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Best Metal Coffee Makers

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Top Metal Coffee Makers

There isn’t much more modern or elegant than a kitchen boasting stainless steel appliances. Extend this sleek look by replacing your old plastic-heavy coffee maker with a shiny, new model!

Coffee is a staple in our day.

A quick brew for the travel mug on the way to work.

Slowly sipping a creamy cup on a weekend morning.

Or fueling up with a large mug before a workout.

However you do coffee, you deserve a fresh, delicious cup every time. Quality kitchen appliances are an investment toward living your best life. You want something easy to clean and built to last, right?

Take a look below at the best metal coffee makers currently available. From the creme de la creme to our charming budget-friendly picks, get ready to meet “the one.”

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Cuisinart can do no wrong in our eyes. From food processors to coffee makers, their products are state-of-the-art and affordable to boot!

What makes Cuisinart our best choice for metal coffee makers?

The first answer lies right in the name: Perfectemp.

If you’re buying a metal coffee maker, chances are — you want your java hot!

With the Cuisinart Perfectemp, you’ll enjoy hotter coffee that spares the rich flavor. No crossing over into icky burnt coffee territory here. Brew strength controls let you choose between regular or bold.

Even the keep warm temperature setting is adjustable, giving you full control. Gone are the days of walking into the kitchen for a second cup only to have your heart broken because the hot plate has switched off. (Or even worse, burnt the remaining cups.)

The glass carafe holds up to 14 cups at a time, but you can brew less. You can even brew one single cup of coffee at a time if needed!

Lastly, it comes with a reusable gold-tone filter for your coffee grounds and a charcoal filter for the water reservoir.

Key Features:

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What makes a pick premium?

A machine that’s multi-functional!

And, okay, yes — a bit pricier as well.

Another amazing option from Cuisinart, this Coffee Center is a dual brewer. 12-cup glass carafe on one side, single brewer on the other.

Staying in?

Brew up a full pot! This metal coffee maker has a gold-tone filter basket for that pure coffee taste.

Dashing out the door for the office or to drop off the kids?

Snag a quick single brew! Choose between six, eight, or ten ounces.

You can use k-cups but Cuisinart includes their Home Barista reusable filter cup. Meaning you can use your own coffee instead of being limited to what’s available in pods!

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Did you totally love the dual brewer above? Except for the price tag?

Then you might appreciate our best value pick!

You’ve probably heard of Hamilton Beach before. Their kitchen appliances are affordable yet reliable. This 2-way metal coffee maker is no exception.

Much like the Cuisinart pick, it has a 12-cup capacity glass carafe on one side. A single brewer (that adjusts to your cup size!) on the other.

Note: travel mug not included.

Key Features:

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Are you starting to suspect we have an affinity for Cuisinart?

We won’t deny it.

This model made our list because of its sweet thermal carafe.

Superior for keeping hot coffee hot, without the risk of that burnt flavor that hot plates sometimes lend to your precious brew.

Brew pause for when you can’t wait for all twelve cups to brew before having your first (we feel you!). For flavor, pick between regular or bold.

Basically, it is all that and a bag of potato chips. If potato chips came in a stunning stainless steel package that is.

Key Features:

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You’re probably familiar with their high-powered blenders, now Ninja is crashing into the caffeine scene as well!

When you bring home their hot and cold brewer system, you and the machine’s Auto-IQ will be ready to brew rain or shine!

If you have guests over who — gasp — don’t drink coffee, they’ll appreciate that it brews tea just as well! Separate brewing baskets are provided, so your coffee and tea flavors don’t intermingle.

You’ll feel like royalty sipping on your one-touch coffeehouse-style drink creations.

So, what will you + Auto-IQ brew up first?

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Our second Hamilton Beach pick, the Works Smart Coffee Maker!

What’s so smart about this metal coffee machine?

It’s Alexa enabled!

The future has arrived when you can walk downstairs and say, “Hey Alexa, brew me some coffee, yeah?”

Or if you are about to leave the house, “Alexa, turn off my coffee maker.”

Peace of mind is one of the smartest things we can think of investing toward.

And don’t worry:

It’s simple to set up! As soon as you unpack and plug this coffee maker in on your countertop it’ll be ready to connect with Alexa.

Key Features:

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Another thermal carafe for your consideration, the Cuisinart Extreme Brew is ready to level your mornings up.

Can’t wait for all ten cups to brew?

Use the handy brew pause feature to sneak a cup!

The Extreme Brew also works 25% faster than other drip coffee makers. The thermal carafe is double-wall insulated, keeping your beloved java hot for hours!

