settles for nothing less than high-quality, and this coffee surely lives up to our high expectations. Although it is not pure Costa Rican beans as it contains coffee from other Latin American countries as well, the rich coast unquestionably prevails here.

100% Arabica beans that are roasted to a medium-dark brilliance, with just a touch of acidity to keep us from forgetting that we’re gulping down an energetic beverage. The body may be medium, but the taste is definitely high on the scale of satisfaction.

The flavor is somewhat complex and sweet, torn between the smoothness of cocoa texture and the zestiness of lemons. The cup is balanced and rich, suitable for most tastes.

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Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica

This single-origin, 100% Costa Rican, and 100% Arabica coffee is our best value on this list, and for a good reason. Not only is it sourced exclusively from the Costa Rican highlands bursting in volcanic richness and fertility, but it is also processed with the utmost amount of care.

The Gevalia Special Reserve is also roasted slowly and cooled in a snap so that the beans stay jam-packed with flavor and aroma.

But there’s more! Despite having the ultimate taste locked inside each bean, Gevalia immediately packs the beans in high-quality bags to keep the freshness at its peak. The bags are also resealable, which keeps them fresher even upon opening.

This Costa Rican coffee is roasted to medium but a bit more on the darker side. But despite its medium body, acidity, and intensity, the flavor is robust and vibrant, with fruity notes peeking through.

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Discover Other Bestselling Costa Rican Coffee Beans

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Fresh Roasted Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee

Intense is the right word to describe this coffee, just not in intensity, but in flavor! Mild in body and medium in roast, these beans are bursting with deep and sweet notes of honey and chocolate.

A bright and highly satisfying cup straight from Costa Rica’s beloved coffee region – Tarrazu. This single-origin coffee is grown at 1,300 to 1,600 meters, sustainably sourced, and blended and processed in the USA.

Fully washed, drum dried, and roasted in a smokeless, eco-friendly environment, Fresh Roasted is proud of its consistent and exceptional coffee.

Brew yourself a batch of this Tarrazu coffee and taste the true origin of this Java without any extras to complement the flavor. Raw and irresistibly delightful!

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Cafe 1820 Costa Rican Ground Coffee

If you are looking for a truly layered cup, well, we’ve got the perfect ground beans for you. Café 1820 offers a complex yet super-sweet blend that is easy on your palate and stomach as well.

Fuller in body and lower in acidity with layers of chocolate and fruity notes, these rich and dark Arabica beans make one aromatic and well-defined brew. Not overly roasted, not too strong on the tongue, just downright delicious.

This high-altitude Java may leave a somewhat bitter touch on your palate, so while it may not be ideal for amateur coffee drinkers, the caffeine addicts will surely appreciate this sharper bite.

Strong enough to keep you going but not overpowering to dull your taste buds, Café 1820 is a real keeper.

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Coffee Bean Direct Costa Rican Tarrazu

An artisanal blend of Tarrazu beans that will please every Latin American coffee lover. The roast here is light, which makes this Costa Rican coffee perfect for your drip method, especially the pour-over.

Light, bright, and super mellow on the tongue, these beans offer a sweet and balanced taste that makes one well-rounded cup. The flavor profile is milk chocolate and honey, but the thing we love the most is the zestiness of tart lemon that shines through the sweetness.

Coffee Bean Direct is climate pledge friendly, meaning they use sustainable practices that are positive socially, economically, and most importantly, environmentally.

Smooth, subtle, and with a distinct flavor, this Tarazzu coffee is a must-try!

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Java Planet Costa Rica Single Origin

Another single-origin coffee that we have stumbled upon and now cannot stop praising enough. Roasted dark enough to let the chocolate and caramel tones ooze into your cup, but with the right amount of smoothness so that the light citrusy notes compliment the taste. Perfection, right?

And if that’s not enough to make you buy Java Planet in bulk, wait until you hear about how it’s cultivated. Grown organically without a touch of pesticide, chemicals, or GMOs, these Arabica beans are cleanest and safest as they can get.

