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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Drinking your coffee while savoring every rich and flavorful sip isn’t possible only in your local coffee shop. You can get it all in the comfort of your home. And the key to actually taking pleasure in your morning fix? Freshly-roasted coffee, of course! 

But how to get the most out of your coffee beans? Which coffee roaster is best for you? How to narrow down all of the overwhelming options? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! 

Whether you are a coffee-roaster newbie or you want to up your roasting experience, our detailed and up-to-date guide will help you find your mug’s new best friend. Read on and learn how to pinpoint which coffee roaster machine will match your taste buds perfectly.

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The Fresh Roast SR540 is the latest model of the famous Fresh Roast line of coffee roaster machines and comes with quite a few new features and upgrades. Unlike its predecessors, the SR540 is a lot sturdier and can roast more coffee. Resembling a blender, its large chamber can roast up to 4 scoops, which equals to 4.2 ounces or 120 grams of coffee. Convert that to brewed coffee, and you’ve got yourself 12 (six-ounce) strong and highly enjoyable cups of coffee.

What you’ll appreciate the most about this roaster is the fact that it has the ability to perfectly roast smaller amounts, as well as four full scoops. Which – if you have been roasting coffee for some time – know that’s not the case with most roasting machines.

The reason why this coffee roaster machine sits on the throne of this list is that it allows you to easily adjust the time, the fan speed, and the temperature of roasting. All you have to do is just push its knob and turn to set. 

Keep in mind though, that in order to enjoy these features, you will have to play with this appliance for a while and determine what works for you the best. For instance, if you stir the beans briskly and have your fan on high, you might end up baking your coffee, which obviously, is not what you are looking for in your coffee mug.

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If you are more into that traditional fully-featured coffee-roaster look, the one you usually see in shops, then perhaps the Imax Roaster is the right choice for you. It can roast perfectly from 4.5 ounces (130 grams) to 6 ounces (170 grams). And despite its name, you can actually roast different-colored coffee beans, although you might need a different timer control option for each color. Keep in mind, though, that the green beans will not lose their flavor and taste during the heat circulation, which is why this roaster has earned its spot on this list.

The most appealing part about this roaster is definitely its mode for waste circulation, which makes it extremely safe to use. But it gets better. Its circulative heat mode and husk separation will reward you with perfectly and evenly roasted beans, every time.

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Unlike those fancy electric coffee roasters, the Nuvo Eco Ceramic goes back to the basics and offers a fun and traditional roasting experience.

If you don’t necessarily mind the extra exercise and you don’t need to roast for a crowd, then this gadget may be a great way for you to start your coffee-roasting journey. 

For you to roast coffee in the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster, you need an open fire or an electric stove and a hand that can handle the workout. Because for the beans to get roasted, you will need to keep them moving at all times, to avoid tipping. But don’t worry, the process is not as hard as I’ve made it sound. Thanks to the waffle-shaped interior of the roaster, the beans circulate well. 

Besides, the roaster holds its heat quite well, and you get to enjoy the popping sound while roasting. Which gives a more authentic touch to your roasting experience, don’t you think?

The Nuvo Eco Ceramic can hold up to 2 ½ ounces (70 g), but try not to roast more than around 2 ounces for best results. The handle is leather-covered which should be protective, but in my opinion, it is a bit short and keeps your hand close to the fire. Wearing oven mittens while roasting is something I highly recommend! 

All in all, the Nuvo Eco Ceramic is the best value of this list. It provides a perfect roast without breaking the bank, which is why coffee-roasting newbies find it so appealing.

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Okay, technically, this has been designed for nuts. But once you try roasting coffee in it, you will see that this roaster will pretty much nail that as well. And besides, wouldn’t it be great if you can actually use a single roaster for both purposes?

I’m not going to lie and try to convince you that this nut roaster will outperform the electric coffee roasters that top this list, because it can’t. And it is ludicrous for one to expect the same results. However, for a small kitchen tool, this roaster can actually transform your morning brews.

So, what do we have here? A durable aluminum pan with a wood handle that will help you achieve even roasting. You should be able to roast for up to 2 cups of coffee per batch, but I recommend that you start with no more than ½ – 1 cup, so you can get the gist of the process. 

Place the roaster on the stove, add the beans, wait for the first crack, and keep stirring until you are satisfied with the result.

