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Best Manual Coffee Grinders

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Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

The world of automatic coffee makers and grinders is an impressive one indeed! But there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from taking your coffee-making ritual back to its proverbial roots.

Sacrifice a little bit of convenience in the form of time for the sake of experience. Connect with your favorite bag of single-origin beans by hand-grinding them yourself. Weigh out and grind exactly the amount needed for every cup, filter, or pot. 

The taste of intention goes a long way. We think once you change to the quiet, calm bliss of a manual coffee grinder — you won’t go back! 

The following are reviews for the best manual coffee grinders on the market today. Afterward, we’ll follow up with must-know buying tips of frequently asked questions so you’ll know exactly how to use your new favorite grinder!

Product Ranking

Out of coffee grounds at 6 am? The rest of the family still asleep, including the baby? 

You don’t have to worry about your noisy blade grinder any longer! Because now you have the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder. Our best choice is quiet since manuals don’t need batteries or power cords! 

Choose your grind setting (there are 18 options!), from coarse to medium to fine. From espresso drinks to french press or Chemex, it’s all possible with the JavaPresse. 

It takes up very little space and is easy to store or even travel with. Plus, it’s quite striking with its stainless steel makeup! 

Key Features:

More Details:

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The stunning silver Porlex hand grinder is made in Osaka, Japan. The body is stainless steel and static-free (shocking!…or…not so shocking?).

The durable ceramic conical burrs can handle any beans you throw their way. From fine powder to a grind coarse enough for French press, our premium pick will deliver.

Easy to clean, you can travel easily with it, and the stainless steel resists rust! Take it camping or on a road trip with you for a fresh cup of your favorite coffee — anywhere!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Incredible coffee anytime and every time. That’s what you’ll get when you grind your own beans in the Kona manual coffee grinder

And this is a manual coffee grinder that fits just about any budget, so we had to make it our best value pick! 

It’s lightweight and portable while also being durable and strong. The ergonomic handle detaches for easy transport or storage. 

Our favorite feature though?

The crystal clear glass jar allows you to keep an eye on how much you’ve ground!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

The LHS coffee grinder is both budget-friendly and made of high-quality materials! This little hand grinder is durable, portable, and easy to clean. 

Does it get any simpler than that? 

Probably not! It’s pretty ideal. The four adjustable coarseness levels are even capable of that fine grind you need for your favorite stovetop espresso maker.

Take it with you anywhere, break it down easily to clean, and re-assemble in a flash.

Key Features:

More Details:

Tip: Avoid grinding without coffee beans inside. Doing so could damage the ceramic burrs.

Product Ranking

From Turkish coffee to cold brew, this grinder from Khaw-Fee can handle any coarseness you desire! It’s made from durable stainless steel and ceramic, no plastic or nylon.

Treat your favorite fresh-roasted beans the way they deserve. By only grinding as much as you need for a single brew cycle. That way you’ll get the freshest tasting cup of coffee possible.

Plus, Khaw-Fee wants you to try it risk-free. The product has a 100% “no questions asked” lifetime warranty on it. 

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Say hello to the sleekly-designed Hario Ceramic grinder. With a new and improved hexagonal adapter, reinforced for increased coffee grinder and decreased wear and tear!

The handle comes off making it super easy to travel with or store. It’s also small and lightweight if you want to take it on a hiking/camping trip. 

The easy-to-read measurements on the base can hold up to two cups worth of grounds. It’s easy to use and easy to change the grind settings. 

It’s everything you’re looking for and at a fair price!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Vida is the Spanish word for “life.” In English, some of us believe the word “life” is interchangeable with the word “coffee.”

If you’re one of those (a.k.a. Our people!), then the Vida Supplies coffee grinder will fit your lifestyle very well indeed. 

This lovely brushed stainless steel grinder will deliver 18-click settings of consistent grinds for your cold brew, Turkish coffee, French press, pour-over, espresso, etc. Like most hand grinders it is delightfully portable and travel-sized. 

Enjoy better-tasting coffee today when you use the Vida easy-to-operate manual grinder.

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

If we were giving this coffee grinder a ranking, we’d say it’s the one with the best handle!

The Comsoon manual coffee grinder’s foldable crank is ergonomic. Besides giving you a comfortable grip, it provides consistent leverage for a smooth and easy grind. 