The perfect coffee for the planet and the ideal match for your cup!

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Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee

From the moment you lay eyes on the package, you know it’s high quality. Volcanica uses a one-way valve for degassing and maintaining freshness, while the bag is also resealable and convenient to use.

But let’s discuss what’s in the bag, now, shall we? 100% Costa Rican Peaberry coffee that is so intense in fragrance, that you will get your maker ready even before you’re done opening the bag.

These medium-roasted Arabica beans are bright, sweet, and packed with fruity notes. Almond, honey, and lemon is what you will be tasting while savoring this Volcanica blend.

The beans are responsibly sourced, washed, and patio dried.

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Artifx Cafe Deep Cloud Forest

If you’re into rare blends and coffee that starts a conversation, then this cloud forest is a must-have in your kitchen.

While the beans here are of single origin, the process is dual. What that means is that Artifix Café uses two different techniques to create this unique blend.

The first roast is light, and the second process is a Vienna, or medium-dark roast. Both of these coffees come from the same farm, the same place; it is just the drying and roasting process that differs. Once the two forces are combined, a complex and bolder flavor is achieved.

Full in body and in intense fruity notes, Deep Cloud Forest is grown in harmony, directly traded, processed with care, and packed at its peak.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

What Makes Costa Rican Coffee Unique?

Ideal climate, rich and fertile volcanic soil, perfect elevation… should we keep going? Costa Rica is one of the best coffee producers in the world, although that wasn’t always the case. While in the past, Costa Rican coffee has been known to be classic or a bit boring, they have surely spiced things up since.

There are approximately 80,000 coffee farmers in Costa Rica, most of which exclusively grow Arabica Beans; cultivating Robusta was banned for more than 30 years due to its much affordable price, and therefore lower profits. How’s that for unique, huh?

What Is Tarrazu Coffee?

Once you start researching Costa Rican beans, you will bump into the word Tarrazu more often than not. And while it sounds like the rarest jewel, Tarazzu is simply the name of the most popular coffee-growing region in Costa Rica.

And the most desirable and expensive one, also. Fun fact, Tarazzu beans often have much higher prices at Starbucks.

5 Reasons Why Costa Rican Coffee Is the Best

Still not convinced you should be kickstarting your mornings with a Costa Rican black? Here is why drinking Costa Rican Java is so good:

#1: The Ideal Climate Conditions

Coffee thrives when the temperatures are mild and the elevation is high. And this is exactly the tropical paradise that Costa Rica has.

#2: Hand-Picked with Care

Every bean is picked with care and love. Gourmet coffee can be only achieved when there is no rush involved, and the Costa Ricans surely take their time while plucking and processing their Java.

#3: Costa Rica has 8 Growing Regions

Eight different growing regions mean eight different microclimates, humidity, and you’ve guessed it – flavors. So diverse in taste, it is hard not to admit Costa Rican coffee tastes the best.

#4: Only the Best of the Best

If you are wondering about the quality, let us stop you right there, as low-quality beans are literally forbidden in Costa Rica. Only premium, 100% Arabica beans allowed.

#5: Because Premium Also Means Positive

Growing good beans means leaving a good impact on the environment.

How to Brew Costa Rican Coffee?

Well, in your regular coffee maker, just like any filter coffee, of course.

But in case you are feeling super inspired and ready to taste the authentic Costa Rican taste, you can use a chorreador. That is a traditional Costa Rican coffee-making device, consisting of a wooden stand and a cloth sock as a filter that drips into a cup or pot.

What Does Costa Rican Coffee Taste Like?

Delicious! You can expect chocolatey and fruity flavors with pretty much any bean type. Light roast may have a zesty citrusy touch, medium coffee can taste like milk chocolate, while darker roasts will leave a nutty and caramel-like mouthfeel.


While we cannot all just jump on a plane to Costa Rica to visit coffee farms and try its renowned Java first hand, we can surely bring that tropical paradise to our mugs. We hope that this article was able to help you find the perfect Costa Rican beans for you. Enjoy your Latin America sipping!

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