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Best Electric Coffee Makers

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Top Electric Coffee Makers

Your old-fashioned coffee maker sitting on the stove may bring a retro vibe to the kitchen, but let’s be honest, who has time or brewing in the morning? 

These top-notch electric coffee makers will give you the best tasting cup at a fraction of the time! 

With different capacities, features, and brewing options, here are the best electric coffee makers (in our humble opinion!) on the market now.

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Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker

This Cuisinart model sits on the top of this list for a reason. Our best choice offers everything you sleepyheads need in the morning to keep you on your feet without sacrificing that extra snooze button.

Wake up to a full carafe of fresh Java, choose a quick 1-4 cup brew option, have your coffee regular or with a strong kick, and most importantly, take your time with those sips. 

Cuisinart’s keep-warm function is adjustable and designed to bring lasting satisfaction.

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Breville Barista Express

If the coffee bar in your kitchen lacks that coffee-shop spirit, then our premium pick will surely bring a professional look.

This all-in-one home espresso machine comes with a built-in grinder for the freshest cuppa that you can make from whole beans in just under a minute. And that’s not even the best thing about it. You also get to control the grind size, which guarantees satisfaction.

But the grinding is not the only thing that’s precise here. Thanks to digital temperature control, you can pull your shot with optimal extraction and enjoy a truly balanced cup. 

And if you’re a slicker for that specialty coffee, the Microfoam Texturing steam wand will boost your latte art skills in no time.

It looks like Barista Express really allows you to express your preference!

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Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Bunch of value packed in a compact maker that doesn’t empty the pocket? Check! This 12-cup Mr.Coffee model oozes simplicity but brings enjoyable quality. Our best value is designed for households of any size and wins over every coffee drinker.

Whether you need four or twelve cups, this Mr.Coffee model indeed delivers. And if you’re impatient for your cuppa in the morning, you can just hit the pause button and grab a cup mid-brew.

Easy to use and even easier to clean (simply lift the basket and remove the filter), this automatic coffee maker will fit into your kitchen perfectly!

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Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

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As the name suggests, this Hamilton Beach maker allows you two ways to brew – a full carafe and a single cup. Whether you need to fill your tall travel mug and head to work or wake up to 12 cups of freshly brewed Java, Hamilton Beach has got you covered!

But this double brewer has even more to offer. From allowing you to choose the strength of your cup to keeping your coffee piping hot the whole morning, this versatile maker can energize any household, no matter the size.

Plus, its user-friendly control panel and auto-shutoff function eliminate all the guesswork.

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Cuisinart Coffee Center Coffeemaker

Whether you’re a household of two or you’re brewing for the whole family, this coffee center by Cuisinart will definitely scratch your morning caffeine itch. This fantastic brewer has two sides: one that brews a full carafe of 12 cups and another reserved for satisfying single-serve needs.

Just like the previous 2-in-1 maker, this Cuisinart model also allows you to choose between a bold and regular brew. Still, what makes this coffee maker stand out is that it’s compatible with the versatile K-Cup pods.

So, loose ground Java or pre-packaged pods, a single cup or coffee for a crowd, this Coffee Center gives you plenty of options!

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

Compact and simple-to-use maker, but super customizable. This 12-cup Hamilton beach model does not only allow you to brew a full carafe, but thanks to the 24-hour programmability, you can just set the next brewing cycle and forget about it for a whole day.

Besides, with the 1-4 cup brewing option and pause-and-serve feature, you can enjoy a single cup (or two) in an instant!

The coffee maker also has a pretty convenient swing-open basket and front-opening water reservoir for easy refilling and cleaning. No mess, no stress, right?

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De'Longhi Super Automatic Espresso

If you are an avid espresso drinker, and you’re looking for a machine that will please your fancy taste, then we suggest this De’Longhi model. Why? Because it comes with all the bells and whistles but requires half the cleaning time than other similar makers.

In just 60 seconds and a push of a button, you get to enjoy a creamy and velvety espresso straight from whole beans. The steel burr grinder offers 13 different settings, but if you have pre-ground coffee for some reason, you can pop it into the second coffee chamber.

