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Best Hand Burr Coffee Grinders

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Top Burr Hand Coffee Grinder

In the world of coffee, baristas and coffee connoisseurs hold to a few well-known facts. 

Such as: 

– You should always use the freshest roast you can get

– Burr grinders provide a smoother and more consistent grind than blade grinders

– Whole bean that you grind fresh for your brew yields the most optimal flavor.

Keeping all those quick caffeine facts in mind, let’s dive into the best hand burr coffee grinders! With a hand burr and a bag of your favorite whole bean roast, you’ll always be ready to start your day off right.

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Best choice, eh? That’s a mighty bold statement! 

Here’s why we said it:

Without spending too much money, you’ll get a sleek stainless steel hand grinder with 18-click settings. The built-in adjustable grind selector gives you 100% control over your coffee bean coarseness. With this kind of precision, you can hand grind for Aeropress, French press, drip coffee, espresso, and more!

It’s portable and compact. You can easily take it over to your friend’s house. (So you don’t have to use their inferior blade grinder that they refuse to replace!)

JavaPresse even throws in a unique code redeemable for a free bag of coffee. Snag those whole beans up and give them a try in your nice new hand burr grinder!

Key Features:

More Details:

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If you’re looking for something really nice, either as a gift for a coffee lover or yourself, you’ve got to check out our premium pick. This ceramic coffee mill from Hario is a sleek modern design available in silver or black.

Enjoy increased grind consistency (not to mention reduced wear) thanks to the reinforced hexagonal adapter. The die-cast aluminum handle attaches to a transparent lid with a silicone grip. 

It’s small, lightweight, and slim so you can take it on the go with you. Don’t be afraid to travel with it — it’s durable!

Should hold up to two cups worth of whole beans. Get your grind on in style with the Hario hand burr grinder.

Key Features:

More Details:

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You’ve seen our best choice, you’ve perused our premium pick (or at least had a quick glance at its key features!), well now it’s time for:

Our best value option! The EZE Homegoods hand coffee grinder looks like a top-of-the-line hand burr grinder but what doesn’t it have? 

The top-of-the-line price tag, of course! This manual burr grinder works for any budget. 

While most hand grinders boast all-ceramic burrs, the EZE Homegoods makes theirs from both ceramic and plastic. No worries, though, it is a new and improved design. They use a stronger, more malleable plastic to make the product durable.

The exterior is rust-free stainless steel much like other brands of hand burr grinders. The extra-long hand crank is heavy-duty and reinforced as well.

Enjoy a consistent grind with this conical burr hand mill, and for a fraction of the price! 

Key Features:

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Stainless steel is always the easiest material to keep clean. Plus, it reduces static. We, for one, prefer to wake up in the morning thanks to the help of coffee — not because of an electric shock!

We bet a rhino would be awesome at grinding coffee with its hooves. But this hand burr grinder from Rhino Coffee Gear is much more sanitary! Not to mention, you can’t beat that consistency.

Comes with a convenient carry bag to protect your manual grinder on the go.

Key Features:

More Details:

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So, we’ve mentioned that hand grinders are inexpensive, wickedly portable, and easy to maintain. The Rewido goes a step further and brings an old-timey aesthetic to the list of pros.

You’ll love having this coffee mill grinder on your countertop — it’s a conversation starter for sure!

Key Features:

More Details:

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Enjoy fresh hand-ground coffee anywhere with the Comsoon adjustable coffee grinder! 

We love its unique triangle-shaped body. This shape allows a better grip for when you’re hand grinding your favorite whole bean blend.

Key Features:

More Details:

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Another great option, the Silva coffee grinder comes in sleek, durable stainless steel. When you buy this awesomely affordable hand burr grinder, you’ll have a grinder for life. 

It’s even backed by a lifetime warranty. Not to mention a 30-day full refund satisfaction guarantee to boot!

Key Features:

More Details:

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Streamline your morning coffee-making ritual with the AMIS hand burr grinder from Direct Coffee. Take it wherever you like — including the office.

It’s compact and the handle is removable for even easier portability! 

Key Features:

More Details:

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To hit you with the highlight reel, this coffee grinder from LHS has one feature we can’t get enough of. The user-friendly lid! It’s easy to fill, the top just slides open and in go your beans.

Durable and portable like other top-of-the-line hand burr grinders. This one is also unique in that it only has four coarseness settings. Making it super easy to use.

Key Features:

More Details:

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The brushed nickel finish of this Precision Coffee Grinder by Handground is absolutely stunning. Impress your guests or camping buddies when you whip out this bad boy and go to town on some freshly-roasted beans.

