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Best Single-Cup Coffee Makers With No Pods

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Single-Cup Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Who says you have to brew a full carafe for the sake of scratching your caffeine itch? 

With these amazing single-serve coffee makers, you can prepare one cup of Joe at a time, enjoying the freshest, hottest, and most delicious Java taste with every sip. No warming plates needed, no coffee pods required, and without losing precious time anticipating your cuppa! 

With these fast-brewing, single-cup coffee makers, there is zero fuss involved! Pick your match today and satisfy your single coffee cravings completely! 

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Looking for the most convenient way to brew a single cup of coffee? Well, you cannot go better than this. With our best choice, you can scoop your grounds, lock into the maker, press a button, and enjoy a hot 8-ounce cup of Joe in less than 90 seconds. How is that possible? Because the scoop is also the filter. Pretty neat, right?

Plus, no guesswork is involved. Thanks to the two lines on the scoop, you don’t even have to measure your grounds. The strong and bold options offer you a chance to customize, and the auto shut-off and waterproof drip tray provide convenience.

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Technically, this is a regular drip coffee maker with a capacity of 12 cups. However, its 1-4 cup brewing option works so well, that we simply had to make it our premium pick. 

But that’s not all! Besides its obvious perk of being able to brew you a single cup and a full carafe for your guests, this coffee maker also has an integrated grinder for the freshest cuppa. And if that’s not always your thing, you can turn it off and brew pre-ground coffee instead.

Programmable, with a permanent gold-tone filter, a charcoal water filter, and a shut-off function for your convenience, this Cuisinart model is perfect for single-serve brewing.

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No need for the bells and the whistles? Then you will find our best value to be super valuable. With a capacity of 15 ounces (and a 15-ounce travel mug included), the durable and universal design of this coffee maker will definitely win you over.

Plus, it is not only compact but portable as well. Made to fit any space, this maker is easy to use and convenient. The permanent coffee filter reduces paper waste, which is an added bonus.

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Choose from a single cup to a full carafe of 60 ounces with this coffee maker. With an integrated grinder and a hopper capacity of ½ pounds, you can have the freshest cup with every brew.

Durable stainless steel body, elegant design, and a well-lit LCD screen make brewing coffee something to look forward to.

The machine is also programmable, it has an auto-off function, but the best thing about it is its 8-strength selector for customizing your cuppa.

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Looking for a maker that does it all? Then let us present you the real ninja among the single-serve coffee machines. With custom brew sizes, you can choose between a regular cup, XL cup, travel mug, or an extra-large multi-serve.

You can also choose between different strengths, and thanks to its Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, you get to unleash the true flavor potential of each brew.

The Auto iQ One Touch technology pulls the exact amount of water needed for your brew, based on the type and size of choice.

And as if that’s not enough, this coffee maker also comes with a built-in frother for your inner barista. Specialty coffee has never tasted any better!

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With the chance to choose between 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces of piping hot coffee, this coffee maker is perfect for your single-cup needs. Always extracted at the optimal temperature, with Mr.Coffee Single Serve, you can enjoy the best taste of your cuppa, every single time.

The water tank has a capacity of 74 ounces, which can be convenient to avoid refills for when you need more than one cup to brew. The brewer also comes with an integrated auto shut-off function, 2 cone filters, and a measuring scoop.

 The drip tray can be removed so a travel mug can fit. But the best part of it all? The brew basket is dishwasher safe, so cleaning will not be an issue.

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Whether you need a single cup of coffee, or you wish to brew a full (or half) carafe for your guests, this fantastic coffee maker will serve you reliably.

With 6 different brew sizes, a removable water reservoir, a built-in smart measuring spoon, and a chance to choose to have your brew the rich, the classic way, or over ice, this ninja maker surely satisfies.

The most appealing thing of all? Its specialty coffee brewing option. Thanks to the foldable frother and its ability to brew concentrated Java for your cappuccinos or lattes, you are about to become a barista in your own home.

