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Best New Prosumer Espresso Machines

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Top Prosumer Espresso Machines

If you want a professional, coffee-shop-like espresso machine in your home, only with a more compact, non-bulky design, then a prosumer espresso machine is what you’re really after.

Made with the same high-quality materials and featuring the same components as a standard commercial espresso machine, a prosumer machine will enable you to enjoy the perfectly-pulled, rich, and creamy shot, without leaving your home.

In this article, you will find an expert selection of the best prosumer espresso machines on the market for any budget.

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Unleash your inner barista with this prosumer espresso machine. This Breville BES870XL espresso maker gives you anything you want from your shot of espresso, without taking too much space on your counter. Turn your whole beans into irresistibly rich espresso in less than a minute

But that’s not why this prosumer espresso machine is our best choice on the list. This maker comes with four special features, all working hard to give you that creamy mouthfeel you crave for:

#1 Dose-Control Grinding – The built-in, conical burr grinder will turn your whole Java into tiny uniform particles in no time. Plus, it also offers you the chance to control the grinding so that the ideal amount of coffee hits the portafilter.

#2 Grind Size Dial – The best part about the grinder is that you can actually select the size of the grind, regardless of the beans you are using.

#3 Precise Espresso Extraction – You will never worry about getting the temperature right with this maker, as the digital temperature control makes sure that your coffee will always be extracted optimally hot.

#4 Micro-Foam Texturing – This Breville machine comes with a quality steam wand that will create the micro-foam texture you see only in coffee shops.

All of these unique features enable the four-key formula for creating specialty coffee in the comfort of your home:

  1. Rich and complex coffee created with the ideal dose
  2. Ideally balanced taste
  3. Full, creamy, caramel-colored, and utterly irresistible body
  4. Sweet, silky, and velvety foam

Combine that with its elegant look, stainless-steel body, interchangeable filters, and the fact that you can operate it manually and automatically, and I think we’ve found the winner.

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If you are looking for an espresso machine that will be your best morning companion for many years to come, then you’ve definitely found your friend in this Rancilio Silvia espresso maker – because this prosumer machine is built to last. Thanks to its durable iron frame and stainless steel panels, the maker can serve you for a very long time.

The group head is just like those found in commercially-used machines, which ensures a superb mouthfeel in every cup. The extraction time is also ideal, so you can rest assured that your cup of Joe will be as hot as the last one, pulled at just the right temperature.

And for those whose days depend on multiple shots of black Java, here is some good news – the Rancilio Silvia comes with a patented ergonomic portafilter that your hand will surely appreciate.

But that’s not the only reason why we’ve named this machine to be our premium pick. This prosumer machine comes with an articulating steam wand made of stainless steel that allows a full range of motion. That way, you can control your steaming pressure in a professional barista-style way, thanks to its commercial-grade knob.

This machine may have only one boiler, but its large capacity surely makes up for it. The 12-ounce brass boiler does not only allow powerful steaming, but it is also super efficient for between-shot recovering.

Plus, the maker comes with a professional plastic tamper, a scoop, and two filter baskets for single and double use. Do you really need more convincing?

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If you want commercial-grade quality, you cannot possibly expect to find it in regular home espresso makers. But you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks for a decent prosumer maker either, and this Delonghi Espresso Machine is definitely the proof. Our best value of the list is just that, valuable, but super affordable.

But making coffee-shop style espresso without breaking the bank is not the only reason why you should go for this machine. There are tons of other perks why you need this maker in your kitchen. Its three-in-one filter is just one. This Delonghi comes with a filter that can hold coffee for a single shot, double shots, and one for a convenient espresso pod.

With 15 bars of professional pressure, this machine allows you to adjust your Java for a unique preference that you enjoy. Plus, with its Automatic Flow Stop feature, you don’t need to measure your brew – let the machine dispense the right espresso amount with every shot.

And if you are a latte fan, you’ll love to hear that Delonghi had longer beverages in mind as well. You don’t need to brew in a small cup then pour into a glass. Just remove the drip tray, and a taller cup can fit right onto the machine for your convenience.

With its stainless steel look, sleek design, and very narrow footprint, this prosumer machine can fit and look fancy in any kitchen.

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For those that want an espresso machine that screams professionality, this is probably the perfect choice. And it is not only because of its commercial-style fancy look. This De’Longhi model comes with serious features that you just cannot find in regular makers.

Let’s start with its sensor grinding technology. I mean, this prosumer machine does not only come with an integrated conical burr grinder, but it also has sensing technology that gives you the precise, uniform, and optimal espresso dose with every pulled shot.