It’s made of high-quality food-grade durable materials. This manual coffee grinder is a great option for those who love backpacking. You could even give it as a thoughtful gift to an outdoorsy friend!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Grind for any brew with the shamelessly smooth 15-click settings on this manual coffee grinder. Eight full settings and seven incremental means you can get the most technical precision grind of your life!

Which means this manual coffee grinder would make an exceptionally welcome gift for a self-proclaimed “coffee nerd.” (We like to wear that title ourselves.)

The counter-gripping base is a nice feature. Enjoy a stable grinder while you crank away on your favorite whole bean blend. Or if you prefer to hold it, that’s fine too! The body is ergonomically designed to fit your hand. 

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

This manual coffee grinder from Moderna Home is drop-dead gorgeous. Sleek, shiny, BPA-free glass window, and built to last.

It’s the whole (tiny) package! 

The long crank is removable, keeping your hand grinder portable and ready for any potential travel. Moderna Home even includes a travel bag for it. 

Also, included?

A cleaning brush! Which also fits in the travel bag, very handy for camping trips. This coffee grinder is truly where design meets practicality. 

Moderna Home is so sure you’ll love it that they back the product with a one year warranty plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Key Features:

More Details:

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Coffee is an undeniable part of modern life. Most people start their day with it or use it to get through their piles of work.

Some of us view our coffee preparation a little more seriously. We have a ritual. Your ritual probably includes freshly-ground beans!

You won’t regret making the Xeoleo manual coffee grinder part of your daily caffeine ritual. Unlike the usually sleek stainless steel hand grinders, this one is charmingly available in black, gold, or even a wood-like exterior. (Or classic stainless steel if that’s your thing!)

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

For fans of anything and everything vintage, we’ve got the best manual coffee grinder for you! This mill grinder from Rewido will transport you back in time.

A true statement piece, this coffee mill grinder does double duty in the kitchen. It’ll spark conversation while perfectly grinding up your precious single-origin Brazilian beans (or whatever your go-to is!). 

Besides aesthetics, it’s easy to adjust to the setting you need and easy to crank. You’ll get that bold, delicious flavor you seek from fresh-ground coffee. And you’ll look good doing it!

The one downside, that isn’t a big deal, is this hand grinder is less travel-friendly than others. It’s still small and portable, but we doubt you’ll want to take it on a multi-day camping trip! 

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

We like things that are a little bit different. Be they roasts, single-brewers, or manual coffee grinders. This bealy coffee grinder is a little different than all the others we’ve seen so far.

Not in price (it’s affordable!), or in function (adjustable settings!), but in its shape. The hand grinder from bealy is triangular in shape, giving you a better grip on the sturdy cylinder. 

With this hand grinder, you can test out the theory that using fewer beans ground more coarsely yields a better-tasting cup of coffee!

Key Features:

More Details:

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Soul Hand claims their coffee grinder is the perfect gift option (for a coffee addict!). And you know what? 

We 100% agree! Because Soul Hand’s product is an all-in-one. That’s right! Not only does it grind your coffee but it drip brews and holds it in a thermos too!

Great for adventurous explorations outdoors or even just to have your own coffee at the office. Take your coffee anywhere you want to easily.

How it works: 

  • Grind your beans either with the hand crank or by hand-twisting. 
  • The grounds then go in the stainless steel filter fitted over the thermos. 
  • Pour hot water slowly over the grounds using the precision spout on the drip kettle. 
  • Then put the lid on your thermos to keep your fresh brew nice and hot!

Note: The drip kettle is not for boiling water in. You’ll need a separate kettle or pot for that!

Key Features:

More Details:

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Everyone metabolizes caffeine at different rates depending on their unique bodies. If you find yourself more sensitive to it, you may be a one and done cup of coffee person! 

For those of us who like to savor just one cup of joe a day, a manual coffee grinder just makes total sense, right? 

With the Homiry Precision coffee grinder, you can avoid stale coffee by grinding your whole beans fresh for every cup. Clean it out (using the included brush!) and use it to grind herbs and spices, too!

Hominy throws in a travel bag, coffee scoop, and bag clip so you’ll always be ready to roll out the door with your hand grinder in tow. Or make a thoughtful gift of it and bestow it upon your camping buddies!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

There are those of others who consider coffee to be a superfood. Which side are we on?

