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Best Nespresso Capsules For Making Latte Coffee

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Top Nespresso Capsules For Making Latte Coffee

You don’t just like coffee; you love it — a latte

You bought your Nespresso with the hopes of starting every morning off with your favorite piping hot beverage. Without a doubt, the Nespresso can whip up one dreamy, creamy latte. (And with minimal effort on your part!)

We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re interested in getting the inside scoop. On the best Nespresso capsules for making latte coffee, that is!

Without further ado, here are our ten favorite Nespresso capsules. From flavored to bold, there’s something for every coffee drinker on this list!

Note: To make a proper espresso latte, you’ll need a Nespresso model with a steaming wand, or you can purchase the Aeroccino milk frother separately.

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If fancy French pastry shops are your jam, these pods will tantalize your senses. Let’s kick off our list with a velvety, smooth, mild roast that’s anything but tame!

The rich taste of choux pastry filled with cream or custard somehow condensed down into a coffee pod. Fill your favorite mug with this swoon-worthy blend, top with freshly-frothed milk of your choice, and get your day started like royalty.

Sourced sustainably from South and Central America, these coffee capsules are a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. They are fully recyclable and work exclusively with the Nespresso Original Line machines.

Enjoy it in hot or iced coffee drinks.

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Sourced from Arabica beans grown in Kenya and Indonesia, Chiaro coffee is ready to perform. Nespresso’s Barista Creations are best served as cappuccinos. However, you can drink them any way your heart desires!

The Chiaro is a light roast with a milky profile, perfect for those of us who enjoy taking our coffee with cream. 

Pop one of these mild roast capsules into your Nespresso, get your milk of choice frothing and prepare your tastebuds for a European vacation. 

Note: These capsules are not compatible with the VertuoLine, only OriginalLine.

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Fans of the ‘bux, rejoice! Starbucks offers a variety pack of delicious capsules for your Nespresso machine.

We love variety packs because … well, because they offer variety! You get a range of roast intensities. One as low as Starbucks level 6 (blonde roast) all the way to level 11 (dark roast). 

Somedays, you might be in the mood for a single-origin Colombia, others a classic Pike Place roast. The flavors go from smooth and sweet to nutty or toffee notes all the way to dark cacao. The choice is now yours!

And the best part? 

It’s very reasonably priced!

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How good are these capsules for making Nespresso lattes?

Why it’s right in the brand name! They’re the best. The Bestpresso that is.

All kidding aside, this is another excellent variety pack option for those of us who struggle with decisions or just like to have different flavors on hand. There are a total of six varieties included.

You get a Ristretto, intense and persistent. A Lungo, which has depth when you need a little bit more. The Intense, for when you need…well…intensity! The Arabica is delicious, the Espresso has balance, and the Verona will transport you straight to Italy.

This is a product of Spain, but all 120 capsules are full of Italian espresso coffee. Play around with different kinds of milk to find your perfect latte combo!

And best of all?

Your purchase comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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Another from Nespresso’s incredible Barista Creations line — Scuro.

Scuro is an intense blend, perfect for mixing with milk, which is why it belongs on our best Nespresso latte capsules list! When you add milk (dairy-free or regular, your choice!), the Scuro in your cup becomes balanced and magically delicious.

The grounds in these capsules come from a split-roasted blend of Arabica beans sourced from Colombia and Ethiopia.

We recommend enjoying Scuro as a creamy cappuccino on a blustery winter morning or an iced latte on a hot summer afternoon.

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The Kazaar Intenso lives up to its name. Fans of these coffee capsules describe it as both intense and syrupy. Yum! On its own, it’s a bit bitter, with notes of pepper.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a perfect choice for our daily latte. For dark roast coffee lovers, these capsules are especially a homerun.

Their only downside is they’re not compatible with the VertuoLine.

They’re primarily Robusta beans grown in Brazil and Guatemala, but with some South American Arabica coffee beans thrown into the blend. 

Feel good about choosing these capsules as they’re climate pledge friendly, rainforest alliance certified, and fully recyclable.

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If you’re a VertuoLine owner and have been reading through this list with a frowny face — this one should turn that frown upside down!