Next, there is the convenient tamping. With this maker, you don’t need to remove the portafilter and make a coffee mess on your counter. Instead, you just pull the Smart Tamping Station lever, and it will tamp your ground Java by using the ideal pressure.

And how about its two heating systems? Thanks to the active temperature control, the machine ensures optimal coffee extraction and the perfect temperature for milk frothing.

If you’re an impatient individual – La Specialista values your time. With its 1-second quick start, you can turn the machine on, grind, tamp, and pull the perfect shot, really, in a couple of seconds. No waiting for the maker to preheat, no time to lose.

And I am just getting started. This machine has a separate water spout for the Americano lovers that you can also use for brewing tea. It also comes with an Advanced Latte system that will practically do the frothing for you  – you just place the wand in your cup and select Flat or Foam.  Plus, with its sleek stainless steel look, what more could you possibly need from your espresso maker?

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An older version of our premium pick, but the Sylvia M V5 is indeed worth considering. It does not come with a built-in grinder, but it can be easily paired with one. If quality coffee and perfectly frothed milk are what you are looking for in your maker, then this Rancilio model will not disappoint.

Sylvia V5 is able to deliver the ideal shot of espresso, extracted at the optimal temperature in a very convenient way. Its stainless steel wand will allow a full motion for perfect frothing, which will help you whip your specialty coffee the barista style.

Just like with all Rancilio models, this prosumer machine is also designed to last. Its group head, portafilter, and boiler are made from brass, which ensures excellent thermal stability, crucial for perfect espresso extraction. Its body is durable and made of stainless steel, which does not only look good on your counter, but it can actually serve you for many years to come.

This Milan-made machine comes with a 2-cup portafilter, single-shot filter basket, double filter basket, a professional plastic tamper, a scoop, and a rubber band blind disc.

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Although primarily designed for commercial operations of middle size, Vivaldi II makes one hell of a prosumer machine. With this espresso maker, you don’t have to settle between performance and convenience, because Vivaldi II gives you both.

Whether searching for an espresso machine for your small coffee shop or simply looking for a maker that will satisfy the specialty coffee needs of your large household, you cannot go wrong with this maker.

This dual boiler, rotary & direct pump machine comes with a saturated group head and allows for volumetric shot dosing, so you can choose the amount of coffee to satisfy your Java needs on the touchpad. The temperature of the group is indicated by the LED display, and can easily be adjusted.

The two boilers – one for the espresso extraction and one for the milk texturing, will ensure the optimal temperature so you can rely on consistent quality.

And speaking of milk texturing, the .9 mm stainless steel steam wand releases steam from four different holes, allowing the perfect texture of the froth so you can top your specialty coffee with.

But that’s not all, the dual pressure gauges, passive pre-infusion that can be programmed, as well as the programmable offset differential only enhance the functionality of this espresso machine.

Plus, thanks to the fact that the Vivaldi II is a proud owner of an ETL certification, you can make your dream of opening a café come true with this commercial-grade machine. And with the passively heated cup warmer, your guests will truly enjoy the shots pulled by this powerhouse.

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Buy this prosumer machine, and chances are, you will find yourself gulping a couple of espressos in the morning, and indulging lattes in the afternoon. Made for the modern traditionalists, the Vetrano 2b does not only win you over with its classic beauty, but you will equally appreciate its simplicity as well.

One of the innovators for quality dual boilers, the Vetrano 2b is a leader among its fellow prosumers. The machine comes with dual insulated boilers made from stainless steel, featuring a rotary pump, which provides higher consistency, optimal extraction, and ideally frothed milk.  Thanks to the incredible control of temperature between your espresso shots and steam, you can froth your milk while brewing with the same efficiency.

And because of its pre-infusion and the integrated timer for the shots, the process of brewing couldn’t be simpler.

The built-in PID screen allows you to control the temperatures of the boiler with a simple touch on the fancy screen. But that’s not the only thing it does. There are tons of advanced PID settings for you to explore – from shifting between Fahrenheit and Celsius to selecting different modes – all to enhance the performance of your machine.

The Vetrano 2b features the commercial E61 brew group, well-known for its incredible thermal stability.

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If you are leading a minimalist lifestyle, then the Oscar II machine will fit just perfectly into your kitchen. With a clean, sleek, and somewhat-futuristic look, this prosumer maker immediately shows simplicity. And while it is true that a perfectly pulled shot is always at your fingertips, this machine has actually a lot more to offer.