Get coffee beans a cape, cause they’re the most super

Grind your beans fresh and we guarantee your morning cup will have you feeling like a superhero as well. Try the Qualis manual coffee grinder. It’s got a silicone grip for easy handling and comes backed with a 100% happiness guarantee — super!

Travel bag and coffee scoop included.

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Coffee is excellent for leisurely mornings, social afternoons, or even after a professional dinner. Your hand grinder will especially help out two of those scenarios!

Don’t interrupt your quiet morning having to bust out the loud electric grinder. Enjoy the blissful fun of your new Triple Tree coffee grinder

Something cool about this option? Comes with two glass jars. So you can keep one full of whole beans and one full of coffee grounds. This will especially come in handy for traveling on the road or camping! 

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Coffee4u and Coffee4me. Coffee4everybody. Coffee has a wide range of health benefits. Ranging from improving physical fitness endeavors to keeping your heart healthy.

We don’t know about you, but our heart loves the process of brewing coffee. Part of that process is the grinding of the freshly-roasted beans. 

Try out the Coffee4u grinder, it has all stainless steel and ceramic parts so it’s durable and built to last. It’s also easy to use and quiet. All our favorite features for a manual grinder!

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

Consistent grind. Robust flavor. That’s what you’ll get when you grind with the Holistic 20/20.

You also get a nice clip-on measuring scoop and a reusable brush! We love accessories, can you tell?

Small batch grinding lies in your caffeine-capable hands with this manual coffee grinder. 

Key Features:

More Details:

Product Ranking

We’ve saved this rock-solid manual coffee grinder for last, but that doesn’t mean it’s least. Oh, no sir!

The RioRand Portable manual coffee grinder is made of a soft, ultra-fiber leather design. It feels great in your hand, which is kind of a major selling point for a hand grinder, don’t you agree?

The crank is strong, sturdy, and has a Pearwood handle head (so it’s also very attractive!). 

Comes with a grinder brush to keep it working in tip-top condition. You’ll love the space-saving design of this one!

Key Features:

More Details:

How to Choose the Best Hand Coffee Grinder

The best hand coffee grinder is the one that fits your unique coffee ritual.

Take a look at things like:

  1. Capacity. How many cups of coffee do you need to grind a day? 
  2. Durability. Will it hold up to your daily caffeine habit?
  3. Price. Does it fit your budget or is money no object (you lucky dog!)?
  4. Grind settings. How precise of a grind to you need for your preferred brewing method?
  5. Travel-friendly. Do you want to travel with it? If so, take things like size and handles into consideration.

If all your needs are being met, you and your hand grinder will be buddies for years to come!

How to Make Sure Your Manual Grinder is Good

Opt for one that’s made of trustworthy materials. A durable food-grade stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. Ceramic burrs. These are wise options if you want a manual grinder to last.

Make sure the crank turns smoothly and visually check the end product to guarantee you’re getting that consistent grind. 

The truth is, an electric burr grinder and a manual coffee grinder should produce the same results. But a hand grinder will only cost a fraction of the price!

Why Choose A Hand Coffee Grinder?

When it comes to brewing a cup of coffee at home, you’ve likely heard the tip to buy the freshest beans available. 

What happens if you buy the freshest beans and have them pre-ground though?

The flavor, freshness, and aroma immediately start to deteriorate. That’s why you want to buy the freshest roast of beans and keep them whole. Right up until you’re ready to brew your first cup.

Then whip out that hand coffee grinder. It’ll be quiet, so you don’t even have to worry about disturbing anyone still asleep (but honestly what are they doing in bed during coffee hour?!).

Measure out your beans, grind them fresh (and to the perfect consistency), and enjoy a full-flavored cup of brew. 

Also, a hand coffee grinder is easy to travel with. So you don’t have to sacrifice quality coffee while on the road, out in the wilderness, or staying in a cheap motel (cause you’re thrifty!). 

When Is A Manual Coffee Mill The Wrong Choice?

Tying into our first answer for how to buy the best manual coffee grinder, one caveat is capacity.

Here’s what to look out for:

  1. If you need to grind coffee for several people a day, or your whole family, you probably don’t want to be hand grinding that capacity. A coffee mill is great for single-cup brewers, but maybe less ideal for automatic coffee makers. Unless you’re really wanting a hand workout!
  2. If your main coffee beverage is espresso or requires a super fine grind, a hand coffee mill may not be great for you. They can do the fine grind, but it takes longer/more effort to get there.
  3. If using a hand crank is difficult for you, due to age or arthritis or an injury, you may not love having to manually grind your coffee…before you’ve even had a cup of coffee!