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Enjoying a vintage and retro lifestyle? Then you will definitely fall in love with this Hario Retro Coffee Roaster. This barrel-like roaster made from heat-resistant glass will give your countertop a bit of an old soul. And watching the beans rotate while getting roasted will give your mornings a whole new dimension. It might also make you appreciate coffee even more.

If you want to treat your artsy-self with a unique cup of coffee – go for this roaster. It is a top-quality, hand-made product by Hario, a well-established Japanese brand, that will fit perfectly in your stylish kitchen. Still not convinced? Wait until you hear about how the beans get roasted – over an alcohol flame. Use alcohol fuel, hand-crank this elegant piece of tool, and enjoy a very distinctively made cup of roasted coffee.

It can hold just 1.8 ounces (50 grams) of coffee, but if you are in for the experience, not the quantity, then it is so worth it!

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The Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster is a motorized roaster that requires you to have a gas burner. The frame sits on the gas brakes, it gets heated, and the motor rotates your beans. The perforated drum inside the roaster is really the most important part. It has two agitator blades that result in even roasting, and thanks to its great conduction flow, it gives your coffee beans a distinctive aroma and rich, refreshing taste.

The roaster is made of stainless steel, and it has vent holes that allow the circulation of both the heated and fresh air.

The best thing about this roaster, besides its powerful and robust performance, is that the appliance actually comes with all the necessary parts. The body, probe rod, thermometer, hopper, and chaff holder are all included in the package. 

Depending on your burner, the Kaldi roaster should provide perfectly roasted coffee within 10 to 15 minutes.

Recommended roasting is of about 7 ounces or 200 grams, but many roasting enthusiasts have found that it roasts efficiently even amounts greater than 8 ounces.

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If you are looking for a more serious and professional coffee roaster machine, then Gene Café CBR-101 should be right up your alley. Being recognized as one of the leading home coffee roasters on the market today, this coffee roaster can produce about ½  pound or 250 grams exactly, of perfectly roasted coffee. And the best part? You can roast small amounts just as effectively.

The uniformness of the coffee is achieved thanks to its special vortex twisting and the off-axis rotation of the chamber.

This high-quality coffee roaster gives you complete control during roasting; not only because you can adjust the temperature and time, but also because its chamber is fully viewable. And if that’s not enough, Gene Café added a bonus safety switch for your convenience – it reminds you with a beep during roasting, so you can either hit the button to keep the machine roasting, or it will automatically put itself into cool mode.

But it’s not only its powerful performance that should intrigue you – the CBR-101 operates very quietly. You get to treat yourself with a robust and aromatic morning coffee without waking up the whole house. And that’s not all. It’s amazingly attractive design will take your countertop’s look to a whole new level.

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If you are a large household of coffee enthusiasts, then it is obvious that you need a coffee roaster with a larger capacity. This one is the best choice if you want premium features!  Unless you enjoy wasting your mornings and roasting in batches, that is. 

The Dyvee roaster is perfect for those that have to brew for a crowd, as it can roast up to 14 ounces (400 grams) per batch. However, note that the brand recommends that the best results are achieved when roasting under 300 grams or 10.5 ounces.

The roaster requires a gas burner to get heated, but it is pretty simple to use. It is mostly made of stainless steel, and it has a strong electric motor. The best part, though? It has a Quartz glass drum that will allow you to keep a constant eye on the process, which will definitely boost your roasting experience. There is also a wooden handle for you to rotate, but the good thing is that it doesn’t get hot, so you wouldn’t need to look for your weird mittens. 

One last thing – this roaster can also be used for roasting nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or whatever you feel like roasting. The cleaning process couldn’t be simpler as well, so feel free to experiment.

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Just like with the fancy Hario appliance, the David Lee roaster also roasts over an alcohol flame. The roaster includes one roller with a handle, a rectangular bracket that has a job to hold the roaster steadily, and an alcohol lamp. Of course, the alcohol fuel is not included and will have to be purchased separately. 

The roaster is made of stainless steel and is rather durable. The roaster’s drum is covered in mesh, and you can enjoy the whole process by watching your beans darken and go from green to brown. But that is not the only control option you have over the process. The temperature of roasting can also be adjusted. The rectangular stent is also movable and can be set to different sides for different height of roasting. 

The roast capacity of the David Lee roaster is between 7 and 9 ounces (roughly about 200 and 250 grams) per batch, which should result in over 20 cups of brewed coffee.

