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Top Keurig K-Cup Coffee Machines

When it comes to the world of single-serving brewers, Keurig is a beloved household name. They know the importance of daily coffee convenience and they know it well.

Fill the water tank, pop in a fresh pod, and you’ve got a hot cup of joe in a minute or less. Gone are the days of making a full pot of coffee only to dump half of it down the sink at the end of the day. Make exactly the serving and roast of coffee everyone around wants and get on with the day.

In this review and buying guide, we’ll take a look at 12 different Keurig models. Whether you’re searching for the most affordable option or something with all the bells and whistles — you’ll find it in the list below!

Product Ranking

Our top dog today, the creme de la creme, Keurig’s K-Elite. This single-serving coffee maker is one multifaceted machine. 

Choose from a variety of sizes. For extra rough days, take advantage of the strong brew feature! 

Hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? There’s even an iced coffee setting!

The extra-large 75-ounce water reservoir means hot water on demand all day. Need a quick oatmeal or instant soup snack? Your coffee maker’s got your back.

And if all those fancy settings weren’t enough, it’s available in three swanky color options. Brushed silver, brushed slate — and our personal favorite — brushed gold.

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Product Ranking

Keurig really upped the ante with this premium pick. Bring home the K-Cafe and you can do away with that daily drive-through coffee song and dance.

Look at you — you’re the barista now! Impress your spouse, your mom, and your friends with fancy gourmet coffees on demand.

Dairy-free? No problem. Use your frother for luscious soy or almond milk lattes.

The convenience of hot or iced lattes, at any time of day, lies at your fingertips when you have a K-Cafe nestled on your countertop! Not to mention cappuccinos, cafe au laits, or just a “regular” cup of brewed coffee.

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Product Ranking

If you’re looking for the budget-friendly option on our list today, here it is! Make no mistake, the K-Classic is a worthy investment.

Being affordable doesn’t make it any less quality. It just won’t have the same amount of features. No frother here, folks! (Which is no problem for people who prefer a cup of brewed coffee to a milky latte.)

What it does have?

All the classic Keurig attributes that you already love. Simple, easy-to-use buttons. Multiple options for what size brew you’re in the mood for. An energy-saving auto-off feature and a removable water tank for easy filling.

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Space-saving minimalists — rejoice! 

Keurig offers a sleek, slim-bodied option, the K-Mini plus. At only 12.1-inches high, it should fit neatly underneath (or inside!) cupboards. Cord storage means extra tidiness on your precious countertops too!

To paraphrase Shakespeare: though it be but little, it is fierce. The K-Mini has its own pod storage and is travel mug-friendly. Actually, the entire unit is travel-friendly, let’s be honest!

This model is also incredibly energy efficient. It’s equipped with an auto-off feature that kicks in 90 seconds after your last brew.

Key Features:

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Product Ranking

The Keurig K-Select looks an awful lot like the K-Classic. But it’s not.

Here’s what’s different.

Brew strength control for one. We all have those days where we could use a bit of a boost — even in our coffee!

Hot water on demand. Tea, hot chocolate, or a quick carb fix (instant oats or soup) is now available to you at any point in your day.

The removable drip tray can hold a full accidental brew. In case you’re not quite awake enough to remember your mug in time! Also, since it’s removable, this unit is travel mug-friendly. It can accommodate a to-go mug up to 7.4-inches tall.

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Product Ranking

This Keurig is specially-suited for office use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it home if you totally love it! After all, a lot of us are working from home these days, am I right?

The full-color touchscreen is a fun change from traditional button selections. You have a choice of four brewing sizes (4, 6, 8, and 10-ounce). 

Because it’s a commercial brewer, it offers a unique feature. You can easily drain water from the internal water tank. Making it a cinch to transport or store. 

The 90-ounce water tank can brew up to 18 cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. Now that’s convenient.

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Another pretty classic option, the Keurig K50 is an all-purpose coffee maker. Meaning it does brewed coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and even iced beverages.

You get the standard three sizes of 6, 8, and 10-ounce. All can be brewed in under a minute!

It comes with a 48-ounce water tank and a drip tray that are both removable. Refilling and clean-up are a breeze.

The machine can be always ready or you can go green by setting up the programmable auto-off feature.

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This one is unique because it is not a single serving coffee brewer! That’s right, you have the option of volume when you get the Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker.

Either brew up a quick travel mug to-go or pop in the pot for 12-cups at a time!

A super nice feature of the K-Duo?

The water tank can be repositioned. It can hang out in the back of the unit or on the side, whatever fits your counter better.

You get four single-serving brew sizes, a strong brew option, and the thermal carafe is programmable. Set your coffee machine to have your pot of coffee ready for you when you wake up — such pampering!

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Let’s go round 2! Round two for another two-way brewer that is.

With the Keurig K-Duo Essentials, you get all the good stuff of the K-Duo plus more.


Of course, you are, that’s why we’re here!