With a dual thermoblock system, twin brewing cycle, and an advanced manual frother, you can whip up your specialty coffee at the perfect temperature and share it with a loved one.

A high-end machine with low maintenance is surely a winning combo!

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De'Longhi 15 Bar Espresso Machine

For an authentic espresso taste, this De’Longhi machine will give you the true coffee-shop experience right in your kitchen. With 15 bars of pressure, the velvety quality and rich mouthfeel are guaranteed!

Whether you want single or double shots, this espresso maker will surely deliver. And with its advanced cappuccino system, it might just please your specialty-coffee taste.

Compact and sleek look, consistent quality, optimal temperature, and convenient filling and cleaning. What more could an espresso addict possibly need?

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Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator

If you want the convenience of an electric maker but still want that authentic, manual way of making your coffee, then we suggest an electric coffee percolator. Particularly this Moss & Stone model.

With the capacity to brew anywhere from two to ten cups, this percolator satisfies all needs. Thanks to the stainless steel and removable coffee basket, cleaning up is also no fuss.

The look is traditional and stylish with a chic-looking and easy-pour spout. But the thing we appreciate the most is the cool-touch handle. That, combined with the detachable cord, allows you to take your coffee maker straight to the coffee table and serve!

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Buying Guide & FAQ

The Most Popular Types of Coffee Makers

“Coffee maker” is a broad term that can explain many different types of machines designed to brew your Java. Here are the most popular ones:

Drip Coffee Makers:

Automatic Drip Makers – The one that sits in most kitchens and the one that we mainly write about. An automatic drip maker is an electric coffee machine that uses the steam of boiling water to steep ground coffee and fill up a carafe.

Pour Over – A glass coffee maker that pushes boiling water through coffee that sits inside a paper coffee filter.

Percolators – Stovetop and Electric:

A percolator works by cycling boiling water that evaporates into a chamber filled with coffee grounds that are steeped inside the pot.

Steeping Coffee Makers:

French Press – One of the most popular manual brewers, a French Press works by plunging, pressing, and immersing the coffee grounds with hot water for fully extracting the flavor.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Cold brewing is the process of allowing coffee grounds to steep in room temperature water for several hours, but for a more precise method, there are also automatic makers that will take care of the job for you.

Siphon Coffee Maker – This two-bowl coffee maker uses vacuum to move hot water to the coffee grounds and extract the trapped goodies inside.

Pressure Coffee Makers:

Espresso Machines – With high pump pressure, an espresso machine forces steam through the tightly packed coffee grounds and extracts creamy and velvety coffee.

Single-Serve Coffee Pod Machines – Most single-serve makers used pods, which are small enclosed plastic cups that contain coffee grounds. These makers involve a pressurized process to move 8-12 ounces of water and extract the coffee in the cup.

Moka Pot – An espresso maker for the stove, Moka Pots push steam through the grounds in the bottom chamber and move the extracted coffee to the upper compartment.

How to Choose Your Electric Coffee Maker?

You know you’ve found your perfect coffee maker when it fits into your coffee drinking routine.

How many cups of coffee do you need in the morning? How quickly do you want it done? Do you want to program the cycle the night before and wake up to a full carafe? What budget are you working with?

Remember, there is no right or wrong choice. Some options will suit your needs, while some may force you to make adjustments. We suggest you concentrate on finding the former!

Do Electric Percolators Make Good Coffee?

Well, that depends on your taste for coffee. If you like your Joe strong, rich, giving you quite the kick, then a percolator may be just what your taste buds need in your morning.

A drip coffee maker has a weaker and more “watery” taste, so if that’s what you’re used to, you may need to get used to the taste. Also, percolators tend to make hotter Java, so that’s another thing to consider.

Does It Matter What Coffee Maker You Use?

Coffee is supposed to kick you out of Dreamland in the morning and bring a smile to your face. If your coffee maker gives you caffeine satisfaction without disrupting your routine or bringing inconvenience, then you’ve found your match.

So, unless it is super energy inefficient, then no, it doesn’t matter what type of coffee maker your mornings depend on. As long as you’re happy with it!


So, you know our top picks for best electric coffee makers. They all come with different features and options, but in the end, they all make one killer Java. The question now is, which one of these brewers tops your list?

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