Like some of the other Cuisinart offerings, it is fully programmable with brew strength options and an automatic shutoff feature.

The water reservoir is easy to fill, with a side window to display the water level.

Key Features:

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Speed brew. Have you ever seen two more beautiful words?

I mean besides hot coffee.

Now imagine:

Hot coffee that speed brews. And that’s why you should consider the Bunn Elite coffee maker!

That, and it has a commercial-grade stainless steel water tank. Not elite enough for you?

Okay, how about a unique spray head? What’s that for, you ask?

To ensure optimal coffee extraction and flavor, of course!

Plus, they throw in a 25-count starter pack of coffee filters with your purchase.

Key Features:

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For those who like a little more manual control when it comes to their perfect cup of coffee, enter:

The Breville Precision Brewer!

It has the usual automatic presets. You can customize your own. It even has a Gold Cup Standard preset! So coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of coffee that meets SCA standards.

But further, it has precise and adjustable temperature control.

Bonus, it’s devastatingly handsome for an automatic coffee machine. Can’t you just picture it on your countertop? Swoon.

Key Features:

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Here’s another super budget-friendly pick for those watching their wallets!

When it comes to saving money, making coffee at home can really add up. Make your dollars go even further with an affordable machine like the Shardor.

It boasts a smart LCD touchscreen for easy controls. Fully programmable, with a heating pad that will keep your bean juice warm for up to two hours post-brewing cycle.

After those two hours are up, the coffee maker enters a safe and energy-saving standby mode.

Key Features:

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Simple, straightforward, sleek. A true classic.

Anyone can use this coffee maker. Except maybe the dog, but we won’t rule Fido out.

Do you ever take advantage of your coffee pot’s 24-hour programming?

If you don’t — promise you’ll try it at least once!

There’s nothing better than waking up to the scent of freshly-brewed coffee. While you’re still cozy in bed!

Set everything up on your Boscare 12-cup the night before, set the delay brew, and catch some well-earned Zzzs.

Key Features:

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Functional. Beautiful. Simple operation. That sums up the Krups Simply Brew Family coffee maker nicely!

The silver stainless steel finish will look striking in your home kitchen, it’s a very modern design. You’ll love the easy-fill water tank. Almost as much as you’ll love the super simple on/off switch!

But you know what you’ll appreciate most?

The very reasonable price for this elegant machine.

Key Features:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Stainless Steel Coffee Makers Safe?

If you’ve ever brought home a plastic automatic drip coffee machine, only to have your first pot taste…well…like plastic, we understand your concerns. Plastic coffee makers that aren’t labeled BPA-free could be harmful to your health. Then as luck would have it, BPA-free plastic may be just as risky!

So you turn to trusty stainless steel. Is it safe?

Absolutely. Stay away from any that are lined with aluminum. Otherwise, your stainless steel coffee maker with glass carafe is a much safer choice. Free from those pesky chemicals that plastic contains.

10 Tips for Making Better Coffee at Home

Now that you have a safe stainless steel coffee maker, it’s time to maximize your flavor experience!

Here are ten brewing tips to take you from “mmm good coffee” to “Wow, what is up with this coffee??”

  1. Water. Always use fresh, cold, filtered water in your coffee machine. If you have an at-home water filtration system that’s great! Or you can buy bottled water (but don’t use distilled!).

  2. Roast. The ideal for automatic drip is a medium roast. You can play around with medium-dark roasts too to see what flavor hits right for you.

  3. Beans. Use the freshest beans you can find. Check the roast date and buy whole beans whenever possible.

  4. Scale. Grab a digital scale and weigh out your beans. This little step goes a long way. The Golden Ratio for coffee is 1:17 beans to water.

  5. Grind. You’ll want to wait to grind your fresh beans until just before brewing! For automatic drip coffee makers, a medium grind is usually best.

  6. Grinder. Invest in a burr grinder over a blade grinder. This will give you the most consistent grind. Every bean matters!

  7. Temperature. You want your coffee’s brewing water to be 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, your awesome new metal coffee maker will handle this crucial step for you!

  8. Preheat. Run a cycle through your brewer sans coffee. Allow the hot water to warm your carafe while you weigh and grind your beans. Don’t forget to empty before you hit start on the coffee though!

  9. Filter. Use the right size paper filter for your machine and consider pre-wetting it to help your brewing process out.

  10. Practice. With every brew, you’ll learn more about your machine and what beans/grind/roast best set your caffeine senses a-tingling. Play with all the features, brew strength, etc.

Bonus tip: Remember to clean your machine after every brew, and descale it every three months!

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