Hassle-free grinding, 15 precision settings, and backed by a one-year warranty?


Key Features:

More Details:

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Last but not least on our epic list of best hand burr grinders, is this one from Triple Tree

It comes with a second glass jar. Good for camping, one can hold whole beans and the other fresh grounds! 

The lengthening handle makes this hand grinder a bit faster than the competition, too. When you wake up needing coffee right now — every second counts!

Key Features:

More Details:

Buying Guide & FAQ

There’s a lot to know about the world of home coffee brewing! In this section, we’ll attempt to cover all your lingering questions on everything related to hand burr grinders.

Manual Coffee Grinders 101

Picture this:

You’ve equipped yourself with the best hand burr coffee grinder available. 

Now, you might be thinking, “What have I got myself into?”

Don’t overthink it! Here’s how to use your new manual grinder:

  1. Fill the hopper with your fresh, whole beans
  2. Unscrew the top nut and set your grind size
  3. Re-attach the handle
  4. Crank clockwise until all the beans are ground
  5. Enjoy a cup of bold, richly-flavored coffee!

You’ve got this.

Burr Grinders vs. Blade Grinders

A burr grinder provides a much more consistent grind than a blade grinder. 

To tell the difference between them? Easy. 

A burr grinder uses steel, ceramic, or sometimes plastic burrs to grind your beans (much like a salt or pepper mill). The burrs will either be flat or conical. Both work well for coffee beans!

A blade grinder operates more like a blender or food processor. With two short blades that spin super fast. You can pulse or do a continuous grind. Pulse is recommended to keep the machine from heating your coffee.

Advantages of a Hand Grinder

For one, with a hand grinder, you no longer run the risk of heat damaging your precious beans.

Secondly, a hand grinder is much smaller (not to mention less expensive!).

Third, no electricity required! Go green! 

And bonus fourth thing — it connects you more deeply to the brewing process. Meaning every cup has a little bit more personal effort and touch. You’ll taste a difference!

Is it Better To Grind Your Own Coffee?

Absolutely. When you buy and grind your own coffee it preserves more of the flavor (not to mention the aroma!).

Pre-ground coffee will sit around for days before brewing, losing its edge. Keep your beans whole until right before you’re ready to brew for the ultimate cup!

Are Manual Coffee Grinders Better Than Electric Ones?

Yes. And here’s why:

  • They’re more affordable
  • They’re way more portable
  • They’re easy to use
  • They don’t require power (just hand power!)
  • They’re quiet.

Lots of pros!

How Do I Choose The Right Grind Size?

First, you’ll need to pick a method of brewing. Each method has its own optimal grind consistency.

For example, drip coffeemakers (with flat bottom filters) take a medium grind. A medium grind will look similar to sand.

If you’re doing drip coffee with cone filters or stovetop espresso, opt for a fine grind. A fine grind is a little finer than sugar and feels smooth.

For a French press, percolators, or vacuum coffee pots go for coarse. A coarse grind is of a similar size to kosher salt.

For espresso machines, take it a step further with an extra-fine grind. Finer than sugar, but not powdered.

And lastly, Turkish coffee requires a grind so fine it is basically a powder — like flour.

Coffee Grinding FAQ

Let’s get even more specific for a second here and break down a few hand grinding questions.

How does the grind affect coffee taste?

When you grind beans down, you expose the interior of the bean, right? 

Well depending on the brewing method, you want either more or less of this surface area exposed. 

For example, because it is such a lightning-quick brew to pull a shot of espresso, you want a fine grind allowing water to come in greater contact with the beans. 

But in a French press, you’re steeping your coffee. So you’ll want to keep things coarse to avoid over-extracting the flavor of your beans. 

What is the best grind level for drip coffee, espresso, and French press?

Generally for drip coffee, a medium grind is best. Here’s more detail on that:

  1. Flat-bottom filters (the most common)- medium “sand”-like grind
  2. Cone filters- medium/fine (just a hair finer than granulated sugar)
  3. Permanent filter- go medium for these too

When it comes to life-giving espresso, the grind can be tricky. You want it fine enough to allow water through easily, but not so fine that the filter clogs! The consistency you’re aiming for should be between powdered sugar and fine beach sand. 

For the French press, the best grind level will be a coarse one. Aim for a grind that’s similar in size to sea salt. The idea is it should be just large enough not to fit through the French press’ filter. But not too coarse otherwise it will affect how fast the plunger moves after the coffee steeps.

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