After a bunch of “OrginalLine” only, we have a VertuoLine offering, and it’s fantastic. A variety pack!

You get ten capsules each of three varying intensities. From lowest to highest: Melozio, Odacio, Stormio. Melozio is a smooth Arabica blend from Brazil, reminiscent of bourbon. Odacio is a bit fruity. Stormio we would describe as intense, spiced, and woody.

We’d classify all three as dark roasts. Like many of Nespresso’s pods, these babies are recyclable and climate pledge friendly. So you can feel good while you’re sipping.

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More exceptional coffee quality via Nespresso pods. Another offering for OriginalLine users, the Cosi coffee capsules are a light roast.

Light roasts are lovely and bold. Perfect for that first cup of the day. The Arabicas used for this blend come from Costa Rica and Kenya. The Costa Rican beans are lightly toasted with flavor notes of cereal. While the Kenyan coffee beans offer delicate fruity tasting notes. 

The capsules themselves do not contain milk. Brew them as a shot of espresso and add your own milk separately. Enjoy hot or iced. With breakfast or dessert or just on its own!

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Even the name sounds dark…dark roast, that is. The creamy and roasted Diavolitto by Nespresso is exclusively for the VertuoLine. (Not compatible with OrginalLine, sorry, folks!)

Enjoy this dark (intensity 11!) blend of Brazilian coffee as a latte, cortado, cappuccino, or straight espresso. Wake up to the teasing aroma of oak wood and leather. Oh, yeah. That’s the dark we like!

You can serve these espresso pods hot or iced. When you’re finished brewing, the aluminum is fully recyclable.

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Get ready. We’ve saved you a treat for the last spot on our list! For fans of fun flavors, this option truly shines.

These pods will blow your mind via your tastebuds, a smooth, velvety blend of coffee beans from Africa and South America.

This flavored coffee tastes like cookies. Italia Amaretti cookies to be precise! Tantalizing almond and luscious vanilla swirl around your mouth with every sip. Paired with creamy milk, it’s a dream come true in a cup. 

Bonus: Included with your purchase is one dark chocolate raspberry square to enjoy with a cup of coffee!

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Buying Guide & FAQ

We know you want to know more!

Can You Get Milk Pods for Nespresso?

Yes, there are separate Nespresso-compatible milk pods you can buy.

However, Nespresso recommends their line of Barista Creations pods. These pods are specially designed to pair with milk and will taste best with fresh milk over the dried milk used in capsules.

The Chiaro is lighter with notes of caramel and biscuit. The Scuro is medium intensity and robust. The Corto is lusciously dark and full-bodied.

Depending on the Nespresso machine you buy, it may have a separate milk frothing pitcher. Otherwise, you can purchase the Aeroccino to steam milk for your latte creations.

It’s a great idea to keep a box of milk pods on hand, though. In case you run out of milk and need a quick latte fix!

Allergic to Dairy?

Of the dairy milks, oat milk mimics the texture of dairy milk best. But try them all and see which flavor rocks your world!

Sometimes we enjoy a bit of coconut flavor in our coffee; other times almond, or hazelnut really do the job. Soy or hemp milk are both good if you need a little protein in your daily cup.

The options are increasing all the time in these popular plant-based product times!

Can I Use Other Pods in Nespresso Machine?

Short answer: Yes!

Not all pods will be compatible with your beloved Nespresso, but plenty of them are. The product will usually say “Nespresso compatible” on the box or in the description. Pay attention when shopping to be on the safe side (i.e., choose trusted brands and read reviews).

You might save money buying off-brand, but you may also not get the best results. It’s worth noting also that fully automatic Nespresso machines are extra sensitive, and non-Nespresso capsules aren’t recommended.

What Is The Difference Between Nespresso Pods and Capsules?

The significant difference lies in their shape. 

Pods (or pads) are small and flat, almost like little tea bags. In contrast, a capsule is shaped more like those little creamers they give you with coffee at restaurants.

Capsules can be plastic, aluminum, or another material. They have foil lids. Some are recyclable, and some are compostable. It really all depends on the manufacturer.

You’ll need to check your Nespresso machine carefully to learn whether it can use pods or capsules and what size capsules will fit it (cause not all will!).

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