Featuring high-performance components and with a convenient two-button interface, Oscar II can be a good fit for just about anyone. Its incredible brew group of marine-grade brass ensures heat-conducting and corrosion-free properties, allowing you to enjoy ideally hot coffee for a long time.

With its three-way solenoid valve, this machine prevents excessive pressure from piling up, while also releasing the inner pressure when the brewing ends, so that the espresso puck dries up and doesn’t drip.

Thanks to the Auto-Refill feature, you will never have to worry about the boiler. The machine keeps an eye on the water level itself, and once it falls below its minimum, a controlled water system will add more water, automatically. If, for some reason, the Autofill system isn’t able to refill the reservoir, the system will automatically turn off to prevent overheating and causing damage to the boiler.

The machine features volumetric programming, which allows you to set your preferred dispense time for single, as well as double shots. Combine that with its long and super functional steam wand, the top-mounted cup heater, the professional portafilter, as well as ergonomic touches, and you will see why we absolutely love this espresso machine.

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This Lelit model is considered to be one of the best entry-level prosumer machines on the market. Thanks to its classic look, and a traditional-looking stainless steel body, it can fit perfectly into every kitchen, regardless of the style and design.

This prosumer machine comes with a quality brass boiler that will keep the water temperature constant, ensuring perfect espresso extraction, allowing you to enjoy an optimally hot cup of Java. The temperature of the boiler can also be controlled thanks to the PID controller, so you can adjust your brew for different types of coffee, as you see fit.

And to get you one step closer to your specialty coffee, this espresso maker comes with a multi-directional, stainless steel steam wand that will allow you to froth your milk to perfection. The prosumer machine also features an external brew pressure gauge, so you can conveniently check the brewing pressure, at any point. And thanks to the vibratory pump and three-way solenoid valve, efficient performance is something you’ll never have to worry about.

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If you appreciate a classic and modern combo, then you will love the look of this espresso machine. Small footprint, brushed stainless steel body, and a visible water tank that is also accessible make this maker look good on any countertop.

The simple but super functional control panel offers simplicity and convenience. With three switch controllers for brewing, steaming, and power, you can easily operate the machine. Each switch has an indicator light, so you know exactly when it is on, ready to brew or steam.

Thanks to the heating elements in the boiler, you can brew in just 5 minutes and steam after only 30 seconds.

This Gaggia Classic Pro model comes with a three-way solenoid valve that releases pressure and helps the puck dry quickly, and a commercial-grade 58-mm portafilter that is of the same size as the one you see in coffee shops.

But there’s more – this Gaggia maker does not only allow you to use pre-ground coffee, but you can also brew ESE pods as well.

Made in Milan, this entry-level and semi-automatic prosumer espresso machine will give you café-style coffee in the comfort of your home.

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Prosumer Espresso Machines 101

Everyone knows what an espresso machine is – the coffee maker that pulls espresso shots and can froth milk for creamy lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites. So yes, basically, that is an espresso machine – a combo of a brewer and a frother. But what most don’t know is that the machine requires a different temperature for these two operations. That is why some espresso makers can both brew and froth at the same time, and some cannot – because some have one, and some dual boilers.

Single Boiler

Espresso machines that only have one boiler, obviously, cannot brew and forth at once. Because the same boiler controls two different temperature settings, there is a transition period to wait between the operations.

A push of a button controls the temperature – when it is released, the temperature is set for optimal espresso extraction. When the button is pushed in, the boiler sets the ideal temperature that the steam thermostat requires for frothing.

Single Boiler with a Heat Exchanger

These types of espresso machines also feature a single boiler, but they’ve also come up with a great solution – to separate the water needed for brewing and steaming. Of course, things aren’t as simple as that, as the difference between the water needed for brewing and frothing steaming is greater than 40 degrees F.

So, here is how it happens. There is a copper pipe in the boiler that is designed to pull the water needed for brewing. At the same time, there is steam drawn from the boiler, which allows you to both steam and brew.

To imagine this, just imagine inserting a small, closed jar of hot water in a larger pot filled with cold water. The water from the pot will affect the temperature of the water in the jar, and vice versa.

Dual Boilers

As the name suggests, these espresso machines have two boilers that heat the water needed for brewing and the water for steaming, separately. Obviously, they can brew and froth at the same time. Commercial machines have, mostly, double boilers.

Consumer vs. Prosumer Espresso Machines

If your mornings cannot start without a strong kick of espresso, it is only natural to wish to buy an espresso machine for your home. It is convenient and will send you tons of money in the long run, as well.