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The Juawanshun roaster looks almost like a pressure or slow cooker, so it should fit among your other kitchen appliances, perfectly. Its heating is constant and uniform, which will provide you with perfectly roasted coffee. Just like with most roasters, the temperature can also be adjusted, although note that it is only in Celsius, so if you are used to cooking with Fahrenheits, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

The only thing that makes this appliance stand out from its roaster colleagues on this list, is the fact that that it has an amazing roasting capacity of over 1.65 pounds or 750 grams. Which, converted into brewed coffee, amounts to over 70 cups.

Another great feature is that the Jiawanshun roaster has a non-stick chasis, so if you are not a fan of washing dishes (and who is?), then you will appreciate how easy the cleaning process is.

The only downside is that this roaster doesn’t have a fan, so it is recommended to place it in a place that is properly ventilated.  

Tip: This roaster is also great for roasting nuts and seeds, as well. And if you enjoy munching on these low-carb snacks, you should probably keep that in mind when deciding which roaster to buy.

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Coffee Roaster Machine Buying Guide and FAQ

So, you’ve tried the new roasted coffee in your favorite coffee shop and decided that you wanted to enjoy such a satisfying cup every morning, every day, without having to drive to the other side of town and wait in line to get it. But roasting coffee is more than just heating green beans. In order to please your taste buds, you need not only the right roaster but the right knowledge as well. Here are some tips on why and how to master home coffee roasting and find the perfect roaster.

Why Roast at Home?

Okay, so why exactly should you embark on the coffee roasting train? Obviously, we all know how those oil pockets in the beans burst during heating so they get that smokey and rich flavor and aroma that put our old stale coffee to shame. But why not just go to the nearest supermarket and buy already roasted coffee? Because none of those coffees will be tailored to satisfy your unique palate and taste. 

Complete Control 

To achieve the best possible flavor and taste, you need to have complete control over the process – and roasting at home gives you just that. You are in charge of adjusting the temperature and the roasting time, and once you find out exactly what works for you, you get to have the same result with every roast.

Mix and Match

If you are not particularly picky and not that big of a coffee enthusiast, you will probably be satisfied with your usual green coffee beans. But, if you want to up your game and take roasting more seriously, then I highly suggest you mix and match different colors, different origins, etc, to create unique blends that you will enjoy more.

Always Fresh

Roasted coffee can stay fresh and have the most intense flavor and aroma only 24-72 hours after roasting. After a couple of days, the air will oxidize the coffee, and it will start losing its taste. Having a coffee roaster machine will give you the opportunity to make a new batch every couple of days, so you can always enjoy the best possible taste of your blend.

What to Look For when Buying a Coffee Roaster Machine

What You Know About Roasting

If you are a complete roasting beginner, then it is probably the best to start with a smaller and cheaper coffee roaster, simply to give the whole process a try. What if you don’t like it? What if you end up not using it? “Start small and work your way up” is always good advice.

The Capacity of the Roaster

How much brewed coffee do you actually need daily? How many people in your household drink coffee? The roasting capacity of the roaster can be a deal-breaker if you are brewing for a lot of people, especially if you go for a non-electrical roaster. You don’t want to spend your days rotating or shaking the beans, now would you?

How Often You Plan on Using It

If you are not planning on roasting coffee on a regular basis, you surely don’t need to buy the biggest roaster that will take up half of your kitchen. Or the one that will break the bank, for that matter. Think about that when deciding.

The Cooling Feature

Some roasters do not have fans of any sort. That means that you will have to provide a ventilation solution. And if your kitchen isn’t ventilated properly or does not have a window, you will have to find another place for your roaster.

The Temperature Feature

Always choose a roaster that allows you to play with the temperature and adjust it as you see fit. That way you can try different roast degrees and see which one is the one you enjoy the most.

Types of Roasters to Choose From

In general, there are two types of coffee roaster machines – air roasters and drum roasters.

Air Roasters

Air roasters use direct heat (or convention) and push that hot air through their chambers. Think of a tornado-like spinning of air, that’s what happens when there is hot air vortex. The heat gets in touch with the beans and makes them crack. The chaff is then pushed into a different chamber to provides smoking, which will obviously impair the roasted flavor. 

Good digital air roasters will stop the roasting once the right heat has been reached, and immediately start the cooling process. 