In addition to brewing a full 12-cup carafe of coffee, this machine offers the brew-pause feature we know and love from traditional drip coffee machines. So, if you need your coffee fix right now, no need to wait for the whole pot to finish. Sneak a cup of liquid gold then put the carafe back to instantly start the brew cycle back up.

Simple button controls and a 60-ounce water reservoir round out the remaining features nicely.

Key Features:

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Product Ranking

The Keurig K-Elite topped our list as the best choice, now get ready to hear about the C K-Elite. 

This coffee maker is cold as ice. In that, it makes iced coffee! A great machine to have on hand when summertime heat rolls around.

It lives up to its elite ranking with programmable settings such as: temperature control, auto on/off, and even a setting for high altitude. Much sophistication.

The removable drip tray makes it another travel mug-friendly purchase option. The reservoir holds an extra-large amount of water (75-ounces!). Which means fewer trips to the sink and more cups of delicious coffee.

Key Features:

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Product Ranking

It’s got strength control, it’s an energy-saver, and it’s got a big tank. Prepare a space on your countertop — and in your heart — for the Keurig K575 coffee maker.

The large color touchscreen makes interacting with this brewer a lot of fun. Plus, it has different color options to light up your kitchen at night. Party on.

With temperature and strength control options, you’ll always get the cup you’re looking for.

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For an eco-friendly office, the Keurig B145 offers an energy-saving mode. Plus a drainable internal water tank in case you need to move it around or store it for a while.

Say goodbye to disappointing pots of burnt coffee at work and hello to a hot cup of coffee in under one minute.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Keurig Brewing for Beginners

If this is your first Keurig — congrats! We just know you’re going to love it.

Here are a few ways to make it the best possible experience for you:

  1. Choose the right coffee. What do you like best? Light roasts, dark roasts? See if your favorite coffee brand offers k-pods! If not, grab your preferred beans, grind them, and make use of the reusable filter.
  2. Instead of tap water which is heavy, try only filling your Keurig with fresh, filtered water.
  3. After you’ve enjoyed a few rounds of coffee brewing, remember to descale your machine!

Have fun experimenting with different combos if flavored coffee is your jam! If you run into any error messages, refer to Keurig’s support page

What's the Difference Between Keurig Coffee Machines?

If you scrolled through all 12 machines on our review guide, you probably got a general feel for their differences. 

Here’s where they tend to differ most:

  • Brewing sizes (some offer more options!)
  • Single or dual brewer
  • Some have an extra “feature” like iced coffee or a frother
  • Size of machine
  • Size of water reservoirs
  • Programmable 
  • Buttons or touchscreen

Choose one that combines all your favorite features into one, so you always get the right cup of coffee for you.

How to Use Your Keurig Coffee Maker

So you’re ready to brew your first k-cup, eh?

Not so fast!
First, plug in the machine. Next, remove and rinse the water reservoir before filling it (preferably with cold, filtered water from your fridge!). Replace the water tank and hit the power button on your machine.

When it’s properly heated up, place a mug in position and run a brew cycle without a k-pod. Toss out the water that comes through. You are now ready to brew a fresh cup of java!

Replace mug, open the machine (but not the pod itself), and pop in that k-pod of choice. (I’m pulling for dark roast, but you do you!) Pull the lid securely down and select your preferred brew size.

Breathe in the aroma of your single-serving mug of joe. Sip and smile. Discard the spent pod, recycling if you can, and turn off your machine.

Easy, right?

How To Clean Your Keurig Coffee Machine

This task seems daunting, but it isn’t so bad. 

You will need:

  1. Food-grade white vinegar
  2. Water
  3. Soap
  4. A mug or bowl
  5. A clean cloth

Unplug the machine and hand wash all removable parts with warm, soapy water. 

Wipe down the machine itself with the dry cloth (can dampen if it helps). 

Fill your water reservoir with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar.

Run a brew cycle without a k-pod (place a bowl or mug to catch liquid underneath of course!). Repeat until all water has run through the machine.

Rinse and refill the water tank with just water this time. Repeat the brewing process without k-pods until all the water has run through the coffee maker

You are now clear to use the machine as normal again. It is so fresh and so clean!

How to Achieve Optimal Brew Temperatures with a Keurig Coffee Maker

All Keurig brewers should come preset to provide you with 192 degrees worth of coffee. If you find your Keurig isn’t providing you with hot enough cups of coffee, we have some hacks for that.

It could be your cup. 

Try to use a thicker cup, or ideally, a mug with a lid. You can also try prewarming your cup with hot water (or in a microwave) before brewing coffee into it. Avoid cold ceramic or paper cups. 

If your brewer has been sitting for a while, give it a brew cycle to heat back up. Run it without a k-cup, of course! Until it’s properly warmed back up.

If you’re taking a cup on the go, try investing in a stainless steel travel mug. It will keep your go-juice nice and hot even if you have a long commute.

And, if you’re working from home, you could always try out a mug warmer.

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