Those bulky, multiple-group makers that you see in the coffee shops are called commercial espresso machines. They cost a lot of money and will take up most of your counter space, meaning, they are not a good fit for home use.

There are consumer machines, which are regular, home-designed espresso makers, but if you are a true espresso aficionado, those are not a good match for you either. These coffee makers operate similarly to the commercial ones, but neither the quality of the coffee nor the components used can compare to the real deal.

Prosumer espresso machines fall somewhere between these two categories. They get much closer to the commercial makers, using the same components, offering the same features, and extracting espresso with the same quality. The only difference between these machines and the commercial ones is the size. The latter are large and bulky, the former designed for the small kitchen, leaving a small footprint.

Tips for Buying Your Prosumer Espresso Machine

Just like with any other group of products, prosumer espresso machines differ in quality and performance. To make sure that the espresso maker you are about to buy will satisfy your needs, there are a couple of factors to consider:

Portafilter – The portafilter holds the basket of the filter and comes in different sizes. Keep that in mind, as you will also have to choose a spare filter or tamper accordingly.

Filter Basket – This is what holds your ground coffee. Some machines also have filters that are compatible with ESE filters. If this is something you’d prefer, make sure to look for that feature when buying.

Number of Shots – Some machines have a double group head, which allows you to pull two shots at the same time, while others have only one. If there is more than one coffee drinker in your home, you should opt for a double.

The Boiler –  Machines with single boilers don’t allow you to brew and froth milk at the same time. If you love specialty coffee, then you should probably go for a dual boiler or a single one with a heat exchanger.

The Grinder – If you have a decent coffee grinder in your home and you don’t want to waste money for a fancy machine with a built-in grinder, you can choose one that only brews. However, if you don’t, it is strongly recommended to choose an espresso maker that will also grind your beans, as it is convenient, space-saving. Plus, your coffee will stay fresher!

Capacity – How many coffees are you planning on brewing daily? Each machine has a water tank that needs to be refilled when empty. If you are a coffee addicted household, then buying a maker with a larger capacity is probably a good idea.

Heat Exchangers vs. Dual Boilers

We’ve talked about the difference between single and double boilers. Single boilers with a heat exchanger, even though they only have one heating element, allow you to froth and brew at the same time, thanks to their separation technique.

Machines with dual boilers, on the other hand, don’t need any special pipe or a separator for that purpose, because they have separate heating elements for brewing and steaming.

So, the bottom line is – they both allow you to brew and steam the milk at the same time. But which one is better for you?

In terms of the price, prosumer machines with heat exchangers shouldn’t be as costly as those that have two separate boilers. This is understandable, as they do not need as many components and material as the latter. But, although more affordable, are they the best choice? Well, that depends on how often you are planning on using the machine.

If you’re buying a prosumer machine for your home – a heat exchanger will serve you just fine for years and years to come. But, if you are about to use the coffee maker in higher-volume places, like, for instance, a large office, keep in mind that it is possible to outrun it. When you’re setting different brewing and steaming temperatures very frequently, you can expect for those temp fluctuations to cause inconsistencies.

Dual boilers, on the other hand, are much more durable since there are no fluctuations involved. However, keep in mind that, since the brew boiler is a part of the group head, the portafilter is never overheated. That means that to get the temperature up, you will need to pull a blank shot in the morning – as the first coffee will be a few degrees below the optimal temperature.

Also, dual boilers are slightly bulkier and require more counter space.

How to Create a Prosumer Espresso Station

The coffee station is probably the most important part of the kitchen for avid Java consumers. And if you are buying a prosumer espresso machine, you cannot help but think about the setup for the station. What will you need? How to get it right? Here are some tips:

The Machine – Obviously, you will need to have a prosumer espresso machine. Find the perfect spot for it in your kitchen, and set it up.

The grinder – If you’ve decided to buy a prosumer machine that doesn’t grind, you will need a separate grinder to ensure constant coffee freshness. There are tons of grinders to pair your maker with, but keep in mind that not all will work for your espresso. For the best quality, you will need one that will grind your coffee into uniform particles with incredible precision.

The Accessories – Besides the espresso maker and coffee grinder, you will also need to have cups, a tamper, a portafilter, a steaming pitcher of good quality, microfiber cloths for wiping the steam wand and the machine, cleaning tablets, etc.

And that’s it! With just a few elements, your prosumer espresso station is ready to get to work!


Have we helped you make the decision? We are so glad! Thank you for reading our review guide and buying tips. We are happy to have played a part in choosing your prosumer espresso machine, and we only hope that you will be just as impressed with one of our selected makers, as we are.

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