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Slim, sleek, elegant, and with the ability to give you a hot cuppa in just 30 seconds (from start to finish), this Instant maker is a great addition to any kitchen.

And it couldn’t be simpler to use! You simply add your grounds to the permanent filter holder, lock it in place, press a button, and voila! 14 ounces of fresh brew at the optimal temperature coming your way.

Plus, this Chefman maker is also compatible with K-cups, which gives you yet another option.

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Benefits of a Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you don’t need a full pot of coffee (or you’d rather make one cup at a time instead of going back to a warm carafe), then there are many reasons why you should choose a single-serve coffee machine.

Freshest Coffee – The main perk of having a coffee machine that makes a single cup per batch, is perhaps the freshness of the brew. If you’re used to drinking stewing coffee that has been sitting in the carafe for a couple of hours, then you will immediately notice the difference in taste.

Quick Brewing – No more impatient finger tapping while waiting for your cuppa in the morning. With a single-serve coffee maker, you get to enjoy a hot Joe as quickly as a couple of minutes.

Convenience – if you only use your coffee maker to fill your tall mug and rush off to work, then you will find a single-cup coffee machine to be super convenient.

Reduced Waste – If you don’t need a full carafe, why brew it? A single-serve machine will give you the exact amount of coffee you need, every time, preventing stale coffee from hitting the drain. Ultimately, this may save you decent coffee money in the long run.

Easier to Clean – One-cup coffee makers are usually easier to clean than your standard drip machines, as they have fewer elements. And since they make one cup per time, they generally stain less.

Experimenting – Love specialty coffee? By having the chance to brew one cup per batch, you can mix and match, experiment, and go wild with your coffee making routine, inventing new flavors as you go.

Difference Between K-Cups and Coffee Pods

Although K-Cups and coffee pods are often used interchangeably, they are two different things. It is beneficial to be able to differentiate coffee-related terms, so you always know just what you’re getting.

K-Cups are coffee pods that are sealed in small plastic cups (cartridges). These containers are foil-sealed and lined with a filter on the inside, to keep the ground coffee intact. K-Cups work on compatible brewers only. Once the needle of the coffee makers pierces the foil, water flows into it, extracting the grounds, and filling your cup.

Coffee pods are a term used for any ground coffee that is sealed inside a filter. These pods usually are made of paper filters and have a round and flat shape.

The Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Pods

The good thing about coffee pods is that they are:

  • Time-Efficient
  • Convenient
  • They provide consistency with each cup
  • They make the coffee-making process a lot simpler
  • No need to worry about storing the coffee
  • They leave less mess

But, besides the convenience (consistency per batch aside), there are not that many reasons to love them:

  • Most plastic cups are not recyclable (or at least it is hard to recycle them)
  • They will never be able to give you the authentic coffee taste (bye-bye, espresso!)
  • They discourage you from experimenting and slowly pushing out the barista business
  • Not as crisp as freshly ground beans
  • Only work on compatible coffee makers
  • Not a good fit for all budgets

How to Clean Your Single-Serve Coffee Machine

Just like regular coffee makers – or any appliance, for that matter – your single-cup coffee maker needs regular maintenance to be able to function normally. Make sure to follow these cleaning tips, and a lasting relationship with you and your coffee maker is guaranteed:

  • Use only filtered water when brewing so you can reduce hard deposits from forming
  • Use only the needed amount for water – refill per batch
  • Clean the water reservoir with warm and soapy water daily
  • Replace filters regularly, as stated by your manufacturer
  • Make sure to wipe down the body of your coffee machine to prevent dust and other tiny particles from getting inside
  • Leave the lid of the machine off from time to time, to let it “breathe”
  • Descale once a month

Speaking of descaling, you can easily do so by combining two parts of water and one part of white vinegar in the reservoir and running a full brewing cycle. Afterward, make sure to clean the tank thoroughly and run two cycles with clean water to push out the leftover vinegary taste.


We hope that this article was helpful enough to narrow down the choices and pinpoint the best matches for your one-cup brewing needs. Now that you know the top eight single-cup coffee makers on the market now, what is your choice?

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