Air roasters usually have a smaller roasting capacity, which is why they are usually not used commercially.

Drum Roasters

Simple in design and a wide range of capacities, drum roasters are actually the more economical choice. Unlike the ones that utilize direct heat, the drum roasters use conduction or, sometimes, indirect hear. That means that the beans are not in direct contact with the heat. The external part of the chamber is. Similar to a pot over a stove, the chamber gets heated, and so do the beans that are inside.  Once the heated surface heats the beans, they begin to crack and get roasted. 

Drum roasters have bigger capacity loads.

The Roasting Process

Regardless of the type of roaster you buy, the process of roasting the beans is actually the same. They will need heat, and to be in constant motion in order for you to get the best roast degree possible. There are a couple of steps in bean roasting that you should know of:

1 – Drying

The second that the beans get in contact with heat, they start to shed moisture and get dry. During this stage, the beans will turn from green to yellow. This is the longest stage in the process of coffee roasting.

2 – Browning

When sugars from the beans start reacting with the amino acids, the reaction causes them to carmelize. The yellow beans now turn brown, and the fats turn into deeply aromatic oils.

3 – The First Crack

The crack or the popping sound that the beans produce is a result of the steam that the evaporating moisture creates. Shortly after the beans turn brown, you should expect the first crack.

4 – The Development Stage

At this stage, your beans are actual coffee that can be brewed. But, unless you prefer for your beans to be roasted really lightly, then you will probably continue the roasting.

5 – The Second Crack

If you let the roasting progresses this long, you will hear the beans crack a second time. 

6 – The Dark Roast

Once you pass the second crack, you are very close to burning the beans. Which means that you should probably not go past this stage.

7 – Cooling

Unless your beans are cooled quickly after the roasting is finished, they will continue roasting on their own as the heat remains trapped in them even after the process is finished. If you are not using a roaster with a decent cooling system, it is best if you stir them in a cold colander or use a fan to drop the temperature. Make sure not to do the cooling process in a place with high moisture or direct sunlight exposure, as that can impair the quality of the beans.

Getting the Most from Your Roasted Beans

Even if you use the right roaster machine and roast your beans to perfection, that doesn’t mean that you will enjoy a deeply-satisfying, high-quality cup of coffee by default. Just as pinpointing the absolute best roast degree is, so is having the roasted beans properly stored. 

Once your roasted beans are cool, store them in a glass airtight container. Only grind the amount you plan on brewing in the next 30 minutes, and roast your coffee 1 to 2 times a week. 

Remember, your coffee beans are an oxygen environment, and every time you open the container (even if it is airtight), they will lose a great deal of their quality. 

Roasted coffee will attain stale flavors as early as three days after roasting, so make sure to roast regularly and have the perfect cup of coffee just a grind away.


Is dark roast coffee stronger?

Logic would lead one to think that a darker roast would be stronger in both flavor and caffeine content. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Lighter roasts guard more flavor and caffeine as less of these are burnt off in the roasting process. The strength of the coffee also comes down to brew time and ratio.

How to roast coffee beans?

Green coffee beans are loaded into a roaster (typically a horizontal rotating drum) where they are heated between 350°F and 460°F between 15 to 20 minutes depending on the type of roast desired. Lighter roasts take less time to be roasted than darker roasts and they guard their flavor profiles and caffeine content better than dark roasts.

What is blonde roast coffee?

Blonde roast coffee is a lighter roasted coffee that uses specialty coffee beans as the focus is placed on the flavor of the bean. Blonde roast coffee has a higher caffeine content than dark roasts and the flavor profiles are more complex than a darker roast. The quality of the bean used is of the utmost importance as it is these flavors that will be pronounced in the brewed coffee.

What is french roast coffee?

French roast coffee is the term used to describe the darkest roast color of a bean. French roast coffees have a dark chocolate color and possess a deep, smokey, rich flavor. The name is thought to be associated with the roasting process that was popular in Europe during the 19th century. The name refers to the color and not the beans used.

How to roast coffee at home?

To roast coffee at home, you will need green coffee beans and a roaster. You can use your oven or an electric popcorn popper, to begin with before investing in a roaster specifically made for roasting coffee beans. Set up your roaster in a well-ventilated area and roast the beans to your liking which will take trial and error before you find the perfect roast!

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