In these instances, we recommend opting for an electric burr coffee grinder instead! 

How to Use a Manual Coffee Grinder

New to manual coffee grinders? 

First off, welcome to the world of hand grinding!

Secondly, here’s how to use your new brewing buddy:

  1. Unscrew the top nut to remove the crank and locking ring.
  2. Turn the grind adjustment ring to your desired click setting. Go slowly so you can count each one! Turn clockwise for finer, counterclockwise for coarser.
  3. Attach the locking ring to keep your setting.
  4. Replace the handle and screw the top nut back on.
  5. Add a few beans and crank slowly to test your grind out!
  6. Adjust as needed then fill the hopper!

Have fun connecting more fully with your morning cup…not to mention the unbeatable flavor experience!

Coffee Grind Levels Explained

So you’ve got yourself a manual coffee grinder, great! Now what?

How about we go over the grind levels so you can get started sipping!

    • Coarse– This is the setting you’ll want for your French press. The chunkier bits in the grind are important for this method of steeping coffee. 

    • Medium-coarse – Use this grind for your beloved pour-over coffee ritual. Depending on the shape of your pour-over, play around with different coarseness until you find one that’s ideal for your brewer. Somewhere between chunky and smooth is your sweet spot!

    • Medium- A great setting for siphon coffee makers. This grind falls between drip coffee and espresso. Not too big cause that will affect the strength of your coffee, not too fine cause that will clog your filter!

    • Fine- For lovers of that sweet stovetop espresso (or Moka pot), you know you need a fine grind. Because these coffee makers use pressure to brew, the coffee is only in contact with the water for a short period of time. If the coffee is chunky, you won’t get much flavor! 
  • Extra fine- Sounds like a compliment, but this grind setting is for fans of Turkish coffee. If you’ve ever had Turkish coffee you’ll have noticed it actually contains the fine grinds in it. If you’re going to drink the grinds, you want them super fine like powdered sugar! 

When you have your manual coffee grinder, you’ll need to try a few different settings until you find the best one for your coffee maker! 

Coffee Grinding FAQ

Here are more tips to further finesse your grind!

How does the grind affect coffee?

You may think all coffee grounds are equal, but that really isn’t the case. When you buy a bag of pre-ground coffee, it may not be the best coarseness for how you wish to prepare it. 

The grind affects the coffee because of the amount of time different brewing methods allow contact between the coffee and the water. Some methods use steeping (French press) some methods use steam (espresso). 

Basically, the more contact with water it’s going to make the more chunky you want the beans. The methods that use less time? The smoother you will want your grind!

What is the best grind level for drip coffee?

Most often a medium grind is the best option for automatic drip coffee. If you find your coffee is tasting too weak, try finer! 

Too bitter? Go coarser! 

What is the best grind level for espresso?

You’re looking for a fine grind for espresso. The consistency is often described as being between powdered sugar and fine beach sand. 

You’ll likely know right away if your grind is too fine because the portafilter may back up and spew water and grounds all over. 

Likewise, if your grind is too coarse, you’ll end up with the water coming out way too fast and an under-extracted espresso shot!

What is the best grind level for French Press?

We briefly mentioned it before, but we’ll go into more detail now. You want a coarse grind for your French press coffee.

This is because the coarse grind is close to sea salt and as such is too big to slip past the filter when you push the plunger down. 

However if your plunger pushes down way too quickly, your grind is likely a little too coarse. Adjust your settings for the next press!

If your grind is too fine in a French press, you’ll know when you struggle to push the plunger down.

Does finer grind make stronger coffee?

Usually — yes! The more you can expose a coffee to the water, the more flavor you’ll get.

Make your coffee stronger by using the finest grind possible for use with your preferred brewing method. This will take some experimenting, but at least you’ll have cups of coffee to show for all the tests!

Can coffee be ground too fine?

Yes, of course. If your grounds are too fine it will affect both how your coffee maker works and how your java tastes.

If your coffee is too fine, you’ll notice it will taste over-extracted and bitter. Then you’ll know a few click adjustments to your manual coffee grinder will be necessary!

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